SERIÁL: Inga Lindström

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Ellen Ullmann is furniture designer and lives since about 3 years in Stockholm.Today , a rich entrepreneur Anders Westblom, meets Ellen, he remembers well when Ellen was boat designer and would like to give an order for a boat to Ellen.But she answers that she doesn't work anymore for the shipyard of his father.Some hours later the aunt Karen visits Ellen and explains her that since the death of his wife Stellan Ullmann is not interested in the management of the shipyard and maybe he will sell the shipyard.On the morning Ellen decides to travel home.The first person she meets when the left the ferry is Lennardher former boyfriend, who is doctor and his engaged with her sister Bibi.Then she goes to the shipyard who looks abandoned.Her father, Stellan asks her why she has come back and Ellen answers that she would like to help him and the shipyard.Stellan left the room.Then Ellen meets Kari Karlsson,she sister-in-law of Stellan, Ellen explains her the meeting with her father Stellan.Then Kari will try to convince Stellan to listen to Ellen.Besides Kari mentions that an order for building boat could save the shipyard. více
Auf der Suche nach Dir
The young cook Astrid wants to open a restaurant in Stockholm: she has planned it with her friend Lars. Arriving at her apartment Astrid finds a note from Lars telling her that he has to do some duties and that before the building there is a gift for her.The gift is a Volvo station wagon Duett painted in pink.When she was to go to the date for the purchase of the place for the restaurant, an old VW Combi stays before her station wagon.Inside there a little who is waiting for her father.Then the father appears,apologizes for the inconvenience and gives Astrid a pot of honey.Then Astrid meets the real estate agent for the signature of the contract of purchase, they wait a good time for Lars,Astrid tries to call Lars,but Lars doesn't answer.Lars has disappeared.In the apartment she receives the visit of her mother and they begin a search.In a notebook Lars has written that he had a date with BjĂ?rn in the camping place past Monday.Now Astrid remembers that the camping is in the island of Ă-land and decides to travel to Ă-land. více
Klang der Sehnsucht
Ausgerechnet Söderholm
Alma Ekberg is assistant surgeon in a hospital in Stockholm and wants now to practice surgery and to have his own doctor's office.In a room of the hospital there is a little confusion, a man is sleeping in a bed, Alma thinks that he is a patient, she asks him to take off his clothes to see a scar, but the young man called Leo says that he only was taking a rest while his father was visiting a doctor.The chief of Alma, the Prof Hendlung wants to boost her career another way, she will go to SĂ?derholm where a local doctor is ill and so she will replace him for a time, she will be under evaluation and must bring back a mark of 8/10 points.So Alma accepts the proposal and travels to SĂ?derholm. Arriving in the town she is surprised to see the Prof. Hendlung, but the man says her that he is Peter Hendlung , the mayor and the twin brother of the Prof. Hendlung and she meets also Leo, the son of the Dr. Ben Gottfridson.Then they go to the doctor's office, DR. Gottfridson doesn't seem very happy to be replaced, for him all this is a move of Peter Hendlung.There the medical assistant Carlotta says Alma that she must now begin her work, there are patients in the waiting room and in the afternoon she must do visits at home. více
Familienfest in Sommerby
As Tilda's daughter awakens from a coma, she can no longer remember the recent past. So she does not remember that her parents are divorced. The family stages a charade so as not to overwhelm the girl. více

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