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Now that the estate is finally in good shape, Archie feels he must do something with himself. So when Killwillie decides to open a new restaurant in New York, Archie jumps at the chance to manage it. Meanwhile, Lexie scrambles to save a local couple from being evicted and Duncan discovers a shattering secret about his family. více
Forced to move out of Glenbogle house after the explosion, Archie, Lexie and Molly accept Duncan's offer of opening up his Auntie Liz's B&B for them while she is away. There's too little room and it's anything but convenient but they somehow make do. Everyone is surprised when Paul Bowman suddenly re-appears. He announces that he's left the Army and is thinking of staying permanently. Archie had told him he would always be welcome but begins to have second thoughts when he learns Paul may have been in a military jail. Molly is also having trouble accepting his presence. She has decided to keep herself occupied however asking Andrew to help her with driving lessons. Duncan takes in two other guests at the B&B, famous travel writers, who he introduces to the charms of Glenbogle House. They're not quite what they let on to be however. více
Duncan takes a dip into the dating pool with the help of Molly's new dating agency while Paul gets working on establishing his new climbing center. But when the locals find out Paul is targeting out of area teenagers, they refuse to help in developing the center. více
Golly is surprised to come home and find his daughter Jess waiting for him. She's had a row with her mother and wants to stay with him for a few days. He agrees but worries when he hears that the row was because Jess was seeing one of her university professors who is considerably older than she. When Archie hears about it, he decides to travel to Glasgow to talk to the man. The result has a far greater impact than just settling Jess' problem and Archie begins to question his role as Laird. Duncan also travels to Glasgow for a job interview at the Hilton hotel. He's hoping to better himself and perhaps be more acceptable to Hermione. It's also the time for the annual football match with the Glenbogle Stags vying for The Antlers. They are perennial losers and Paul wants to help them out, if Archie will let him. Molly and Andrew meanwhile seem to be working at cross-purposes and their relationship is at risk of floundering. více
Duncan accepts a job at Killwillie castle working for Dorothy and Hermione Trumpington-Bonnet as the site manager for a new ecodome project. He hasn't a clue however that Hermione lied to him about the job in Glasgow. Dorothy also wants help from Archie when she needs to build an access road to the new site across Glenbogle land. Archie agrees but the road will run right through Paul's new activity center. Lexie thinks he's wrong and is convinced Dorothy is playing him for a fool. Paul is having trouble with Ewan Brodie who is constantly hanging around the activity center. Paul needs help and offers him a job despite Archie's objections that they can't afford it. Jess meanwhile is clearly interested in the now vacant head ranger position but Golly is oblivious to it all. více
Molly is upset with Andrew who has taken several days to get in touch after their weekend together in Paris. When he does call on her, he has quite a surpriser. Golly has something of a revelation of his own. Archie's sister Lizzie returns to Glenbogle for a visit and meets Paul for the first time. She and Archie bicker from the start but she has an interesting proposition for him. Duncan returns to Glenbogle still unemployed and Jess announces that she can't take his job away from from him. When Duncan's offered his job back, he refuses saying he can't take the job away from her. více
With Archie gone, Lexie is running the estate on her own and an eager to help Paul feels rejected from family affairs. As Molly and Andrew contemplate their marriage together, Golly becomes very unhappy and tells Molly that he doesn't trust Andrew. Jess gets a visit from an old university friend who discovers something about Andrew's past. více
Dorothy and Hermione are causing trouble again. Dorothy has banned fishing off the island that provides the best sport for anglers. Golly has a solution to her high-handedness. She's also taken a dislike to young Ewen who's been working at the pub and gets him fired. Hermione seems to have even darker intentions when she begins stalking Duncan refusing to accept that it's over between them. She's convinced there's something going on between him and Jess. Work is piling up in the house so Lexie puts up a rota to ensure the household chores get done. Andrew wants to try and make it right with Molly but she won't speak to him. Lexie gets the wrong end of the stick and tells Paul Jess has an interest in him. více
Lexie is the first female laird of Glenbogle and the host of the annual clan gathering which is sure to start creating troubles in every area of the estate. Matters go from bad to worse when an ancient rival of the MacDonalds' sets foot on enemy land. více
Lexie's long-absent father, Alex McTavish, shows up unexpectedly and she is not pleased. She hasn't seen him for 20 years and would be happy if another 20 go by before they see each other again. He seems to have little or no inclination to leave. Golly is not very happy that Jess and Duncan have taken up with each other. He tells them to stop or he will force Jess to return to her mother. She moves into the big house but that has its own surprises and limitations. After the clan gathering, Amanda spends the night with Paul but Lexie learns something important about her from Dorothy Trumpington-Bonnet. Molly decides she wants to buy a horse but learns something important in the process. více
Hogmanay Special
On the eve of a new year, the house is haunted by a 14th century ghost who put a curse on the MacDonald family centuries ago. Just before the New Years Eve party, Paul discovers a long lost soldier who may help him understand the traditions of his new family. více

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