SERIÁL: Frühling

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Navždy milovaná
Na hospodářství zavládl chaos, malý syn Tim se ztratil, dvouletá Miua křičí a starší Danni neví, co dříve. Majitelka farmy je nemocná a nedokáže se postarat o hospodářství i o děti. A přichází Katja, která se stará o pacientku s rakovinou a spontánně začne organizovat život této rodiny. více
Rozmarné jaro: Nové začátky
Katja Baumannová se rozhodla odstěhovat od manžela a začala nový život na bavorském venkově. Jako pomocnice dostane práci u starého Seppa, který žije osaměle vysoko v horách. Sepp má špatné vztahy s dcerou, která by ho ráda umístila do domova pro přestárlé. Katja vidí, jak je Sepp nešťastný, a chce dát rozvrácenou rodinu zase dohromady. více
Rozmarné jaro: Slavnost slunovratu
Katja Baumannová dostane na starost rodinu se třemi dospívajícími dětmi, jejichž matka měla autonehodu a leží v nemocnici v kómatu. Otec údajně zemřel již před mnoha lety. Katja však zjistí, že jejich otcem je místní farář. Když se z dětí stanou poloviční sirotci a hrozí jim dětský domov, musí to začít řešit. více
Rozmarné jaro: Chuť do života
After doing paragliding with Mark Weber Katja Baumann has gone to the hospital for a vaccine against tetanus.By chance she meets there Dr. Julius ThomĂ(C) who will attend her.Immediately Katja finds this man very pleasant.In the hospital she meets her daughter Kiki who is making a practice and Kiki has noticed that her mother is very happy to have met the Dr. ThomĂ(C).When Katja arrives at the office of domestic help, she has a new mission in the horse farm of Therese Wagner who fell in the stairs and broke her hip.In the morning she goes to the horse farm where she meets Laura, the granddaughter of Therese Wagner and then Katja goes to the kitchen where she meets the Dr. Julius ThomĂ(C) who is the father of Laura.Dr. Julius explains that usually Laura and his mother-in-law take care of his wife Susan who is now paralytic and that Katja could sometimes take care of his wife. více
Rozmarné jaro: Druhá šance
Rozmarné jaro: Divoké srdce Afriky
Na hospodářství zavládl chaos, malý syn Tim se ztratil, dvouletá Miua křičí a starší Danni neví, co dříve. Majitelka farmy je nemocná a nedokáže se postarat o hospodářství i o děti. A přichází Katja, která se stará o pacientku s rakovinou a spontánně začne organizovat život této rodiny. více
Rozmarné jaro: Až na konec světa
Na hospodářství zavládl chaos, malý syn Tim se ztratil, dvouletá Miua křičí a starší Danni neví, co dříve. Majitelka farmy je nemocná a nedokáže se postarat o hospodářství i o děti. A přichází Katja, která se stará o pacientku s rakovinou a spontánně začne organizovat život této rodiny. více
Osudné tajemství
Na hospodářství zavládl chaos, malý syn Tim se ztratil, dvouletá Miua křičí a starší Danni neví, co dříve. Majitelka farmy je nemocná a nedokáže se postarat o hospodářství i o děti. A přichází Katja, která se stará o pacientku s rakovinou a spontánně začne organizovat život této rodiny. více
Nečekaná láska
Na hospodářství zavládl chaos, malý syn Tim se ztratil, dvouletá Miua křičí a starší Danni neví, co dříve. Majitelka farmy je nemocná a nedokáže se postarat o hospodářství i o děti. A přichází Katja, která se stará o pacientku s rakovinou a spontánně začne organizovat život této rodiny. více
Zeit für Frühling
The Holzner family is breeding trouts.One day Franz was recollecting trouts,Sandra was in the kitchen and the young Lilly was playing in the pick-up, she switches the key and the pick-up began to move.Franz began to run but falls.Sandra manages to reach the vehicle and to stop it.Sandra carries her husband to the hospital.Dr. Langfeld has worked many hours and is exhausted.But there are not others doctors to replace her.Kikki Baumann is in the hospital for her first assistance in a surgery.The operation becomes complicated ; when Franz awakes he is quite angry and asks for a doctor. The professor Gabriel explains to Franz and Sandra that they had to operate both knees and that Franz must rest for some weeks.Katja Baumann has gone to the farm of the Holzner family for helping Sandra in these moments.When Kikki returns home, Katja makes her some questions about the operation and Kikki becomes angry, doesn't say anything and goes away. více
Hundertmal Frühling
An old lady,Erna Krawinkel lives in a retirement home and soon she will celebrate her 100 birthday.Erna decides to escape alone from the home.At her home Katja wants to speak with Mark about Kiki, but Mark must leave soon for his trip to Mallorca.Cem proposes Katja to drive Mark to the airport of Munich and to supper with her in the night.Mark says Katja that Kiki is now an adult and must take her own decisions.Also Katja must take care for the hydrangeas and prune the trees in autumn.When Katja comes back home, she listens to the radio announcing the disappearance of Erna Krawinkel.She saw the old lady walking on the street,then going-into a forest.She follows her and they arrive at a mountain cabin belonging to Erna's parents, they visit a place with stones and went back to the car.Then they visit the cemetery and went back to the retirement home.Kiki, Yasemin and Cem are quite anxious about Katja who arrives late.Cem is bad tempered.The next Cem went away.The next Erna escapes again to the mountain cabin and Katja spent with her the night there.Erna tells her her love story during the war, the death of her beloved.This is their secret now. více
