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Portrait in Blues
A pair of musicians are performing their act when one of them is almost electrocuted. Mannix is hired to look into the matter. But the detective faces twists almost immediately. For starters, the woman who hired Mannix isn't who she said she was. Mannix also needs to act fast before another attempt on the musician's life is made. více
Game Plan
Joe Mannix receives an urgent phone call from his friend George Lassiter asking him to come to Albuquerque because of a problem with Lassiter's daughter Jeannie, who is also Joe's goddaughter. Mannix arrives quickly only to be told that the problem has been solved. Sensing that he's not receiving the whole story, though, Mannix decides to conduct his own investigation -- leading him to discover that his friend is involved in a novel form both of kidnapping and of paying the ransom. více
A Fine Day for Dying
Walk on the Blind Side
The Green Men
Death Has No Face
A Small Favor for an Old Friend
Enter Tami Okada
Picture of a Shadow
Desert Sun
The Survivor Who Wasn't
A Choice of Victims
A Word Called Courage
Man in a Trap
Chance Meeting
Edge of the Web
A Ransom for Yesterday
The Empty Tower
SHORT VERSIONAt the start of a long weekend, off to a fishing vacation with friend Tony Elliott, Mannix stops at Tonys office so Tony can pick up a set of fishing flies. They walk in on a methodical heist of the businesses in the building. As Mannix plays cat and mouse with the three burglars, it turns out Tony was in on the deal, trying to recover from business debts.LONG VERSIONChapter 1At night, a man breaks into Joes office. The man hears a car pull up and runs off. Joe comes in and makes a call at his desk. He asks his answering service if there was a call from a Mr. Magnuson and is disappointed that there wasnt. He goes up to his apartment and starts to prepare some coffee. The underside of the lid of his coffee container is reflective, and he ducks behind the kitchen counter just as he sees the man, coming out from the bedroom, shoot at him. Joe manages to turn off the lights, grab a light bulb from a package in a drawer, and tosses it into the living area. When the man turns to shoot at the bulb, Joe shoots the man, dead.Art Malcolm and some crime scene specialists are in Joes apartment. The dead man is Johnny Feigen, who had a grudge against Joe and had promised to get him. Art offers to take Joe out to get a drink but Joe declines.At a bar, Joe nurses a drink until Tony Elliot shows up, 48 minutes late. Sarcastically, Joe asks him if he was born late. Playing along, Tony replies, two weeks. Tony apologizes and says he was working late, about to make a big deal for his precious metals business. Tony reveals that he called Joe because he was getting tired of the wheeling-and-dealing and was wondering if Joe could take a couple of days off to go fishing. Joe is interested but says that hes wrapping up a case and has to wait for an important phone call. Tony scoffs and suggests Joe get Peggy to wait for the call and then to call them at the lodge. Joe thinks it over and agrees and they will meet tomorrow, Saturday, at 10 AM, at Joes office.Joe is showing his casting technique to Peggy. Tony is late, and when he runs in, he tells them hes loaded his equipment into Joes car. Joe feels guilty hes making Peggy work on a long weekend. She smiles and shrugs him off.Joe and Tony drive off and as they are talking in the car, Tony realizes hes forgotten his new set of flies in his office. Frustrated, Joe drops Tony off in Century City at the Warren Building. Joe stays parked at the curb and Tony runs into the building.Cut to a shaggy-haired man wearing Falcon Trucking coveralls looking out the window of an upper floor. Behind him, a clean-cut man in similar coveralls is trying to open a vault, reading the combination off a slip of paper.A business man is leaving just as Tony is let in by the security guard, Charley. Tony apologizes and says he forgot something in his office. Charley reminds him he still has to sign in.The shaggy-haired man spots Joes car parked below. The clean-cut man is still working the vault combination. Tony makes it to his 16th floor office, and we see, from a distance, Tony talking to someone and then that someone knocking Tony out. Joe, still in his car, checks his watch impatiently.Chapter 2Tired of waiting, Joe heads for the building and knocks on the door. The guard turns off his transistor radio and lets Joe in, telling him he has to sign in (there are five other signatures on the list, including Tony ). [Strangely, the guards desk clock says 9:31 AM.]The guard directs Joe to the elevator bank, telling him that only one of the elevators is working. As Joe rides upstairs, the guard radios