SERIÁL: Doctor Finlay

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A Delicate Balance
After being called out to a remote site to treat John Moore who has a severe cut on his leg from a fall, Dr. Finlay also treats the man's father. John had thought his father was dead but he was actually in a coma. Although Finlay finds the elder Moore, William, suffering from advanced stomach cancer, he also begins to suspect foul play. Dr. Neil is enjoying the company of Annie, a student from the Glasgow school of art. He also has to deal with young Robbie Hamilton, whose mother is quite concerned about her son's health. Dr. Neil doesn't find anything wrong but a chance encounter with Dr. Cameron results in the diagnosis of something quite serious. Angus and Janet tell everyone that they are now going to set the date for their wedding. více
Dr. Finlay's surgery is visited by 13 year-old Hannah Berry who brings in her two younger sisters when they appear unwell. He finds that Hannah is mature beyond her years and wonders what her family situation is about. He learns from Brenda Maitland that Hannah's mother works in a local factory and that her father works somewhere in England. He also learns that she's not going to school. Dr. Neil meanwhile continues to fret about his misdiagnosis of little Robbie Hamilton. He tries to get his hands on a new drug that may save him. Janet puts a card in the local shop window advertising her job at Arden House but is not very pleased when Angus tells her that his niece Rhona Swanson may be staying on beyond their planned wedding day. více
Stolen Lives
When Alec Gant dies, Janet finally learns what had happened to her best friend Hannah who disappeared when they were only 15 years old. Hannah was pregnant at the time and Janet, along with another good friend Elspeth Strickland, had assumed she had run away with the father of the child. Instead they learn from Hannah's mother, who knew nothing of her daughter's whereabouts, that Hannah's father had her put away in an insane asylum where, 38 years later, she still resides. They arrange for Hannah to come home but after being away for so long, she has trouble re-adapting to life in the community. It is also apparent that several are afraid of the secrets she may reveal. For Dr. Finlay, he has to come to terms with the truth when he sees the name of one of the doctors who committed the 15 year-old in the first place. Arden House is in a bit of turmoil as well as the workmen have started on Dr. Finlay's renovations. více
Burning Bridges
Dr. Finlay continues with the renovations to Arden House and meets one of the workmen who survived the war and is now an avid trade unionist and supporter of the Labour government. The man is surprised to learn that Dr. Finlay supports the National Health Service and Finlay in turn meets the reality of the new working man. Janet meanwhile is still looking for her replacement as housekeeper for the good doctors but is having trouble finding someone suitable. Her replacement make in fact be right in front of her. Dr. Neil is still smarting from the death of Robbie Hamilton and he seriously questions his suitability as a family physician. He may have an alternative when Professor Chalmers from the University offers him a position in his medical science laboratory. více
Dr. Finlay in intrigued by James Geddie, the reclusive owner of a large house who refuses to answer the door when he seeks to use their telephone during a medical emergency. There are many tales of Mr. Geddie but most agree that he is as anti-social as they come. He is seen occasionally walking in the hills but no one that Finlay can find has spoken to him in years. As he looks into it, he concludes that Mr. Geddie does not live alone. The time has come for Dr. Neil to leave Arden House and start his research fellowship at the University. With his departure, Dr. Finlay begins to worry about how he and Dr. Cameron, who has agreed to take on some of the load, will cope. To make matters worse, Dr. Gilmore has decided to leave his practice and retire to join his wife who is staying with relatives while recovering from her recent bout with the bottle. více
In Arcadia
The big day is upon them and Janet and Angus are finally scheduled to marry. Angus' sisters, Esme and Flora, arrive for the big event and Rhona, Esme's daughter, has to put up with her mother's selfish attitude. Rhona is shocked when her mother announces that she expects her to return home after the ceremony. Dr. Finlay and Dr. Cameron scour the countryside and prepare a veritable feast for the wedding dinner. Dr. Neil return for the ceremony and learns from Brenda Maitland that she has been offered a promotion that may require her to move to Edinburgh. Janet wants Dr. Cameron to give her away and he will do so but not without some regret as he considers what might have been. více

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