Schritt ins Licht
Zu früh geträumt
Anna Huber is a single mother with three children and she trusts very much in Amelie the eldest daughter for taking care of the boy Patrick and the little daughter Lisa.This morning Anna is in the house of a friend and receives a call from Amelie who has an examination in the college.Anna promised her to come a soon as possible but she fell in the stairs.She is now in the hospital and the priest Sonnleitner knows now that she needs help for the three children.Katja Baumann will be in charge of the children of Anna Huber,she goes to the hospital where she meets Amelie and they go to the college.The teacher explains that Amelie needs a psychological report and then she could participate in the examination.The female teacher says to Katja that Amelie was a very good student but since the death of her father Amelie has bad results.After playing soccer with the priest the children have supper with Katja and then Patrick and Lisa went to their beds.In the night Katja listened to a noise and goes to the room of Amelie: there she finds a goodbye letter of Amelie for Patrick and Lisa,Amelie will commit suicide.Katja calls the police and begins to look for her.She finds her in a bridge,but manages to speak with her and Amelie says her that she is pregnant. více
Nichts gegen Papa
Katja Baumann is missing her daughter Kiki and is a little depressed: so she has decided to bake a cake.Mark notices that Katja has received a call from Cem and that Katja didn't answer.Then Mark Weber proposes to distract Katja with a therapy: to clean the garden.They forget the cake and now smoke is coming out the kitchen.The priest Sonnleitner arrives to tell Katja that she must go to help Sanne Bredemeyer, a woman with a high risk pregnancy.Sanne lives with her son Finn, her new companion Matthias and her father Jakob Bredemeyer.Sanne manages a sailing school and yesterday Finn let the ropes of the sailboat out ,Matthias went with Finn to recover the sailboat and Sanne wanted to catch a boat and felt a great pain;so she must be very quiet.Finn told Sanne and Matthias that his grandfather Jakob let the sailboats out.In the night Katja had a talk through Skype with Kiki who is suffering to live so far from Peet.On the morning Katja goes to the hospital to encourage Peet and then to the house of Sanne.Matthias has gone because he is camera salesman and will come on Sunday.She speaks with Jakob who says that he hasn't let the sailboats out.Then she speaks with Finn about photographs.When she is quite ready to leave she finds a red wallet in her briefcase and put it on a table.Five minutes later the grandfather asks Katja to open her briefcase because Finn was saying that Katja had stolen the wallet.The grandfather searched the briefcase and apologizes for the incident.Katja is thinking what does really happen with Finn. více
Mehr als Freunde
In a forest Katja Baumann and Mark Weber intend to capture Susi, a cow who escaped from a farm.Suddenly Katja receives a call from a woman who feels very bad and wants to commit suicide, she spoke about her daughter Marie, but doesn't give her name to Katja.Katja goes in FrĂĽhling and speaks with the priest.When she wants to go out of parking, a car stays behind a car.She looks for the owner and meets in store Jan , an old acquaintance, they were in the same college in Munich.Jan is looking for a house in FrĂĽhling.Mark an d Filipa meet together and Mark lends Filipa an old car for her work as assistant of Mark.When Katja was in the police station, the policeman received a call about a cow in an urbanization.Katja receives a call from Cem who needs to speak with her about their relationship.The teacher Michelle Schmid helps Katja because she knows Marie, the father of Marie and the other daughter Nora, works as orthopedist and they have bought an old farm in Miesbach.Kataja goes then to the farm , she meet first Marie and Nora,Marie has lost a guinea pig which was ill and Katja helps her to bury the pet.After a while Katja manages to speak with Judith Kleinke who told her that she has the sensation of being poisoned.Katja goes away with the mother to the office.Nora phones to her father.In the car Judith explains that before she was working as lawyer and now she feels like a bad mother.Tom Kleinke ,the husband appears very angry and mentions that he wants to divorce.Mark and Filipa are looking for the cow "Susi" in the urbanization. více
