SERIÁL: Grantchester   díl: III/4 - (3. série / 4. díl)

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When a single mother's death is covered up, Sidney and Geordie try to hold those accountable for their actions. Single mother Josephine Sutton apparently falls to her death at the factory where she was employed by religious Ezra Garston. She was separated from her son's father, nightwatchman Ricky Masters, Geordie's chief suspect but she had another, secret lover, giving Geordie another likely suspect though he must combat Masonic influences to make an arrest. A tormented Leonard attempts suicide as he heads ever closer to his show marriage to Hilary whilst Sidney accepts that he must choose between Amanda and the church and Mrs Maguire is unimpressed by the reappearance of her long-lost husband Ronnie whose claim to be terminally ill proves to be bogus.

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