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The Hands That Rock the Cradle: Part 1
Vanessa initiates an investigation into Faye's son Archie emergency hospitalization. Vanessa also introduces Judith Marchand the new surgical wards matron who manages to rub Mark up the wrong way and who recommends to Vanessa that he should be one of the AAU cuts. Elsewhere, Maddy's killer Chantelle Tanner is admitted into AAU where none of the staff want to treat her forcing Judith to deal with her where she finds that she is 16 weeks pregnant and has been kicked around by her vicious boyfriend. Archie's nurse Judith dropped his medicine labels and mixed them up with medicine meant for Chantelle and these were fed into Archie's saline drip. více
The Hands That Rock the Cradle: Part 2
Vanessa continues her investigation into Faye's son Archie emergency surgery and subsequent sudden death and discovers that Faye changed Archie's bag of saline because Lauren had forgotten to do so, a fact that Lauren was only too pleased to pass on when she found out that Ric and Connie were trying to cover it up. This ended in Vanessa suspending Ric, Connie and Faye whilst the investigation continued. Meanwhile, Maria tried to get Chantelle Tanner to confess to the murder of Maddy which she denied but it was Mark that managed to get a confession after blackmailing her with threats to care worker Adam Bowden who was also the father of her baby. více
Myself, Coming Back
Donna received her Dad's possession which led Donna and Maria to a garage and a red Mustang. A letter also in his possessions led them to taking the car to see Patti, a friend of Derek's. But when they got there Patti had collapsed from a suspected stroke and her grand-daughter risked being taken into care. Later Patti shockingly revealed that the child, Mia, was Derek's grand-daughter and that Donna should look after her. Meanwhile, Linden compromised his professionalism by talking to Lauren about the incident that got Faye suspended. Elsewhere, witnesses were interviewed about the circumstances leading to Archie's death. více
The Professionals
Faye buries her son and her mother persuades Joseph to let her come and stay with her to help her thought the grieving process. With Connie and Ric on extended annual leave the wards struggle to cope but in particular Elliott who is pushes to his limit by the demanding wife of a serious ill patient and the combined efforts of Vanessa and Judith who assume he cannot do the job without extra help. It leads to him collapsing in theatre with an angina attack and Joseph, who's in the hospital to find out more information on the enquiry, is asked to step in and complete the surgery. It's also Maria's first day back since her accident and in trying to do too much she nearly compromises herself. Mark finds out that Judith is going through a nasty divorce. Meanwhile, Vanessa sends out an email telling the staff that Ric's ex-wife will be the new replacement Registrar - everyone assumes it is Lola until they are introduced at a reception and the find out shockingly that it is in fact Thande Abebe-Griffin and not Lola. více
Home Truths
Linden goes to visit his wife Olivia's grave on the anniversary of her death but sees his daughter Holly there and leaves before she can see him. But when his mother-in-law Julia turns up at Holby to tell him that Holly has ran off with her boyfriend he can no longer avoid their tragic past and confronts Holly and finally realises he is ready to be a father to her again. Meanwhile, Oliver and Jac disagree over a diagnosis on his friend Gavin's daughter and Thandie tries to smooth over things with Elliott. Elsewhere, Penny is caught between Thandie and Elliott's war. více
To Have and to Hold
Joseph tries to get an early copy of Archie's autopsy report from the mortuary and neglects his job but which Elliott took notice of. But his distraction causes Joseph to tell a workaholic patient she could delay her surgery but then she took a turn for the worse and had to be rushed into theatre. This was the last straw for Elliot and he gave Joseph a dressing down. Penny gets close to her heart patient Scott, Jac continues to push Oliver hard and Linden gets Holly a temporary job on AAU. více
Break Away
Penny got her assessment back and was devastated when she was marked down on her relationship skills. Determined to improve she threw herself into Scott's case but lost control when his girlfriend Becca wouldn't stand by him realising too late that Elliot had seen her unprofessional outburst. Meanwhile, Joseph brought the report he got to Vanessa but she refused to act on it as it was obtained illegally. Elsewhere, Holly began working with Donna in Holby Care and finally admitted, after much probing from Donna, that her mother was killed in a car crash and that neither Linden or Holly have ever gotten over it leaving Donna shell-shocked. více
