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Dítě tmy
An overworked man acquires a robot to take care of his household and family in his absence. He realizes too late that the machine may be doing its job just a little bit too perfectly. více
Jako rodina
Colonel Beckett (Michael Rooker) shakes hands with a doctor, killing him in the process with a deadly contact poison. Beckett, who comes from a plague stricken future, has been sent back in time to find and eliminate the person responsible for starting it all - Patient Zero. Although the scientists of the future know the DNA of three people combined to form the virus, they still do not know the identity of the one who came in contact with those three. During his search, Beckett is injured and nursed back to health by Amy, with whom he shares his secret. After discovering Amy had contact with the doctor, Beckett reveals her to be Patient Zero. He promises to remain in the past with Amy rather than killing her, but another operative appears, informing Beckett that HE is actually Patient Zero, since he came in contact with all three people while searching for Amy. Beckett sacrifices himself to save the future. více
Pacient X
A couple flee a present-day religious community they've joined but find it's entirely surrounded by an invisible wall. They're the parents of the totally isolated cult's first child, who has a mysterious scar from a ceremony by the cult leader, who they caught sneaking off into the forest and teleporting into thin air. They're spotted by another malcontent, who's been searching for a way out for months. With nowhere to go and everyone else entranced by the idyllic new life, what can they do? více
The Surrogate
Heather Donahue takes part in a surrogate mother program, unaware it is a plot to invade and take over the planet Earth. více
Náhradní matka
Mona Lisa
Think Like a Dinosaur
Mysli jako Dinosaurus
Anya is a renowned scientist slowly dying of a wasting disease when she's invited to work at the prestigious Burkmeer Research Centre. In a tank at Burkmeer lies the shriveled shell of what should have been a boy. Named Sasha, but dubbed URS-28 by the scientists who experiment on his genetically mutated form, he has survived on life support since his mother died at Chernobyl when he was a fetus. At Burkmeer, science defines life and death based on brain function, and Sasha has none. Instead, he emits high-intensity electromagnetic pulses and, just once, tachyons the only thing in the universe that travels faster than light. Anya's ex-boyfriend David wants Anya's help in recreating the tachyon emission, but when Anya begins her experiments she discovers something quite different. While giving Sasha an injection she is transferred into the boy's other universe, a universe where he is a child, not a science experiment, and where his grieving mother waits for him to be transported into the next world. Anya realizes her own tragic fate may be the single thing that can help Sasha escape his living hell. více
Paralelní svět
Explorers, including an astrophysicist member of the Diné tribe and her medical doctor husband, are sent through a hole which scientists have torn in the universe to study the effects of "trans-space" on humans. více
Srdcem a krví
Dítě květin
Volný duch
A 60s radical's daughter ventures back in time to undo the bombing which killed him. But the time travel institute who recruited her as a trainee races to stop her before she irreparably damages the future. The institute plucked Lorelle out of a fatal car wreck, so she can't return to 1989, but her mother is devastated by her husband's death, so Lorelle hopes to affect the past to improve her mother's life. více
Čas od času
Bod zvratu
Peter Shotwell is a former wrestling champion who returns to coach the new team, including his son Morris. This year's team is a far cry from the glory days, however, and the wrestlers are underfunded and picked on by the other athletes. All that changes when Peter's old friend John, who now works for a pharmaceutical company, introduces him to an top secret experimental performance enhancer, which boosts strength, speed and conditioning. Under intense pressure to win, Peter reluctantly agrees to let Morris and the team try it, and the results are impressive. However, their newfound popularity is accompanied by side effects including a dark aggressive streak, and Peter must weigh victory against the risks. více
Vláda zákona
Oddíl lvů
Seventeen years ago single mother Laura Sinclair was abducted by aliens, but no one would believe her. A newspaper article about alien abductions and her recurring nightmares threaten to distance her from her moody teen-aged daughter, Tammy. Tammy's new English teacher, Marcus Fellows seems to have quite a positive effect on her who also seems very familiar to Laura. více
Lidský faktor
Zkouška oddanosti
Military personnel are tested to find the best candidate for a very special mission. Each test may eliminate one of the four candidates. But what is the ultimate mission. více

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