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The staff struggles to please a top-notch customer. více
Lydia's Perfect Man
Eric McCormack plays a charming single guy who falls instantly in love with Lydia. Also, Tiffany offers to find the perfect match for wealthy client's dog. více
A Rear Window
Sean Hayes plays a widower who is looking for a date after his wife's untimely death. Meanwhile, Lydia thinks up a plan for getting her married boyfriend to leave his wife, and Steve has a naked admirer. více
Burke Makes a Friend
Burke is reunited with an old high school friend who is gay and looking for a date. Meanwhile, Victoria and Lydia try to catch a client in a lie, and Alex decides to take his flirtation with Tiffany to the next level by asking her out. více
Lydia's Last Night
Lydia spends a sleepless night scared of her married boyfriend. Steve, armed with a gun, attempts to alleviate her fears with war stories from Kuwait. Meanwhile, Burke gives Alex career advice, and Tiffany takes a vow of silence. více
The Loser Club
The agency holds a mixer to encourage hard-to-please clients to renew their memberships. The event gets off to a bad start, but Tiffany turns things around by spiking the punch. více
The Last Temptation of Steve
Steve has to control his feet "urges" when a new client with great feet seeks his help. Burke tries to help a mad poet whose off-putting verses are scaring women away. více
The Portrait and the Painter
Victoria decides to have her portrait painted, but drama ensues when Tiffany discovers the painter is her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Lydia and Burke deal with some very stubborn clients. více
The Psychic
A psychic seeks help from Lovespring, only to get horrible premonitions from the entire staff. více
Homeless Rockstar
The Sperminator
Lydia and Steve have difficulty with a client who makes frequent donations to sperm banks. Meanwhile, Burke is sure that a strange-looking statue Victoria gave him for his birthday has a hidden meaning. více
The Demuler
Victoria rents Burke's office to a "massuer," only to find out he's in the drug trade. Lydia and Burke have to share an office, which leads Figgy to think that Lydia has a crush on Burke. více
The Fire
Victoria tries to avert financial disaster by accepting her old rival Nancy's offer to buy Lovespring International. She also begins playing the stock market... with Lydia's money více
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