SERIÁL: Misfits: Zmetci

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Vegas, Baby!
Nathan has gone to Las Vegas with his girlfriend Marnie and baby,Nathan Junior,with the express aim of using his super powers to defraud the casinos. Unfortunately he gets caught and is led off to prison after making an unsuccessful phone call to Simon - or Barry as he calls him. více
III/1         Přehrát díl
Mladík Rudy se pře se svým druhým já. Dokáže se totiž rozdvojit. Simon trénuje dovednosti a při lezení a skákání mezi střechami zjišťuje, že umí ještě více než dříve. Dokáže nahlédnout do budoucnosti. Má jasnou varovnou vidinu, že při jednom z přeskoků spadne. Naši hrdinové se snaží zapadnout do běžného života. Původní schopnosti prodali, ale koup... více
III/2         Přehrát díl
Banned from athletics for drug use Curtis sees the opportunity to still compete as his new gender swap identity Melissa,whilst falling for fellow runner Emma. Emma is bi-sexual and is drawn to both Curtis and his alter ego Melissa but,with only Simon let into the secret, Curtis/Melissa becomes the reluctant object of the sexual attentions of Shaun,Rudy and running coach Mark,who spikes Melissa's drink at a party and tries to rape her,getting a rude shock when Curtis returns. Eventually Curtis is forced to admit the truth to the other misfits and,having saved her from Mark's predatory actions,to Emma. více
III/3         Přehrát díl
Simon opět trénuje své dovednosti. Piluje skoky přes střechy a zídky. Vtom uvidí, jak někdo okrádá mladíka o mobil. Vydá se mu na pomoc, zloděje zažene a prchá... Poprvé se mu podařilo někoho zachránit! Do komunitního centra přivádí probační čtveřici dalších výtržníků. Je mezi nimi právě zachráněný mladík Peter a hned Simona pozná. Je superhrdiny ... více
III/4         Přehrát díl
Elderly Jew Friedrich Hirsch travels back to 1930s Berlin to kill Hitler but fails and the Nazis use his mobile phone technology which alters history so Germany wins the war and present day Britain is under Nazi control, and none of the misfits know each other. Kelly and Simon are reluctant conscripts whilst Shaun,with Alisha his unwilling girlfriend,is right hand man to odious Captain Smith. Seth,his ability to give and take super powers an asset to the Nazis,is imprisoned but Kelly and the other misfits spring him,leading to a shoot-out. To restore the balance and retrieve true history Kelly must go back to Hitler's Germany and collect the phone. Her mission accomplished none of the other misfits can recall what happened but the experience has brought her and Seth closer to each other. více
III/5         Přehrát díl
Before Kelly and Seth can go on their first date,coma victim Jen swaps identities with Kelly at the hospital where the misfits are on gardening duty. Leaving the real Kelly on a life support machine she goes to see boyfriend Dom,explaining what she has done, though he is shocked and unable to accept her. Working out what has happened the group steal Kelly from the hospital before her life-support machine is switched off and persuade the impostor,miserable at Dom's rejection, to reverse the swap though her initial reluctance results in the need to bury another supervisor. Rudy,having admitted that his clone committed the crime for which he was sentenced,is made to see therapist Claire though the twins' differing reactions to her amorous moves ends the relationship. více
Rudy is cursed by a girl with whom he has anonymous sex so that his penis turns black and starts to drop off. Helped by Simon he tracks her down and pretends he is in love with her,only for her to be the wrong girl,who has him arrested,requiring his clone to help him escape. Finally he meets Leah,the girl in question,at a disco,where he makes a public apology for his randiness and she puts things right for him. Curtis finds himself not only stuck as Melissa but pregnant - by himself. Seth buys his sex change power back from him to return him to normal but Seth has now acquired a new power - to revive the dead,and asks for Curtis to help him bring deceased girlfriend Gemma back to life. více
Having relieved Curtis of the power to change sex Seth instils in him the power to reanimate the dead and bring his girlfriend back to life,as a result of which Seth dumps Kelly. After Curtis has brought back to life a dead cat which savages its owner the gang knows that something is wrong as the born again corpses have a taste for blood,attacking the living and turning them into rabid zombies,including a group of cheer leaders who are rehearsing in the Community Centre. Seth is forced to kill his girlfriend as she prepares to go for him,making him realise that he loves Kelly. Unfortunately the misfits have to kill the cheer-leaders to save themselves and,with them,yet another probation supervisor who was also infected. více
Závěrečný díl, ve kterém se začnou vracet dříve zabití - oba probační úředníci i dívka, která spadla ze střechy s Nathanem. více

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