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Molly returns from her African sojourn full of life and ready to get on with her new situation. Archie has decided to open a wildlife centre featuring some of the region natural wonders, including wolves. The whole thing doesn't sit well with Golly who, as the Ghillie, has spent his entire life leading visitors on hunting and fishing expeditions. Archie seems unable to understand that he is changing Golly's life in one fell swoop. His more immediate concern is that the wolf enclosure is soon to be inspected and unless he has a qualified gamekeeper, the facility will never be licensed. With Golly refusing to have anything to do with the new enterprise, it leaves only Duncan to impress the inspector. At the manor house, Archie hires a new cook and housekeeper, Irene Stuart, without first consulting Lexie. She thinks the cooking and housekeeping is her job and goes out of her way to push Alice out of the way. Killwillie is smitten with Molly but his plans for an elaborate dinner are dashed when he casually asks her to stay and she declines, not realizing his intentions. více
Archie is now out to get a grant for the new wildlife centre but the final decision rests with his godmother, Isobel Hogg, whom Molly despises. She hasn't seen Archie since he was about 10 years old and her abrupt manner doesn't give him much hope. Molly finds a way to help out. Archie and Golly's relationship continues to deteriorate when the Laird asks him to move out of the cottage he has lived in for 25 years. He also accuses Golly of spray painting the road signs leading to the new centre. The culprit lies elsewhere. A new member of the staff is taken on when a young hitchhiker, Esme, arrives looking for work. Duncan takes an immediate shine to her and arranges to go on a date but in trying to get Golly and Alice to join them he manages to arrange a date for himself with both women. Fitzwillie decides that if he is to win Molly he must improve his physical conditioning and hires a personal trainer, Gavin, to help him reach his goal of losing two stone. When Molly meets the handsome man, she concludes that Fitzwilly is gay. více
With only two weeks until their wedding day, Lexie and Archie haven't quite decided on the arrangements. She was hoping to have a small, intimate affair while he was hoping for something grander. The local Minister suggests they should decide between themselves before calling her. Archie is shocked when, after a year's absence, his old girlfriend Katrina suddenly re-appears. Archie makes the mistake of inviting her to dinner without first discussing it with Lexie. There's nothing left between them in his mind but Katrina makes it clear that she still has strong feelings for him. When the local school council is evenly split on hiring her, it's left to Archie to determine if Katrina is to be offered the local teaching position. Lexie is convinced that given the choice, Archie would choose Katrina over her. Golly undergoes a image change and seems to have set his sights on Irene. více
Happily married, Archie and Lexie welcome David Fraser and his old school friend Jonathan Pall who come to Glenbogle for a stay. Davis is a bit of a snob and not very likable and has a business proposition for him. It will involve Archie investing Ł10,00 they don't have and Lexie thinks he's a fool for even considering it. No matter how hard she tries, she simply can't take a liking to David and is convinced he is a charlatan. Golly is still trying to charm Irene but Duncan isn't prepared to let him win her heart without a battle and sets about trying to ruin their relationship. Molly has trouble accepting that the runt of a recent wolf litter may not survive. Killwillie is still trying to win Molly's heart but he and others at Glenbogle become concerned when they hear her speaking out loud to the late and lamented Hector. Or so they think. více
Golly's failing eyesight causes him to accidentally let one of the wolves out of the pen. With a group of naturalists in the new campsite the group sets out trying to find the wandering wolf. But Golly feels that he is no longer an asset to the estate. více
While dealing with the large debt Glenbogle is in, Lexie stumbles upon a series of monthly payments that Hector made to a woman named Grace. In the meantime, an art dealer searches the estate for valuable paintings he can buy from the family. více
The deadline for the payment of Hector's death duties is looming and Archie has run out of ways to raise the money. Kilwillie offers to buy land off of Archie but he claims that he is not interested. Then when an unsuspected clan MacDonald turns up expecting to take over the estate, Archie is forced to save his home, even if it means self-sacrifice. více
After playing with a Ouija board with Duncan's auntie Liz Logan, supposedly a psychic, Lexie begins to notice strange occurrences in the house - creaking floors and doors, footprints that lead nowhere and shadows in the hallways. After auntie Liz suggests trying the tarot cards, Lexie in concerned for Archie's life. Archie decides the time has come to redecorate his late brother Jamie's room, much to Lexie's amusement given Archie's somewhat questionable handyman skills. He sees it as a nursery but finds that he and Lexie may not be on the same page when it comes to children. Irene announces to everyone that she is pregnant and will be leaving Glenbogle. Duncan is devastated, all the more so when he learns he is not the father, but he is hopeful she will change her mind. Andrew Booth, who purchased Golly's house on the estate seems to have a number of pretty young women around the house and he and Molly don't quite hit it off. více
Lexie throws herself into preparations for the upcoming Ghillies' Ball. However the task is much more complicated than she thought and it's not long before she runs into numerous problems. One of which is the arrival of a new stranger, Paul Bowman, with a secret tie to the MacDonald family that shocks everyone. více
While the family tries to cope with the recent news of Hector's secret child, Golly, Duncan and Paul focus on rebuilding Golly's cottage. Convinced that Paul is bad news for the whole family, including his mother, Archie persists in trying to get rid of Paul. But his efforts are futile and Molly decides to pack her bags and leave Glenbogle behind her. více

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