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It's a new era at Glenbogle and Paul is the new laird. Despite his best interests, his attitudes towards the highland traditions are starting to bother the family. Meanwhile, Lexie returns briefly from New Zealand causing Paul to become a little suspicious. více
Hector's brother Donald MacDonald returns after a 40-year absence to Glenbogle. But this surprise visit is not a welcome one for Molly who holds a mysterious grudge against Donald. Meanwhile, Lexie avoids the thought of returning to Archie in New Zealand by throwing a 60th birthday party for Molly. více
It's the day after Paul and Lexie's kiss and while Paul is eager to discuss it, Lexie wants to forget it and decides to leave to New Zealand immediately. But slowly she begins to think that leaving her home that is Glenbogle might not be what she really wants. Then, the secret that is the cause of Molly's hatred towards Donald is revealed. více
While out fishing with Ewan, Donald catches something odd - an old leather flying officer's hat of the type used in World War II. Soon, the Ministry of Defense is on the scene and they recover from the loch an old German Me-110 that obviously crashed there during the war. Paul's former commanding officer, Alex Faversham, is in charge of the operation and he is convinced the flight was carrying a German spy and so is keen to find out what may have happened to the passengers. Those who have the answer to that question band together however to protect a local secret that has lasted for 60 years. Jess meanwhile is feeling a bit down now that Duncan has left and Ewan tries to cheer her up. His own interest in a new barmaid at the pub gets in the way however. Molly hasn't been feeling well lately and has numerous visits from her doctor. Something is obviously wrong, even though she is pretending to be alright. více
Alex has decided that the estate is not being run with a firm enough hand and takes it upon himself to bring his military organization to the Glenbogle household but it isn't long before everyone becomes annoyed with Alex. Meanwhile, while Molly is away, Golly strikes up a new friendship with a local dance teacher named Meg. více
Isobel's farm is under threat when she can't pay the monthly rent on time, again and is persuaded by her old work colleague to return to Edinbourogh to start up a new partnership. Meanwhile, a scruffy stranger who has lost his memory turns up on the estate and the family tries to help the hiker remember his past. více
While Golly is away on holiday with Meg, Jess takes over as ghillie. Her skills are put to the test right away when poachers invade the estate. Meanwhile, Paul and Isabel join their new neighbor Lucy at a cocktail party and Paul and Lucy share an intimate moment spotted by Isabel. více
Competition sparks between Paul and Chester when they both want to market Isabel's relish. To decide who will be the winner, a duel is called to see who is the better marksman of the two. Meanwhile Meg feels disheartened when Golly gets people into her dance class through favors and Jess gets set up on Rob Roy Radio. více
Lucy's parents, Colonel and Mrs. Ford, pay their daughter a visit though it seems they want to check out Paul as much as anything else. Her father is skeptical about the relationship and would like her to return home and live with them. Her mother seems more amenable to the idea and dropping hints about marriage. Ewan meanwhile is upset when he finds that his father is off spending a weekend with another woman. He's even more shocked when his parents tell him they have been leading separate lives for several years and are now thinking of formally separating and perhaps getting a divorce. Golly is lonely and unhappy now that Meg has left and he has taken to looking for her and trying to contact her friends to see if they have any information. Jess tries to help him through this time but Golly pushes her away. více
The time has come for Paul's official coronation as laird of Glenbogle but the family is shocked to find out that Donald is the true heir to the title. Donald takes the news well and begins changing the estate in every which way including taxing the tenants. To settle the decision over who should be laird, Paul and Donald face off in a duel to prove themselves worthy. Meanwhile, Meg returns to Glenbogle with a shocking surprise of her own. více

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