Kirby, the clean-cut man, and Kirby radios back that they already saw Joe heading into the building.As soon as Joe steps out of the elevator, another man, older, in the same coveralls, holds a gun to Joe and pats him down. Joe asks after Tony and the man assures him Tony is alright and that Joe also wont be hurt if he does as he is told. The man leads Joe into Tonys office. The clean-cut man, Kirby, radios Charley that they have Joe. Kirby asks Joe for his car keys, which Kirby hands to the older man to move Joes car from the street into the buildings garage. Joe asks about Tony and Kirby directs Joe to the vault. As Joe walks in, the shaggy-haired man is walking out with display trays of large coins and dumps them into a cart already filled with gold and silver bars. Joe sees Tony lying on the floor and goes to check on him. Kirby closes the vault behind them.Tony has a huge bruise on the side of his forehead. Tony tells Joe his alarm company is Petersons and that their security is the best that money can buy. Tony scoffs at the idea that theyre in the middle of a large scale looting operation, but Joe points out that the crooks are probably after the whole building, not just Tonys office, because its a long weekend and they have lined up a lot of large bins to carry off a lot of loot. Tony thinks it over and agrees that it would be a large haul. When he tries to stand, he realizes he hurt his ankle when they knocked him out. He thinks they can just wait it out until Monday when his secretary comes in for work. Joe says they need to get out because theres not enough air for the two of them. Tony thinks the ventilation system will save them, but Joe thinks that since they both have seen the crooks, that the crooks have probably already turned the ventilation system off. Joe studies the safe and Tony says its the best money can buy. With Tony protesting, Joe breaks into the back of the vault door. He thinks if he works the gear mechanism backwards, it would be the same as opening the vault from the outside.Kirby radios the shaggy-haired man, Mallory, as Mallory is loading a cart with documents from a brokerage firm. Mallory says its too bad there will be two bodies after the weekend is over. Kirby says the $10 million they are stealing will make that worth it. Kirby is looking over blueprints of the high-rise and directs Mallory to hit a diamond business next.As Joe works on the vault, Tony wonders if its even safe for them to break out with three armed men outside. Joe reminds him of the imminent lack of air. As Tony calls out the combination, Joe slowly winds the gears, working the turns backwards.Mallory, towing an empty cart, meets the older man at the elevators and they head for the diamond business.Joe continues with the gears.Peggy gets the call from Mr. Magnuson. Peggy calls the lodge and is told Joe and Tony have not arrived yet.Kirby radios to Mallory who tells him they are done with the diamonds. Kirby directs them to a gallery and specifically to certain originals hanging at a specific location.Peggy calls the mobile operator but the operator says there is no answer on Joes mobile phone.Joe opens the safe and when he sees no one in the office, helps Tony out to a chair. Joe tries the phone, but it has been cut probably the entire buildings phone system has been disabled. Despite Tonys protests, Joe says he will go get help while Tony hides in his dressing room. Tony insists Joe stay with him, but Joe pulls the door shut behind him.Chapter 3Mallory and the older man are cleaning out a furrier. Their cart is full so Mallory offers to take it to their truck and return with two more bins.Joe has made it down the stairs to ground level and warns the security guard about the heist. The guard pulls his gun on Joe but Joe punches him out. Joe runs, and the guard calls Kirby to tell him Joe escaped the vault and is headed to the garage. Joe finds a car but it is locked. The three crooks come out of the elevator and Joe hides behind the car. When they head away from him, Joe runs up a level and finds his own car. The mobile phone cord has been cut, but Joe has a hidden key and drives off.Joe steers the car down a ramp, toward the three men who are walking up the ramp, and jumps out. The men shoot at the car and jump out of the way just as the car careens past them and T-bones the first car Joe had found. They see Joe running on the upper level and chase after him. They lose him when he gets into an elevator and then study the floor display carefully but cant figure out which floor Joe stopped on.Peggy is calling the lodge again when Art comes in. She had called him over, and Art tries to comfort her with lots of reasons why Joe might be out of touch. Peggy rushes to pick up the ringing phone, but its for Art. Art