SERIÁL: Justice League

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The Cat and the Canary
The Black Canary and The Green Arrow team up to find out what the older superhero, Wildcat, is doing on his off time. více
The Ties That Bind
On Apokolips, Vermin Vunderbarr and Granny Goodness are competing for control in the power vacuum left by Darkseid's disappearance. She kidnaps Oberon in order to extort help from Mr. Miracle. Vunderbarr has imprisoned Kalibak, and Granny wants him freed to her control. Mr. Miracle and his wife Barda go to the Justice League for help, but J'onn J'onzz doesn't want to involve the League in helping one dictator over another. Flash wants to help, so he travels with Miracle and Barda to Apokolips in order to free Kalibak. více
The Doomsday Sanction
The League assistance of an island suffering a volcanic eruption is complicated by Doomsday escaping his bonds and attacking Superman. více
Task Force X
A covert operations team largely made up of convicted supervillains is sent to steal a necessary item from Justice League headquarters. více
The Balance
To help her magic superhero friends, the God Hermes sends Wonder Woman on a mission to help free Hades from the clutches of Felix Faust. více
Double Date
Seeking to avenge the death of her parents, the Huntress enlists the help of the Question in tracking down Steven Mandragora, a mobster in protective custody -- and being guarded by the Green Arrow and Black Canary. více
Captain Marvel joins the Justice League and his innocent presence inadvertently causes friction with Superman. více
Hunter's Moon
Shayera, Vixen and Vigilante are lured into an ambush by Thanagarians seeking revenge. více
Question Authority
The Question, fearing disaster, decides to kill Lex Luthor to avert it. více
Lex Luthor executes his masterstroke to eliminate Project Cadmus and frame the Justice League. více
Panic in the Sky
While the senior Leaguers struggle to respond to the mysterious main gun firing, Amanda Waller orders Galatea to lead a full attack on the Justice League. více
Divided We Fall
The Justice League charter members must battle the combined Lex Luthor/Brainiac menace alone. více
In the future, Terry McGinnis learns the truth about about his birth. více

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