And That's What Really Hurts
Joseph continued to neglect his ward duties but continued to gather evidence to support his theory that potassium killed Archie and he linked it back to Lauren and concluded that her other patient Chantelle Tanner's medicine was mixed with Archie's. He went to the police, but they were more interested in how he obtained the files illegally. Vanessa finally agreed to look into his findings if another consultant agreed to them, but Elliot wouldn't back him up as the evidence was not conclusive. Meanwhile, Oliver needs one more procedure for his assessment but because he is late to an operation, due to his helping Daisha out, she won't let him attend. But she later relents when he was able to assure the patient afterwards. Elsewhere, Thande and Elliott operate together because of Joseph's neglect and the procedure manages to soothe the battleground around them. více
Now We Are Lonely
Michael was under pressure to prove that they could use the robotics equipment without Connie before the Department of Health took back their equipment and so agreed with Vanessa's suggestion to hire a robotics consultant. Penny continued to become closer to an increasingly ill Scott but incurred the wrath of Judith in the process. At the end of his tether Joseph accused Lauren of causing Archie's death by giving him potassium in mis-labeled saline bags. Thandie overheard him and told him to be careful but couldn't help but be impressed with him later when he operated on a patient without anesthesia. However, Vanessa summoned Joseph to her office and told him he would be suspended if he continued to accost Lauren which forced him to drop his accusations. But Elliott was beginning to get on his side after discussing Joseph's theories with Dr. Greene. více
Too Close for Comfort
Penny's growing attraction to Scott begins to put his health in jeopardy and she finally realises she can only see him in a professional manner. Judith's son Connor was rushed into AAU suffering from alcohol poisoning. Holly answered Connor's phone and told Judith's estranged husband Paul and when he turned up at Holby, they made a scene with their constant arguing. After Mark tried to step in but Paul assumed he was having an affair with Judith. But they eventually put aside their differences for their son, but Judith realised she thinks of Mark as more than just a friend. Elsewhere, Donna lets Maria down. více
Stand by Me
When Holly gets Linden's jukebox repaired for his Christmas present it reminds Linden of his wife Olivia and her subsequent death and old wounds were ripped open leading Linden to seeing visions of Olivia, signs saying 'Tell her the truth!' and a meeting with his old priest at Holby. Christmas went from bad to worse when Holly was hit by a car. Linden was forced to perform the same emergency procedure that failed to save Olivia. However, history did not repeat itself and Holly survived, freeing Linden from the guilt of the past. Meanwhile, Chrissie announces that she is pregnant and her baby is due in June and Donna and Maria forget their differences and become friends again. více
On Lauren's first day back after her altercation with Joseph news comes through that Faye had been arrested for her son Archie's murder. Vanessa made the decision to send Joseph home. Lauren, having realised that she was responsible for Archie's death, found it hard to concentrate and kept making mistakes which made Thandie grow suspicious. Lauren finally broke down and admitted that she made a mistake. She was suspended from duty and taken in for questioning by the police. Meanwhile, Oliver elected to observe one of Jac's surgeries instead of going out with Penny for New Years Eve. But after the successful surgery their emotions got the better of them in the staff changing room and they were caught on camera by an aggrieved Penny. Elsewhere, Nicky was upset at being ignored by Maria and Donna at the hospital New Years Eve Party. více
Talk to Me
Lauren is charged with causing the death of Archie Morton and is bailed on the day that Faye returned to work. Vanessa informed the staff that Lauren was forbidden to come to Holby but that didn't stop Lauren where she talked to Judith and Mark. They tried to smuggle her out of Holby but were seen by Joseph and Maria. Maria told Faye and Faye contacted Lauren and met her near a lake. Faye lost her temper and attacked Lauren when Lauren wouldn't take responsibility. Shortly after, Lauren was admitted to Holby after being pulled from the river - how far had Faye gone? Meanwhile, Ric's first day back brought him in contact with new temporary consultant Jac Naylor. When her risky surgery failed and she questioned why he didn't let her proceed further he told her he knew how she went to the press and that the surgery was her way of sealing her role as permanent consultant. Ric also refused to talk with Thandie who was desperate to clear the air between them and Judith told Mark that her ex-husband had sold their house. Chrissie came face to face with the father of her baby Sacha Levy which came as a huge shock to him. více