tells the caller to send black and whites to cover each location. After he hangs up, he tells Peggy that Petersons Security called the police to let them know that their alarm wires were cut last night -- that means that any of their 300 clients could be the target of a hit right now. As Art leaves, he reassures Peggy that shell hear from Joe soon.Joe runs back to Tony to tell him he couldnt find a way out and that Charley, the guard, is in on the heist. Tony is convinced that they should stay in his office. Joe says now that the crooks know they got out of the vault, that the crooks will not let them live. Joe will head for the roof and try to get someones attention. He thinks Tony will be safe because the crooks will think Tony is with Joe.Kirby radios Charley to lock the ground floor stairwell doors.Peggy goes to the station and tells Art she checked with Highway Patrol and the hospitals along the way with no word. Art calls for an APB for Joe.Kirby radios Charley and tells him that Mallory is working his way from down the roof and Harper (the older man) is working his way up from the 15th floor; Kirby will start on the second floor. He assures Charley that Joe cant use a phone or get out of the building so it will just be a matter of time before they capture him.Joe enters a floor that has a health club. Mallory gets there as well and radios Kirby that Joe is not on the roof and that he is now checking the gym. As Joe hides around corners, Mallory searches the floor and unknowingly corners Joe in the water therapy room. Joe surprises Mallory and they fight, falling in each of the therapy pools. Joe disarms Mallory, knocking the radio away as well, and punches Mallory unconscious. As Kirby calls for Mallory on the radio, Joe walks out of the room, but Harper is also on the floor and yells for Mallory. Joe manages to run away, but when Harper backtracks, he finds Mallory still passed out and sees the wet footprints Joe has left. Harper follows them into the locker room. Joe surprises Harper, knocking him out and taking his gun.Chapter 4Kirby finds Harper at the gym. Harper tells him Joe now has his gun and that Mallory is in bad shape. Kirby says hes turned off the elevator, so the only direction Joe can go is up, to the roof. He orders Harper to get Mallorys gun and meet him on the roof.Peggy is sitting, waiting nervously at the station, but Art has nothing to report to her. Art gets a call from Petersons the buildings have been checked and nothing is going on. Art orders them to check againthere must be something going on. Peggy gets the idea that since Tony is in the bullion and precious metals business, that maybe hes using Peterson Security and that he and Joe may have stopped off there. Peggy tells Art that Tonys office is in the Warren Building. When they find it on their list, Art orders Peterson to send a representative to the building and they will meet there.Kirby reaches the roof and creeps around corners to look for Joe. Joe is hiding among some stacks of roofing material and ducts, and manages to hide from Kirby.Art and some uniformed officers make it to the building. The Peterson rep opens the door and they rush in and surprise Charley.Joe gets the jump on Kirby and makes him drop his gun. As Kirby offers to cut Joe in on the deal, Tony comes on the roof and holds a gun on Joe. He orders Joe to hold up his hands and then disarms him. Tony admits to have gotten in over his head and the business did not keep up with him. The heist would set him straight. Joe realizes that he was Tonys alibi, but since Joe figured out how to open the vault, Tonys plan was ruined. Tony says all they had to do was stay in the vault over the weekend but now hell have to kill Joe. Joe reminds Tony about the ventilation system and that when he checked, it was indeed turned off. He tells Tony to really think about whats going through Kirbys mind. Kirby inches closer to Tony and makes a grab for the gun. When Kirby lunges, their momentum knocks them off the roof and they fall off the high rise to their deaths.Art makes it to the roof and Joe asks him how he happened to be there. With a little help from Peggy, Art says.END více
Quartet for a Blunt Instrument
Bird of Prey: Part 1
Mannix travels to an island that's part of a South American country. Mannix's client wants to repay the man for the saving the life of the son of the client some years earlier. But Mannix soon discovers the case is more complicated than he bargained for. The man he's searching for is part of a plot to assassinate the president of the country. Just as Mannix is putting the pieces together, he's captured by the conspirators. více
Bird of Prey: Part 2
Design for Dying
Search for a Dead Man

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