SERIÁL: Policie Hamburk

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During an anarchist demonstration on St. Pauli square against a luxury apartments project on a therefore re-qualified trailer park, punker Kaczinski's head is badly hurt, in need of ER treatment, his sister Ira leads a headless protest which turns brutally against the police, taking Franzi hostage with Leo Schuster, whom she pursued, in their squatted building, which 'spokesman' Sebastian Voigt painstakingly got regularized recently. The plot twists as several secret agendas are revealed. Mattes or Melanie is up for internal promotion. více
Andreas Wagner's car crashes him into ER, because of sabotaged breaks. He almost checks out of hospital to avoid chief Dr. Lindberg who believes Wagner was the spaced-out driver who got the doc into his wheelchair for life, even hire a P.I. to gather evidence, alas inconclusive, apparently dismissed buy the police detectives. Wagner's separated wife Susanne and overprotective teen son Tim hold as deep a grudge since Wagner Andreas was condemned to jail for harming their kid daughter under influence. Lindberg waves police warning not to snoop on his own, having been the expert whose testimony swung Wagner's conviction five years ago. Lindberg confronts Wagner but Mattes and Hans work on other possibilities. více
Letzter Schritt
Stegners letzter Coup
Arrested and jailed shortly before his pension as fraud accomplice, former customs officer Wilfried Stegner uses his first parole to demand his loot share from the corrupting cahoot, who rather calls the police to chase him, but Stegner intrudes his yacht packed with contraband and confronts his former subaltern who now facilitates the fraud. His daughter nĂ(C)e Bettina Bremer 'infiltrated' as the manager's secretary. Meanwhile Mattes arrested a gas station robber, but the owner claims most of the cash loot is missing, so Wolf is forced to treat Matted as suspect, while a rock band Eternal Fame tattoo inspires a conspiracy theory. více
Einsame Entscheidung
Irish au-pair Jill is found frozen, half-naked near a bus stop. She was deflowered, probably with a rape drug. Mattes and Melanie find Jill partied the previous night with the fancy host family's hunky student son Moritz Donath's hockey-club "Seagulls". Did Moritz drug her, or his buddy Elias? The latter's father, lawyer politician Matthias Begemann, turns on Melanie for 'police abuse' against his son 'above suspicion'. více
Wach auf!
Sofie Blum is found unconscious in bath by kid son Fritz, drunk and having swallowed pills. She was raped but denies abuse, claiming amnesia. Mattes, Hans and Franzi question chaotic Fritz's father, musician Fritz Friese, once condemned for beating up a troublesome public member. Sofie's cell-phone suggest an affair with cocky married advertising firm boss Alexander Koch, which both deny. The case looks dead until an initially anonymous accusation by phone. více
Fake Hamburg cops rob seniors, pretending they need to evacuate valuable and savings. Frantically checking out victims and patterns, Rolf Bertram and SĂ?nke Klemann are arrested, but they clearly had accomplices. Caught while fleeing, the junior makes an extraordinary confession. In this perfect maskerade Hans und Franzi comfort the victims and find an extraordinary father-son-bond. více
Freitag, der 13.
On his way to precinct duty, Wolle pursues an accidentally observed petty but violent ATM client robber but gts stuck with him in an elevator. The colleagues frantically search for him and equally missing, high-pregnant Ariane Junker, locked in with the duo. While Ole Karch snatches Wolle's duty weapon, Ariane gets contractions. The elevator is not supervised, as the building is locked down for a holiday. více
Im Abseits
Mattes and Melanie interview and accompany to ER after a traffic accident rising FC Neuhaus soccer star Yanik Jungbluth, who was under influence and claims to have been rape drugged but refuses to file a complaint. Why did Jungbluth compromise his chance at the upcoming promotion game to be transferred to a national top team by partying all night with teammate Roman Brenner in a bar against the strict coach's rules? Who beat up Roman bad enough to be shortly in ER, also refusing to file? Who drugged Yanik, who later admits he ordered to his hotel room an ex-con prostitute, who says he 'couldn't perform'? An anonymous Internet post, outing Roman as active gay, drives him suicidal. What about team owner Jakob Dussmann given contract clauses and homophobic coach Klaus Wernicke? více
Die Sex-Party
Sebastian Schäfer files, but later withdraws, an abuse complaint against ex-con nightclub pimp Chris Ottens, who threw him on the street brutishly. Mattes and Melanie get him to ER and find Schäfer lost his insurance job over a scandal about orgies with firm funds. Schäfer however wanted to sue his former boss Justus BĂ?hme, possessing proof he was the real instigator. That video is however stolen after a break-in at Sebastian Schäfer's home, but there is a copy, which shows another surprisingly embarrassed party guest. více
Feind und Helfer
Ambulance doc Eva GrĂĽnberg is knocked by a chainsaw-wielding patient who hurt his own leg, but only question her own competence. Hans and Franzi stumble on a weed plantation in crime scene public shared garden, leased by Lydia Brinx, who hired him and runs a flower shop. Mattes and Melanie chase the saw junkie among the biker gang of her former neighbor friend Hermann and identify Jan Brenner. Hans and Franzi are told Brinx never was there, leaving the keys with ex-con club manager GĂĽnther Reuter and elderly, sick mother Elfie. více
Josefine, daughter of captain Haller, goes missing after defending known drug dealer Lars Reents, who seems to hold the key to finding her. her only traces are found in a small van, whose driver is fighting for his life after a major accident. While Wolle and jazz on his double bass calm down Haller, Mattes and his colleague must deal with the dreaded cocaine gang, which clearly stops at nothing. více