A Glorious Reunion
Lauren remained in a critical condition and her spleen had to be removed by Elliott and Thandie. Faye was questioned by D.S. Tate about her whereabouts at the time of the attack. She asked Joseph to lie for her but realising that she was doing the same as Lauren did about Archie she prepared to tell the truth. But before she could do so Lauren awoke and Lauren covered for her and the two reconciled. Meanwhile, Vanessa told Ric and Michael that Connie had accepted a post as CT Consultant at another hospital effective immediately. Looking for a scapegoat for the Lauren incident Vanessa and Terence terminated Judith's contract. Elsewhere, the picture of Oliver and Jac's night of passion was leaked via email and Oliver was deeply concerned that Daisha would see it when she came back from her holidays. více
Stop All the Clocks
Desperate to work with Ric in theatre Thandie exaggerated a patient's hernia condition but in theatre her deceit became evident and angered Ric who demanded a full report and a divorce. Meanwhile, anting to rebuild their friendship again Linden had Faye reassigned to AAU. Trying to keep Holly and Faye apart he asked Mark to assign Holly to Darwin but Maria couldn't assist so Linden asked her to look after Charlie - a boy with stomach pains caused by a football game - and the son of Holby midwife Joanne Caffrey. But Charlie took a turn and he was rushed to theatre where he died on the table, despite Linden's desperate efforts, from a lacerated liver. Faye and Holly were both devastated but Linden managed to comfort them both. He assured Holly that it wasn't her fault and Faye took his advice and entered the chapel to grieve for Archie. více
New locum George Kerwin begins in Holby and he doesn't hit it off straight away with Chrissie until he is able to solve the reason why a young teen has been vomiting for weeks. Meanwhile, Donna has to make some very tough decisions about the welfare of her five-year-old half niece Mia after Mia's grandmother Patti dies in Holby following a stroke. Elsewhere, Jac is annoyed that she appears to be getting passed over for promotion and Thandie gets a divorce petition in the post from Ric. více
...And the Devil Makes Three
Upon hearing from Michael that Thandie is angling for a registrar's position in Holby Ric is determined in his efforts to push her out and even goes to Terence to get his help indirectly. But his efforts nearly cause him a patient after he ignores Thandie's diagnosis. Meanwhile, Faye and Holly come to blows when Holly assists her on wards and Penny is torn whilst caring for her now brain-dead patient Chloe Campbell. více
Too Cold to Crash and Burn
Penny's secret relationship with heart op candidate Scott James causes problems for her when he is admitted for a donor heart op from her brain-dead patient Chloe. Oliver vows to take Daisha out for dinner for her birthday after he forgets but he is soon in the doghouse when Daisha finds out about his romp with Jac. Meanwhile, Maria gets conned by a patient into believing that George is dating someone else and Michael reviews Jac's application for a consultant's post. více
Downstairs Upstairs
Nick Jordan accompanies Charlie Fairhead to Holby where he asks Elliott to operate. But Elliott struggled to do the operation due to tiredness and his angina reoccurring so he took advice from Nick to use a new treatment which saved Charlie. Nicky gave Maria two tickets for a Take That concert but she thought he meant for her and George to go together. Ric and Thandie are visited by representatives from the Home Office about their marriage status. Elsewhere, both Joseph and Jac prepared for the consultant's interview and Penny thought about resigning after she was told she had to repeat her rotation on Darwin and end her relationship with Scott. více
Together Alone
New Darwin CT consultant Toby Geddes begins in Holby but his chirpy demeanour doesn't go down well with Joseph. Michael goes to see Connie at her new high-tech workplace - Trafalgar Hospital - in the hope of enticing her back to Holby but fails and a later attempt by Elliott also falls flat. Elliott tells Penny she is to have no contact with Scott. But Penny meets with him and he asks her to move to Spain with him. She tells Ollie who goes to Scott and tells him Penny has worked too hard to give it all up and he has to tell her so. více
