SERIÁL: Eli Stone

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Lawyer Eli Stone begins to see visions, including George Michael singing in his living room, and street cars in the lobby of his office building. Turns out he has a medical condition that affects his brain and might be the cause of the visions (as well as his late father, whom he considered a deadbeat until finding out his dad may have been similarly afflicted.) Eli takes on a case that pits him against his own firm, on the side of a mother and son fighting a drug company. více
Eli's visions include a boys' choir and a biplane. After rejecting a case involving Mexican immigrants who claim the company they work for caused the wife's infertility, Eli finds that the husband flies a biplane -- so he accepts the case. But there's more at stake than the case against the company the pair works for when their status in the United States is questioned. více
Father Figure
As his prospective father-in-law takes steps at the law firm to shake Eli out of his slump (like taking away his company car), Eli takes on a case in which his opponent is his fiancé Taylor. She expected a slam dunk in this case of child custody, since the mother is on active duty in Iraq and has been denied a hardship discharge during "the war with no end." But Eli finds a way to prolong the hearing right up to their engagement party, during which another vision sends him flying into the cake. více
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Eli (now rethinking his decision to end his engagement to Taylor) sees visions of a man in a hospital gown. Turns out the man is a patient of Eli's brother, and had been in a coma for five years. While "asleep" the man's wife had their marriage annulled and fell in love with his business partner, who took control of the company. Eli is hired to get the man's company back for him. Meanwhile another case involving Eli's firm is one of defending a black partner against a racial bias charge because he refused to hire a sharp, street-wise black lawyer. více
One More Try
Eli and Maggie team up to retry a case Eli won five years before involving a roll-over crash of an SUV. Maggie is determined to find the missing car company engineer who might have been able to prove the case for the wheel-chair bound plaintiff. Jessica, an ex-girlfriend of Dowd, seeks his help when her lesbian lover finds Jesus and plans to move out of state taking her unborn child with her -- a child grown from an egg from Jessica -- denying Jessica any parental rights. více
Something to Save
Eli must make a hard choice at his disbarment hearing, Taylor and Patti clear some air, and Keith gets his first taste of life in a big law firm when he and Matt are assigned a star athlete's case who the district attorney wants to make an example of. více
Heal the Pain
Dowd and Bennett continue to butt heads over the handling of the Jayson Turk case, and Eli is forced to second chair his malpractice case as his diminished firm status is driven home, and visions of a dragon lead him to an unlikely key to the trial. více
Praying for Time
Eli's vision of earthquakes leads him to believe that the area in line for development by the man he is defending against the community is at risk. So he redoubles his efforts to have the area residents evicted. Meanwhile the trial of baseball star Turk comes to a conclusion that doesn't satisfy everyone involved. více
I Want Your Sex
Waiting for That Day
Soul Free

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