Gute Väter, schlechte Väter
Mark Weber has decided to sell his house in FrĂĽhling, because he has to stay with his ill father in Leipzig for some time.The new owner of the house is Jan Steinmann , an school-friend of Katja.One night Katja receives a call from the priest Sonnleitner about two children in an hotel.Their parents were climbing a mountain and the weather changed suddenly: so they still are somewhere in the mountain.Katja goes to the hotel where Nicky and Paula were desperate.She manages to calm them.On the morning a rescue team could find the parents.But now Katja sees a great family problem.Peter, the father wants to climb mountains without thinking about the dangers he can met in these mountains and all the family is everything time anxious about it. více
Wenn Kraniche fliegen
Katja Baumann is now helping the family Schneidinger, because the father has broken his arm.Katja has to harvest sunflowers, the combine has some technical problems.Suddenly at the border of the forest Katja sees a young girl suffering a great belly ache.She drive her with combine to the farm of the Schneidinger who tell her that the girl belongs to their neighbors, then she drives the child to the hospital where the doctors say that she was intoxicated.Katja goes back now to the farm where she meets first a strong dog, then she meets the mother also with terrible bellyache.In the kitchen she sees a pot with mushrooms.The ambulance arrives and takes away the woman and the pot of mushrooms for investigation.Then arrives Gregor, the father of the family, he is quite surprised to know that his wife and his daughter are in the hospital.He says that they have moved there to change their style of life and that nature is the best medicine.So Katja goes with him to the hospital. více
Am Ende des Sommers
Judith Kleinke has come back home after the treatment of her depression in a clinic.Today she will travel to Munich for a job interview.Marie, the little daughter notices that Judith feels a little weak, but Judith says to her that this faint is not important and that this remains a secret between Marie and her.As Tom Kleinke must carry the elder daughter Nora to the college, Tom asks then Katja Baumann to look for Marie and to go with her to the veterinarian's office because "Blaky", the guinea pig of Marie is sick. Katja arrives at the house, greets Judith who goes to Munich,then looks for the sick guinea pig and Marie.On the way to the village,Katja notices an accident, she says Marie to stay in the car and goes to the accident scene where she sees the car of Judith crashed against a tree and the corpse of Judith on the ground.Immediately she goes back to the car, doesn't say anything to Marie and goes to the veterinarian's office asking Filippa to distract Marie for a while.She intents to phone to Tom Kleinke, but the assistant tells her that is doing an operation.So Katja goes to church to look for compassion.Nora Kleinke has met Adrian Steinmann in the college and explains him that she must care for her little sister Marie.The priest Sonnleitner and Katja arrive at the clinic of Tom Kleinke at the same time as the police officers who announce him the death of Judith.Tom will look for Marie and Katja will look for Nora and at home Tom will announce the death of Judith to his daughters. více
Familie auf Probe
The school has organized an excursion to the church of FrĂĽhling; there the priest Sonnleitner explains why the children must do a confession which can be silent o with words.The 8 year old LiamMehdamm realizes that the priest must respect the seal of confession and takes advantages of this fact telling the priest that his 4 years elder brother is maltreating him.Besides the small boy said that his name was Max.Th priest is really preoccupied.He calls the teacher and asks her to tell to the children that the church is always open for the children.Liam returns to the church, gives his name and tall the priest an incident in the park.Katja Baumann has gone to the hospital, there a 74 years old shepherd called Hias has been hospitalized.The man hast lost his wife, lives alone and manages a flock of sheep.So Katja goes the sheep farm where she finds a sick ewe.She calls Fillipa who has also a problem,a circus has abandoned in FrĂĽhling two llamas.She arrives with 2 llamas at the sheep farm and stay during the night,because the ewe s pregnant and maybe will give birth soon.In the night the priest Sonnleitner needs to speak with Katja, they have supper in a restaurant.The priest explains Katja the story of Liam and asks Katja to pay a visit to the family.On the morning Katja talk with the family of Liam about the incident of the park, Toni has tied his little brother to a tree and burned him with a cigarette.Toni answers that it was a play,and the father protected his elder son.DiscreetlyKatja gives Liam her visiting card in case of another incident.The next day the father, who is pilot doesn't find his jacket and begins to beat his wife.Then Liam calls Katja to tell that his mother is injured. více