Just as Thandie and Ric are getting their marriage back on track Thandie's estranged brother Moses Abebe turns up from Uganda and tells her he has advanced stage AIDS contracted from his wife. After exploratory surgery it is found that nothing else can be done for him. Thandie tells him and he asks her to help him die which greatly upsets her. Under pressure she gives Moses a lethal dose of morphine and tells Ric who is understandably annoyed. She then tells Michael and offers her resignation and tells him she is returning to Uganda with Moses's body. Meanwhile, Joseph tells Faye they need to get away and make time for themselves and Nicky outs Maria's bisexual boyfriend George. více
The Butterfly Effect: Part One
The Holby E.D. have to deal with the aftermath of both a bus traffic accident and a shooting at a restaurant. Faye and Joseph have an argument about attending an official outing with his mother and he storms out and ends up giving Daisha a lift reluctantly. When it turns out that Joseph was involved in the shooting Faye fears the worst. Joseph later appeared unhurt but Daisha had been shot. Elsewhere, Elliott threw Toby Geddes out of his theatre after he annoyed him with his cavalier way of operating and Michael isn't happy about it. více
The Butterfly Effect: Part Two
The events of the shooting in the Indian restaurant are retold from Joseph and Daisha's angle and also how Vanessa messed up in her handling of the casualties. Michael fired Toby Geddes in order to get Elliott and Jac to stay on in Holby and to entice Connie back from Trafalgar. více
Faith No More
Faith tells Linden that she can no longer be with Joseph and that she loves Linden. She tells Joseph their marriage is over and later when she tells Linden and then kisses him Joseph sees them. Incandescent with rage he has Linden paged to ITU and savagely beats him up. Meanwhile, Daisha was determined to leave Holby and go back to Manila devastating Mark who didn't give Judith his full attention when she came to see Vanessa. Elsewhere, Michael advised Vanessa to mend her fences with Ric and Connie; Vanessa refused to give Judith a good reference and Chrissie worked alongside with her unborn baby's father Sacha Levy. více
Tipping Point
Daisha says goodbye to Holby and leaves for Manila. Penny tries to impress Connie in surgery but fails drastically and nearly causes the death of a patient. Desperate to prove that she is a good doctor she comes through with a correct diagnosis on another patient. Vanessa orders Maria to take time off because of her back injury greatly upsetting her. Mark realises he had let down his staff and so he decided to pursue a compensation claim against the Trust on Maria's behalf. Joseph plants seeds of doubt in Linden's mind over Faye. více
Enemies Closer
Elliott and Connie have a wager over Penny's ability as a doctor and to prove that she has to lean on Oliver to get places. Vanessa tells Mark that the Trust won't honour Maria's claim for compensation. Vanessa bullied Maria into dropping her claim and when Mark finds out he decides to resign. Sacha and Jac clash as they work together. Jac also recognises a patient, Paula Burrows, as her mother who abandoned her when she was a teenager. Jac tells her she had kidney damage and would have to wait for a transplant. Elsewhere, Oliver is taught a valuable lesson by an agency nurse. více
For the Greater Good
Joseph's sister Sophia informs him she has taken over the chair of the Byrne Foundation from Michael Spence and that if he wants support for his Royal College research grant and lecturing post she will help by way of a Byrne Foundation patient Frank McPherson who has re-occurring cancer and is agoraphobic. The only problem for Joseph is that he is Linden's patient and Linden is also looking to get the research grant. To make it work he decided to apologise to Linden and let Faye move back to their flat. However, he became angry when he later found out that Linden was helping Faye move into the flat so he took solace with his patient's sister Jamie. Meanwhile, Michael called an urgent board meeting to get rid of Vanessa after Mark resigned. But Vanessa got the upper hand when she told the board she would leave but only with an excellent reference which she required for another job. Meanwhile, Ollie was assigned to work with Sacha in Holby Care who delighted in winding up a hungover Ollie and Jac tried to bond with her mother. více
Bette Davis Eyes
Chrissie complains of headaches so Sacha pulls out all the stops including bringing in eccentric gynaecologist Paradis Bloom to check her out. Paradis rushes Chrissie to theatre and she gives birth to a baby boy after having a C-section. When pushed by Michael on who the baby's father is she finally admits that it is Sacha. Mark is overjoyed - both by his new grandson and for all Sacha did for Chrissie. Elsewhere, Jac told Michael that Paula was her mother and after some sage words from Joseph she told Paula that she was a match and would save her life. Meanwhile, Joseph refused to help Faye with the inscription for Archie's headstone but after working a shift in Holby Care looking after a patient with MS she finally finds what she needs. více
