SERIÁL: Hairy Scary

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Willow & Constance are just your ordinary Hairy & Scary kids having adventures in an "extra-ordinary" world. Like any Hairy worth his salt, Willow is a boy who greets each day with enthusiasm - and maybe a little too much naivete. Constance, true to her Scary roots, is a girl who loves having a plan and sticking to the rules, even though she's a bit clumsy, tripping and knocking things over endlessly. And of course, throwing a wrench in the works, is none other than their scheming classmate, Junior. You couldn't really call him a "friend" since he enjoys making life difficult for Willow in order to get closer to his beloved Constance - (SIGH). He can keep on dreaming because Constance's heart belongs to Willow. So you see, there's never a bad-hair day on the Hairy Scary Planet. Between the kids, quirky adults, pet Boolus, toy Niak-Niaks and out-of-control inventions, every viewer will be thoroughly amused and wondering: Could it get any stranger?
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