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Detektiv Hunter a jeho kolegyně jsou postrachem zločineckého podsvětí v Los Angeles! více
Hard Contract
The Hot Grounder
When the wife of the commissioner is killed in car bomb that was planted in the commissioner's car, Hunter is assigned the case knowing well that he could get booted out. When Hunter arrives, he discovers a few anomalies like how his car was parked like he wanted his wife to move it and his attitude when they arrive. The chief intercedes on his behalf threatening to have Hunter booted if he keeps doing this. But Hunter nevertheless still perseveres and finds a secret the man wanted to keep quiet. více
A Long Way from L.A.
Hunter and McCall are transporting a prisoner back to L.A. when they have to stop at a small town. They place their prisoner in the custody of the Sheriff. Later that evening after the waitress from the local café brings the prisoner his dinner she's attacked and at the same time the prisoner's cell is opened. He runs out and everyone assumes he attacked her. However Hunter and McCall think the Sheriff had something to do with it. When they try to question him, they learn the Sheriff is the step-son of the town's wealthiest man. více
When a mobster is killed, Hunter who knew the man, checks it out. Everybody thinks that he was killed by a burglar. But they later learn that one of the man's sons who is wild playboy brought home a girl. When his father saw him, they had an argument then he was killed. Hunter finds the girl, but her account of what happened is a bit off. He thinks there's more going on. více
Flight on a Dead Pigeon
Pen Pals
Dead or Alive
High Bleacher Man
Hunter and McCall apprehend Gavin, a murdering street punk. They later learn that he made a deal with the D.A. to implicate a mobster, Nate Demarest for four murders. Hunter knows if Gavin is back on the streets he will kill again. When Demarest tries to get Gavin, Hunter suggests limiting the number of people who knows his location and Gavin wants Hunter to be that person because he knows if anything happens to him Hunter will be under suspicion. It's while watching Gavin that McCall recalls she once investigated Demarest for killing a Fed but it went cold. Hunter asks her to reopen it cause it could give the D.A. Demarest without Gavin's testimony. více
The Shooter
This synopsis is too short and may not include the required detailed description of the entire plot. We normally require that synopses be at least 10 lines long. If you have seen this title, please help us by improving and expanding this synopsis. A biker is killing highway patrol cops in impromptu wild west-style quick-draw showdowns. Hunter and McCall investigate and find a puzzling motive. více
The Garbage Man
When a parole officer is killed, the prime suspect is one of his charges. While Hunter and McCall try to find him, another parole officer is also trying to find and is going to extreme measures to find him. When Hunter finds the man, he tells Hunter that his parole suspected that another parole officer is killing other parolees so his parole officer asked him to help. So he altered his file to make it appear he's a violent criminal. Hunter thinks he knows who the killer is. více
The Avenging Angel
Hunter gets an anonymous tip involving a man who killed his wife. After investigating and arresting the man, he is tried but the key witness against him changes his testimony; suggesting that the defendant managed to indirectly sway the testimony of the witness. When Hunter gets proof, he arrests him but a bomb goes off killing the man and later someone runs over the witness. Hunter gets a call from someone claiming to be the one who sent him the tip, claiming to also have killed the two men. It seems obvious that this guy is fixated on Hunter, even idolizes him which is why he sent him the tip. While Hunter tries to find out who he is, the defense lawyer who defended the man comes onto him. více
The Snow Queen: Part 1
The Snow Queen: Part 2
The Beach Boy
The Last Kill
Fire Man
Hunter is looking for a sniper who is killing women who look similar. He thinks the man has military training so he goes to the base and butts heads with a sergeant. At the same an IRS man shows up at the station to talk to Hunter about a unusual deduction he made. více

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