SERIÁL: Magic Mansion

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komedie, seriál USA, , 58 min., 3 série / 120 dílů

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Magic Mansion was a weekly television sitcom, produced and broadcast live from the AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio Television Services) network for broadcast to military personnel stationed overseas. The series centered on misadventures of the characters populating Magic Mansion. The Mansion's leader, known merely as "The Magician", was usually accompanied by one or more ventriloquist dummies along with series costar, Harriett Zorich. Although magic, ventriloquism and music were an important part of the weekly comedic dramas, they were always background to the sitcom story lines. Celebrities touring the military bases in the Pacific Command were frequent guests who would portray themselves or various roles in the sitcom. Guests included Bob Hope, Tony Slydini, Patti Paige, Peter Rich, Danny Kaye, Guy Mitchell, John Wayne and others who sought to entertain troops beyond their regular schedule. Cast members would frequently don makeup and costumes in order to play assorted characters written for the show's broadcasts. The series often traveled to distant locations to film 16mm footage that would be incorporated into future shows. On one occasion, the Magician stands in front of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India - performing the "Indian Rope Trick". In another broadcast, three of the crew are located at the top of the famous military hill crest of Iwo Jima. Members of the cast were dedicated to the entertainment of US military personnel and their families. They frequently entertained at military bases, organizations and clubs throughout Europe and Asia. Skits from the broadcast were frequently recreated to the delight of children from military families stationed at the overseas bases and outposts.
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