X-Y Factor
Chrissie has a visit from Sacha's mother Esther and his two daughters Rachel and Beka which freaks out Chrissie who is only getting to know her son. She eventually tells Sacha that he can be part of her and her son's life but they won't be a couple. She decides to call the baby Daniel Levy Williams. Elsewhere, Jac and her mother Paula got through the kidney surgery; Mark promoted Donna to acting Ward sister on Keller and Cunningham decided to split the Director of Surgery job in two. více
What Goes Around
Jac's mother Paula disappears from Jac's home after leaving a note saying that she was sorry. Jac found out that she had gone to an address in Bath, which used to belong to her grandfather Henry Burrows, and followed her. But on the way she noticed her wound site was infected and tried to clean the area and get rid of the pus infection but to no avail. She ended up calling Michael who treated it temporarily but she refused to come back with him so he brought her to the address. Confronting her mother she discovers a number of things - her grandfather never died and was still alive, Paula was on her way back to India and Jac had a young sister Jasmine she never knew of. Totally devastated she collapsed and was rushed to hospital where Michael met his match in a young consultant who operated on Jac. Elsewhere, Faye discovers that she is pregnant but she is unable to tell either Linden or Joseph. Meanwhile, Holly got accepted to Art College in London. více
Apply Some Pressure
The Porters go on a wildcat strike due to management not meeting their concerns which causes havoc on the wards. Meanwhile, Connie returns from the US expecting to get the Director of Surgery job but finding out that Terence has divided it jointly between Michael and Ric, and she is not happy about it. She joins up with Joseph on his research project and they find a candidate for the trial Elaine Dalton - an acquaintance of Connie's from her earlier days in Peckham. Elsewhere, Mark brokers a deal between the porters and Terence and they come back to work. Terence is impressed with Mark's skills and tells him to apply for the vacant CEO post at Holby. více
Take No Prisoners
Elliott told Connie that Oliver was promoted to an F2 and he was told he could spend his next two rotations on Darwin. But things started to go wrong after his messed up with Connie's patient Elaine Dalton which led to a confrontation with Connie and Elliott. He let slip that Penny had slept her patient Scott and Connie told Elliott to get rid of Penny from Darwin. So as Oliver's career moved forward, Penny was moved back to AAU. Distraught at the news she was further devastated to find out that it was Ollie who told. Night shift ward sister Frieda Petrenko joined the day shift covering for Chrissie's maternity leave. Meanwhile Mark was persuaded to apply for the CEO position by Terence where he pitched for funding. On the ward, Maria and Donna both decided to apply for the Ward Sister job, and tensions between them rose. více
Time and Tide: Part One
Elliot pulled Mark aside and told him that none of the consultants were not supporting his CEO application. Donna and Maria were interviewed for the Ward Sister position and Maria got the job despite the fact that she has already been offered a job with the VSO in Tanzania. Tensions between Maria and Donna soared and they ended up stuck in a lift together as rain belted down over Holby and flooded the hospital. Meanwhile, Penny's stint in AAU is not helped by Linden's attitude to her and a child sex offender goes missing near where the crčche kids were moved to. více
Time and Tide: Part Two
Connie begins to panic as the power stays off and the implications for Elaine Dawson. Just as they are about to get Elaine to a secure area with power a problem arises with her oxygen intake. Meanwhile, Maria makes the decision to leave and take the job in Tanzania and let Donna have the sisters job. Elsewhere, everyone turns to Mark for his advice in tackling the flood and power loss to Holby and Mia is found with another girl locked in the pediatric ward. více
Brutally Frank
Porter Frank Chapman and new lottery winner causes chaos across the hospital with his comments and actions. Mark, on his last day as Nurse Consultant before he takes over as CEO, is forced to step in and try to control him. But Mark hadn't figured getting locked in with Frank after he collapses with a bleed on his brain. Elsewhere, Connie was less economical with the truth on Elaine's condition to her husband Kevin but a careless comment by Jac to Joseph alerted Kevin to the real prognosis for Elaine - that of possibly brain damage. Kevin took all Connie's notes and copied them and then proceeded to smash her car windows. Meanwhile, new staff nurse Elizabeth Tait started in Holby and managed to sort out Donna's chaotic desk and office. více