Loď v láhvi
undefined více
SOKO Kiebitz
Driving to work, Hans nearly drives over unconscious Regina Lier on the road. The realtor claims to be ran over by apothecary sister Constanze, apparently a lie as hippie third sister Helena explains about a bitter land strife. Regina joined Melanie's eco-activist friend Florian Siegert's campaign to protect the alleged site if a rare bird. Mattes and colleagues suspect Regina Lier schemed to raise the land's price. více
Several port precinct cops and ER doc Jasmin are all victims of fake Internet posts portraying them as incompetent or even criminal. The digital trail leads to ICT shop keeper Peter Sievers and the pre-teen urchin who threw stones from a bridge at Melanie and Mattes, for the knee-injured latter an opportunity to flirt with Jasmin's foxy and imp-fresh new colleague Dr. Eva GrĂĽnberg. The case ultimately links to a vindictive falsely arrested cyber mobbing victim. více
Bike courier firm co-founder Adam Berg is in ER after a bad fall due to breaks sabotage during an illegal nocturnal race. Suspects include the husband of the woman who died in a previous race recently. Berg's managing firm partner Constanza Espinoza is furious at him for having withdrawn his capital half while the business is in financial trouble. Mattes joins undercover, which helps impress overambitious ER recruit Dr. Eva GrĂĽnberg. Hans check up on Adam Berg's housemates Mei-Lou and Christoph, stumbling upon o triangle. Adam Berg is uncooperative. více
Lebend wieder raus
Teenager Emi GrĂ?nhoffl is brought to ER with worrisome wounds, as if abused. His repeatedly psych ward-released father Mirko claims, the boy isn't his Emil, the mother Ruth GrĂ?nhoff is in general denial. Emil is conclusively identified, but although schizophrenic, loving father Mirko is most unlike to have injured him. In ER, newbie Dr. Eva GrĂĽnberg manages to isolate Emil from his parents, but he teams up with same-age daredevil wheelchair patient Alicia, who inspires a dangerous fugue. Mattes meanwhile finally gets physical with Eva in the hospital laundry ward. více
Unhappy Birthday
A man disappears after bringing to ER Lea (16), who was badly wounded by a mysterious fall. Lea tells Hans and Franzi to remember nothing, but she was poisoned, presumably while celebrating with friends her birthday the evening before. Lea's mother Birgit recognizes from pictures on her phone the party was at the firm site of her biological father Ole Petersen, against whom she got a restraining order. ER resident Eva confronts mentor Jasmin to help the police, while facing romantic feelings for and from mattes. více
Der groüe Knall
Melanie and Mattes find Alex Adamy badly wounded after an explosion and locked into a huge storage shed, without burglary traces, and he claims it was an accident. Friend Lorenz KĂ?nig vouches for young screw-up Alex, but has an even worse criminal record, later they turn on each-other. The police also focuses on Alex's suspicious girl-friend Sherin GĂĽner and the shed's owner, slick businessman Achim Gerster, whose cooperative attitude is boosted by a flirtatious interest in Melanie. Jealous Mattes coincidentally sees Eva kiss a stranger. více
Auf der Straüe
Homeless Heinrich Frank is rushed to ER after burning on the street but should recover. Tourists filmed him being harassed, apparently set on fire by the gang of Jens Siebert, who has a juvenile record but turned 18. Daughter Marie Frank broke with the drunk cook after his restaurant failed, but sees the victim isn't her father, as turns out a drunk pub employee who had a job accident. Rumanian beggar Cristina Hagi dares not testify, fearing the mobster Marcel Radu who pretends she's his fiancee and needs her to keep silent. více
Der Lehrer
Old-fashioned gymnasium Latin teacher Bernd Wächter, is accused of attempting to strangle cocky C-pupil Simon Henke, sort of documented by an anonymous video which breaks off at the crucial point. Wächter convincingly denies but risks loosing his job, having been fired before when drunk after his divorce, and is suspended. Hans gets classmate Hanna Jepsen's 'confidential testimony'. After father Oliver Henke gets Wächter suspended, Simon is reported missing, until Mattes finds him sort of hiding, as if guilty, with fresh facial wounds. The plot thickens with multiple blackmail, involving Wächter's pet A-pupil Julian Friedrichs. Mattes is ready to hand Eva his key, but her career plans point to the US. více
Sechs Richtige
Lottery-millionaire Mark Peters was badly beaten up at home, where nothing was stolen despite rich pickings. Was the motive jealousy, or something personal? Mark's overprotective wife Sibylle reporting her car stolen brings Mattes and Hans to zoom in on the new owner claiming it was Mark's gift: a recently released Hamburger reformatory inmate Ronnie, son of an adult hardened criminal who relates bizarrely to the lottery win. Eva is caught by nurse Frauke covering up a diagnostic mistake and keeps postponing coming clean about her Harvard plans to lover Mattes, who must move put and offers her his new key. více
Ich heiüe Maja
Maja Vogel, a 16 year old transgender girl, is reported missing by her parents after not returning home from a party. více
Daddy cool!
Hans and Franzi soon find a break-in at Nina Gundlach(s home was about documents, not loot, and committed with a key. The team gradually works out it's about her ADHS-affected teenage son Henri Freymuth, whose custody-deprived father and uncle risk everything to take him along on an American adventure, despite repeated setbacks, and the conflicted knave, who hates his private elite gymanium, covers for them. Mattes's murderous mood and party nights to get over Eva having virtually forgotten him already make him less careful. více

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