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Stella Moon, a banker from Lasselles, comes to Glenbogle informing Archie that he must take a back seat position while she begins fixing the numerous problems concerning the estate. Meanwhile, Hector and Killwillie compete for the presidency of the local golf club. více
Now that Stella has taken charge over all estate affairs, she has decided that drastic changes must be made in order to increase profit while decreasing outward expenditures. But when she orders Archie to cut Lexie, Golly and Duncan's salaries in half, the three go on strike, leaving Archie to pick up the pieces. více
Stella Moon overreaches yet again when Archie accepts only 6 fishing guests instead of the proposed 12 based on Golly's advice. She sees only revenue, Golly is worried about the fish habitat. When Golly refuses to act as their guide and she subsequently sees him apparently selling two salmon to the local grocer, she has him arrested for poaching. She also tells Killwillie and Hector they are forbidden to fish in the river and when they turn up 20 minutes later with two large salmon, she has them arrested as well. Molly is set to defend them in court. After Molly reads the tea leaves in her cup which suggest a man is about to enter her life, Lexie has hopes of sparking some interest on Archie's part but he doesn't bite. více
Stuart Macintosh, a local buildings contractor, comes to Archie with a decent offer for the unused crumbling cottages located on the estate. But all plans are ruined when Stella discovers these cottages and plans to turn them into a new profit maker for the estate. At the same time, Hector joins a secret society while Golly gets a surprise visit from a relation. více
Stuart proposes 'Bogle Croft', a new resort which will be situated on the mountain Ben Bogle located on the estate. Furied by this proposal, and the intrusion it will create in his home, Archie begins a campaign to fight the plan, with the help of his family. více
A journalist named Graham Lawrence comes to stay at Glenbogle so that he may write an article advertising the estate and all it has to offer. But it turns out that Graham is also Stella's soon-to-be ex-husband, leaving the gang worried that he will take his grudge towards Stella out on his article. více
When Duncan's pen pal, Marie-Helene decides to come for a visit, he has a very particular problem: she thinks he's the Laird of Glenbogle. She's had a fight with her boyfriend while visiting Edinburgh and has run off to visit the only other person she's ever had contact with in Scotland. When Duncan admits to Molly that he's been in love with the girl ever since he started writing to her at age 13, she has an easy solution. Soon, Duncan is posing as the Laird and Archie and the Head Ranger. Stella celebrates when her divorce is finalized. While it's what she wanted, she is nonetheless saddened by the event and wonders what the future might have in store for her. She encourages Lexie to pursue Archie but then decides herself that she too should have a go at getting his interest. To top it all off, the health and safety inspector, Mr. Barr, shows up. He finds dozens of violations and is prepared to issue an order to have Glenbogle closed down. Molly however is sure she has seen him somewhere before and saves the day. více
Hector hosts a reunion with his old, very old, Regimental colleagues. There are only a few of them left and both he and Molly are particularly pleased when their old friend Toad also sows up. He was best man at their wedding and is Hector's best friend from the war years. It turns out Toad has a somewhat roguish background. much to Hector and Molly's delight, and is actually on the lam. With two policeman on the estate keeping their eyes open for him to appear, they have to find a way to get him out and safely back to Marbella where he lives. Lexie meanwhile has a problem when she accidentally damages a painting worth Ł20,000 that was on loan for the reunion. When Stella checks, she finds that their insurance won't cover it but it is the ever resourceful Toad who provides the solution to their problem. Stella and Lexie continue pursue Archie. více
As the night of the Midsummer Ball approaches, Archie is determined to make sure everything runs smoothly. But it seems that someone is trying to sabotage the ball and Stella is determined to keep Lexie in the kitchen so that she may be with Archie on the big night. více
When Archie and Lexie announce their engagement, the family is stunned and Hector believes it to be a catastrophic mistake. In an uphill battle against customs and tradition, Lexie and Archie vow to stick together. Meanwhile, a killing pike devours all inhabitants of the loch. více
The recent family death has left everyone is disbelief and dismay. Molly feels that although it is a sad time, Archie and Lexie should continue on with their wedding plans and although Archie agrees that this is the best thing to do, Lexie feels that it just isn't the right time. více

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