Taking Over
New Registrar Greg Douglas starts at Holby and ruffles Elliott's feathers over the treatment of young footballer Ben Eddon. Elliott is also in the papers for getting an OBE which he tries to play down. Linden discovers that Faye is pregnant by accident after she comes in contact with a patient with mumps. Jac and Sacha work together on Ric's cases and she finds that working as a team is a much better option than working on her own as she usually did. více
Cross My Heart
Faye tells a sceptical Joseph that she is pregnant with his child. Joseph goes to London to retrieve a heart for Sean Tighe and Connie orders him to bring new registrar Greg along with him where he causes all manner of chaos. Elaine Dalton dies despite Connie's best efforts to resusitate her and her husband Kenny becomes hostile towards Connie and makes unhelpful comments to her other patients about her work. Later, Connie is attacked by an aggrieved son who blames her for his mother's death but Kenny manages to subdue the attacker but it shakes her to the core. více
Thursday's Child
Faye gets Dr. Posner to do a gender test to see if she is expecting a boy or girl but decides against getting a test for Lowe's Syndrome at the same time preferring to wait until she gets the results. After getting the results that she is expecting a boy she decides not to test for Lowe's and asks that Linden and Joseph support her. Ollie tries to talk to Penny but she is unforgiving and tells him they will work together as colleagues only. But their rivalry with a patient brings them to the attention of Connie who is not best pleased with either of them. Linden struggles to get a patient with OCD to have a scan on a cyst which shows signs of a rapidly spreading infection so Faye enlists fellow OCD sufferer Joseph to persuade her. Michael and Annalese try to resolve their differences with little success. více
Fool's Gold
Elliott, desperate to raise the remaining funds to buy the laser for Ben and future patients surgery, rings suppliers and gets a company on board but has to cut through a lot of red tape to get there. Meanwhile, Michael's not handling his divorce from Annalese well and takes it out on Donna and Elizabeth. Elsewhere, determined to impress Linden Penny worked hard in AAU but was thwarted by an ever vigilant Frieda. více
Swimming with Sharks
Dora Collins, a patient, makes a complaint about Sacha, via Elizabeth to Mark, about him making inappropriate comments around her and other patients. Misusing his powers as CEO Mark checked up on Sasha's past, and found he had a similar complaint against his name. After being confronted Sacha became distracted and told Ric who wasted no time in telling Mark what he thought. Meanwhile, Penny was shown up by Frieda once again and she decided it was time to play her at her own game. But will it blow up in her face? Elsewhere, Elliott's much-hoped for laser didn't arrive and upon checking found he had been scammed by the sales rep. více
Secrets You Keep
Elliot's laser finally arrived but it was soon discovered that it was a different one that what was first ordered. When questioned by Mark he revealed he had paid for it himself out of the proceeds of his house sale. Mark was forced to call the police despite Elliott's please not to do so. Meanwhile, Linden's personal issues with Joseph over the baby started affecting his work which he took out on Frieda and Penny. Meanwhile Sacha and Jac tried to get Elizabeth to laugh but to no avail until Jac took the joke one step too far and then Sacha wasn't amused. Dr. Greene left Holby after getting a new job. více
All Cried Out
Kate Moyles, from the Board, visited Ric and Michael about a benefactors sizeable donation to Holby but tensions between Michael and Ric nearly blew the proposals put to Kate. Things weren't helped by Annalese's visit to him telling him they were divorcing and their only contact would now be through their solicitors. Meanwhile, teenager Georgina Hunt was admitted with her manipulative friend Miri but neither would admit what Georgina had taken. When Miri overheard Donna gossiping about Sacha's manner they made a complaint stating Sacha had said inappropriate things whilst examining her leaving Mark with no choice but to suspend him. So it was left to Jac to get to the bottom of it. Elsewhere, Elliot couldn't handle the attention he was getting for his OBE and so deliberately hid his medal. více
Two in Five Marriages...
