SERIÁL: Grantchester

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Christmas Special 2016         Přehrát díl
Geordie and Sidney must hunt for a killer, and hope to bring justice to two women mourning for their lost loves at Christmas time. As Christmas approaches, Sidney prepares to marry brassy Linda Morgan to the much older Bill Davis, to the disgust of the groom's son Felix. However, Bill is found murdered at the family firm, supposedly the victim of a robbery. Geordie suspects flash Larry Simkins, owner of the strip club where Linda worked and where she met Bill. Later the nature of the murder reminds Geordie of an identical unsolved case from three years earlier and switches his attentions to the prime suspect at the time, gruff toy-shop owner Albert Tannen. Meanwhile, Amanda, pregnant by estranged husband Guy, is cast out by her bigoted father and hoping for a future with Sidney. Sidney eventually unmasks the killer whilst Mrs Maguire and Leonard come to Amanda's aid. více
III/1         Přehrát díl
Sidney receives a dead crow and a series of anonymous phone calls. Geordie calls Sidney to a body of a respected doctor found dead in the church together with a dead crow. Sidney's relationship with Amanda draws a veiled warning from the new arch-deacon - in addition to threatening phone calls. Geordie calls him in when philanthropic Dr Atwell is murdered and his body dumped in the church. The doctor appeared to anticipate his death and had made a will, the beneficiary being Ivy Franklin, though she pre-deceased him. Both had worked at a grim psychiatric hospital and Geordie believes they were murdered in revenge for the death of one of its patients - a girl called Bonnie. Sidney was innocently involved when he officiated at Ivy's funeral and is now a potential target for the killer - the voice at the end of the phone. více
III/2         Přehrát díl
The entire village cricket team is sick when someone poisons the beer. But everyone recovers except a young man who is found dead the next day. The entire village cricket team is sick when somebody poisons their beer but everybody recovers except young Pakistani Zafar Ali, who is found dead the next day. He was secretly in a relationship with Annie, the daughter of racist club secretary Geoffrey Towler, who took him tea on the night that he died and whom his distraught elder brother Munir accuses of killing him. However Annie suspects her father who found out about her and Zafir and had him beaten up. The discovery that Annie had a secret admirer who sent her gifts leads Sidney and Geordie of unmasking the killer though their private lives are not as tidy . Still under scrutiny from the archdeacon for his association with Amanda Sidney is accused of hypocrisy when he berates Geordie for having an affair with his considerably younger secretary, Margaret. více
III/3         Přehrát díl
A quiet day in Cambridge is thrown into disarray as Leonard and his new lady friend Hilary are witness to an armed robbery at the post office. Leonard is injured in a post office robbery but the main suspect, recidivist Walter Dunn, was murdered before the crime took place. Two of his young employees at his garage, Martha Bennett and Frank Camber come under suspicion, Camber having form as a juvenile. However when there is another post office robbery Sidney suspects an inside job, leading to a resolution. At the same time Amanda's husband sportingly agrees to a divorce, Margaret gives Geordie a pregnancy scare and Leonard must mask his true sexuality with a marriage proposal to his friend Hilary. více
III/4         Přehrát díl
When a single mother's death is covered up, Sidney and Geordie try to hold those accountable for their actions. Single mother Josephine Sutton apparently falls to her death at the factory where she was employed by religious Ezra Garston. She was separated from her son's father, nightwatchman Ricky Masters, Geordie's chief suspect but she had another, secret lover, giving Geordie another likely suspect though he must combat Masonic influences to make an arrest. A tormented Leonard attempts suicide as he heads ever closer to his show marriage to Hilary whilst Sidney accepts that he must choose between Amanda and the church and Mrs Maguire is unimpressed by the reappearance of her long-lost husband Ronnie whose claim to be terminally ill proves to be bogus. více
III/5         Přehrát díl
Sidney arrives at a Romany camp, but when someone is killed, he is prime suspect. Having discarded his dog collar and his calling Sidney winds up at a gypsy camp where Ronnie is also living, with the money he stole from Mrs Maguire. A wedding is in progress between Luella and Abraham, son of the suspicious Pal but Sidney is shocked to find Ronnie now has another, bigamous wife, the motherly Cora. Geordie is thrown out by the betrayed Cathy but Sidney calls for him when Ronnie is murdered and robbed. The thief is quickly discovered but it is Sidney who unmasks the killer before returning to Grantchester and an ultimatum from Amanda. Meanwhile the two Mrs Maguires reconcile and Geordie makes a last attempt to save his marriage. více
III/6         Přehrát díl
Sidney tries to right a wrong, and so does Geordie. Mrs. Maguire has some of her questions answered, and turns a new leaf. Amanda gives Sidney an ultimatum. více

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