Lieb mich, wenn du kannst
Katja Baumann, Philippa and Michelle Schmid have a free day and they will practice paragliding.Wenn they arrive at the paragliding school, some clients are now going away from the place.An eagle is attacking everyone who tries to fly.Philippa explains that she is veterinarian and maybe she can help the manager of the paragliding school to solve this problem.Wenn they go back to FrĂĽhling, Michelle Schmid recognizes one of his student, Freddie LĂ?ffler, who didn't come to class in the morning.Michelle goes then to the farm of the LĂ?ffler family and , Hubert LĂ?ffler,the father of Freddie, says that his son doesn't need to study ,because later he will manage the pony farm of the family.In the night Katja speaks with Michelle Schmid about Eddie LĂ?ffler who is an excellent student and she insists that Eddie must do the exams for the selectivity.On the morning Eddie has decided to go the college, he has a little quarrel with his father who suddenly suffered an heart attack.When Katja arrives at her office, the priest tells her that she will in charge of the family LĂ?ffler , because the father will stay for some days in the hospital. více
Das verlorene Mädchen
Andy and Leslie Wolf have come back from their holiday and their house has been visited by a raccoon which destroyed a lot of things.They called for help the priest Sonnleitner who sends Katja to the house of the Wolf family.Leslie asks Katja to make some purchases in the furniture store and to take care of the young daughter Fibi Wolf.So Katja goes to the furniture store, takes a supermarket cart and goes to the second floor: in the elevator she notices a young woman with tattoos in her hand.Katja was looking for cushions and when she was looking at the supermarket cart, the little Fibi has disappeared.She goes to the manager's office, describes Fibi, a little girl with a yellow jacket and pink trousers.The manager takes the microphone and announces that the little Fibi has disappeared in the store.Katja looks in every part of the store,calls the family Wolf who arrives soon at the store.And when Leslie and Katja goes to the play area for children they find Fibi.Leslie is very happy to see again her daughter.But Katja is very preoccupied: who could take Fibi and carry her to the play area.Now she remembers the blond woman with the tattooed hand in the elevator.So Katja investigates in the tattoo parlors and discovers that the woman is Marina Grieger, she manages a mountain-bike renting agency.Katja also remembers that she met in the store Mrs. Van Hooten who had a small daughter wearing also a yellow jacket.What is then the relationship between Marina Griegen and the Van Hooten family ? více
Sand unter den F
Genieüe den Tag
Katja helps a young woman whose father died in a motorcycle accident. více
Spuren der Vergangenheit
Katja wants to help a loner who has let her house run down and is now sleeping in her car. více
Liebe hinter verschlossenen Vorhängen
A bus crash keeps spring in the air. Katja Baumann is called to help the SteinmĂĽller family as a village helper. She is particularly affected by the accident: both parents were injured. Katja is not only supposed to look after the family's farm, but also after the adult daughter Mila, who has Down's syndrome. Meanwhile, bus driver Kristin SchrĂ?der goes to see Pastor Sonnleitner, as she is severely reproached. Adrian Steinmann is also plagued by a guilty conscience. His ex-girlfriend Nora Kleinke was fatally injured in the bus accident. The last attempts at contact on her part were unsuccessful. At the SteinmĂĽllers' farm, Katja discovers that Mila leads a largely independent life. But the problem that her parents are in hospital is now being compounded by a completely different one. více
Keine Angst vorm Leben
Katja and Adrian can hardly believe it: Jan wants to make a pilgrimage in the mountains and hike all the way to South Tyrol. On the way he joins up with other pilgrims, including a woman who is very pregnant. The walkers are so worried about the unborn baby. Jan calls Katja and asks her to come and talk to the pregnant woman. As a former nurse, Katja feels up to the task and sets off for the mountains. But not only the pregnant woman, but also Jan himself becomes a problem: Right on the first day Jan suffers a weakness attack, which is no surprise for Katja. She didn't think he could do the strenuous task anyway. But what is behind Jan's strange behavior? In the meantime Adrian takes care of his ex-girlfriend Nora, who is still in hospital and gets a bad prognosis from the doctors. Adrian wants to be there for Nora, but at the same time has to cope with the fact that his new love Lilly suffers from it. více
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