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komedie / sitcom, seriál USA, , 30 min., 2 díly

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"The Goldbergs" were, if not the first, among the first of the sitcoms. It was a domestic comedy featuring the home life of a Jewish family, supposedly located in the Bronx. The star of the sitcom was Molly Goldberg portrayed a bighearted, lovingly, albeit a meddlesome, and somewhat stereotypical Jewish matriarch. The show began as a portrait of Jewish life in a tenement apartment before later evoking modern problems as moving into a more suburban setting and struggling with assimilation while sustaining their roots. Also, interesting is that Molly Goldberg wrote and directed each episode----quite an accomplishment since it was a weekly series that ran through a much longer season than present sitcoms! It may have been a precursor to "Seinfeld" as the show touch upon everyday common issues as well as some real world issues.
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