SERIÁL: Gomora

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Viva il Re!         Přehrát díl
After his father dies, Genny is in charge now. He has to cover Pietros death and take care of the streets. více
Hasta la muerte         Přehrát díl
Inferno         Přehrát díl
Il filo e la Moira         Přehrát díl
Sangue Blu         Přehrát díl
Come nascere         Přehrát díl
Sangue del mio sangue         Přehrát díl
The Federation take notice of their profits dropping. They spot Blue Blood's operation, and offer him important territory for his mastermind's head. více
Guerra aperta         Přehrát díl
Enzo and crew are under attack. Ciro convinces him not to react on impulse advising him to come up with a plan to exploit the weaknesses of the opponents. více
Giuda!         Přehrát díl
Ciro wants a ceasefire, but it doesn't come without a quid pro quo; Enzo can finally enjoy all he's achieved, but the good times don't last. Blue Blood wins back his grandfather's neighborhood but victory is short-lived and the misfortune is compounded when he doesn't listen to Ciro. Genny finds out he must move more quickly against his father-in-law. Ciro faces a choice of whom to ally with. Scianel makes a new alliance. více
Insieme         Přehrát díl
In an unwinnable position, Genny sends Patrizia to agree terms of surrender. He and Ciro go to Enzo and hope he will listen to reason. Avitabile and the Federation make their move. Genny has to prove how high of a price he's willing to pay. Forcella gets a new master. Vocabolario assumes a new role in the Forcella gang, while two of its members get impatient with the new arrangement and freelance on the side. Patrizia continues to be a go-between for both Genny and Scianel. více
Fede         Přehrát díl
Azzurra and Pietrino have come to be in the Confederate's sights. To save them, Genny is forced to work out a secret plan whose variables are endless. více
Per sempre         Přehrát díl
Ciro, Genny and Enzo sign the peace with the Confederates, obtaining part of their territories. více

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