Joseph turned up at Faye's 20-week scan before Linden got a chance to get there before him. He later continued to needle Linden forcing Linden to tell him that he and Faye were moving to Scotland. But the constant jibes and comments from Frieda made Linden question his motives and he told Faye that he saw no future for them. But Faye told him they should get married but Linden wasn't so sure. Meanwhile, Kate Moyles told Michael she wanted to cool things between them and so Michael asked Connie to be his date at a function. Connie initially refused but later accepted. Elsewhere, Connie tells Greg to represent her at Terence Cunningham's Clinical Governance Meeting but he instead sent an ill-prepared Oliver. Terence was not best pleased and sought out Greg and told him to have his report to him by end of day. více
Ric undergoes an MRI scan to see if he has cancer and as he anxiously awaits his results himself and Michael argue over the Moyles Fund of Ł250,000 and how it should be divided - public or private. Faye asks Joseph for a divorce hoping it will convince Linden that she is serious about him. Greg is conflicted over a daughter's motives in keeping her mother alive so that she doesn't pay inheritance tax. více
Man with No Name
Connie appoints Greg to be Oliver's education mentor but Greg, suffering from a hangover, is not happy. Frieda treats a patient herself instead of asking Penny but Penny lies to save both their careers. After getting his cancer diagnosis Ric finds it hard to concentrate on his Renal Unit presentation for the Board. He asks Jac to do a domino transplant for him but she fails her task. Can Ric pull it together in order to win the Board over? více
Skipping a Beat
With the arrival of renowned surgeon Donald Bass at Holby Michael tries in vain to get him to look at his project over Ric's plans for a renal unit. Annaliese asks Michael to sign their divorce petition and he finds out that she is seeing someone else but not that it is Ric. He leaves Holby and goes on a drink and drug spree in his hotel room with Caitlin Sykes. Linden tries to diffuse his relationship at work with Faye as she attends divorce proceedings with Joseph. více
'Til the Grave
Annaliese curtails Michael's visitation rights with the kids and inadvertently tells Michael that she is having an affair with Ric. Meanwhile, Ric's symptoms get worse and he ends up telling Michael of his condition and that he has little chance of making it through. Elsewhere, Penny begins her first day as an F2 and tries to save the life of a pregnant woman and her unborn daughter and Faye finally allows Joseph to share her pregnancy. více
The Last Day of Summer
Annaliese seeks out Ric and tries to find out why he ended their affair but he refuses to tell her about his cancer diagnosis. Later, Ric operates in theatre against Michael's wishes and collapses. Greg wants in on a big operation Connie's involved in but she re-assigns him to monitoring Oliver much to his distaste. Elsewhere, Sasha and Jac engage in a game of one up-man-ship to see who can clear the ward fastest. více
Get Busy Living
Ric steadfastly refuses chemotherapy despite urging from both Michael and Annaliese. But an encounter with Tim O'Neill, a patient who refuses to see anything bad, brings him around to the idea of treatment after Tim dies on the operating table. Meanwhile, Frieda and Penny clash on the ward when Frieda makes a good call which saves a patient but which leads Penny to finding out that Frieda is a trained doctor. Elsewhere, Faye and Joseph receive the news that their expected baby does not have Lowe's Disease but their tentative relationship is scuppered by the careless actions of Lady Byrne. více
A Failure to Communicate
Mark offers the post of temporary Acting Consultant to Sasha whilst Ric is on desk duty due to chemo regime. However, Sasha turns it down and suggests Jac instead who readily snaps up the chance to be consultant. But her acerbic manner alienates both the staff and the patients she treats and is forced to eat humble pie when Mark threatens to yank the job away from her. Meanwhile, Greg gets his revenge on Oliver after Connie finds out that Oliver did Greg's procedure for him weeks back. Elsewhere, Penny continues to needle Frieda about her past work as a doctor but Frieda isn't biting. více
Test Results
Linden returns to Holby seemingly a new man and takes new F1 Lucy Durham under his wing but it all begins to fall apart after Lucy has acid thrown at her as a gang initiation and he fails to be able to talk to Faye about their relationship. Meanwhile, Jac finds it hard to change her attitude and continues to alienate the staff but Sasha points her in the right direction. Elsewhere, Connie is put to the test by Terence and Mark. více
Long Night's Journey Into Day
Connie and Michael's surgical partnership gets off to a rocky start and comes to a head when Michael operates on his friend Max's son in order to save the man's other son who has liver damage. Elsewhere, Sacha and Frieda deal with a surplus of patients and an over-eager agency nurse. Meanwhile, Ric moves into Annaliese's home. více
Oliver is determined to recognised as one of the team and to get Greg's approval but nearly messes up again but is helped out of a tight spot by Frieda. Meanwhile, Donna tells Sacha that she believe Jac has got the hots for him and he wonders how to broach the subject with her. Faye is hospitalised after a stressful time with both Joseph and Linden. více
Misfit Love
Linden finally sees through Faye's lies and ends their relationship. But her manipulation ends up costing him his life after she antagonises Linden's heroin addict patient Monty and has him thrown out of Holby who in return takes his anger out on Linden and smashes him with a bottle killing him. Meanwhile, Frieda misunderstands Oliver's offer of a drink and considers applying to retrain as a doctor but when Penny tells Oliver what Frieda thinks he makes an excuse and tells her he cannot go out. Elsewhere, Michael is in hot water with the board on his day off and takes his aggression out on Ric. více

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