SERIÁL: One Tree Hill

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Nathan Scott is the star of 'the Ravens' high school basketball team, just like his proud father, Dan Scott - but get's pushed even harder by his dad than the team's coach. When the team celebrates a victory by 'borrowing' a school bus arrests are made; Dan manages to get Nathan out of trouble. Unfortunately others are less lucky and the team needs new players, so the coach invites Nathan's half-brother Lucas Scott, who only plays informal basketball his passion being reading. When he also seems to get on with Nathan's steady girlfriend Peyton, the star dares him to a one-to-one for high stakes. více
The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most
Lucas may have won the duel against his half-brother Nathan for the right to stay on the high school team, his first public game performance with the Ravens is a humiliating disaster. The Scott boys have a fight in class about their dad Dan, but their real strife is at home and with themselves, about their motivation and goals and their relationship with Peyton, whose cartoon talent impresses Lucas enough to enter her work which she hesitated since long to do, after finally making up his mind whether he wants to commit to the team. více
Are You True?
Frustrated by Lucas' growing popularity at school, Nathan searches for Lucas' weak spot, and has the team begin to iniciate hazing incidents against him. Nathan also tries to seek tutoring help from Haley. Brooke begins to fall for Lucas. Meanwhile, Peyton is furious with Lucas for submitting her drawings to the local newspaper without her knowledge. více
Crash Into You
After Lucas crowns another good game with the winning point, Nathan switches to plan B, inviting him to a party at his dad's luxurious beach house where he cleverly humiliates him with a truth game and a video of Lucas ma calling Dan her dream husband. After Lucas walks out livid, Haley is stranded, accepts a ride back from Nathan in Peyton's car and accepts to keep tutoring him since failing grades would kill all his and Dan's dreams. On his way back Nathan crashes into Lucas in the car of one of Keith's clients; Nathan thinks he can bluff his way out making Tim his false witness, but there are nasty consequences for both brothers, their girls friends and their parents. více
All That You Can't Leave Behind
After the disastrous party and car crash, things still look bad for everyone. Peyton meets coach at the cemetery and exchanges grief and memories about her mother's death in a car accident the one time she ignored a red light and his late wife Camilla. With the benefit match between the Ravens boys and their fathers coming up, captained by Nathan and Dan Scott, Keith is honored to be asked as substitute by his nephew Lucas, and joins in with his mother asking him to reconsider his intent to change his last name to hers after Dan barged in at Keith's auto shop saying Lucas is unworthy of the name. At the game, Dan is the only father who can't just enjoy being creamed by their heirs- he even barges in with the boys after their glorious first period, barking so badly Keith has to defend even Nathan. Dan's behavior on the court is no more sportsmanlike, even at Nathan's expense- the golden boy's filial loyalty gets shocked in both senses of that verb. více
Every Night Is Another Story
Things are so bad between the Scott half-brothers that they are thrown off the court for rolling over the floor fighting each-other during a game in a North Carolina hick-town, Pinkerton. Brooke is hurt and scams a strong painkiller from a med student, but takes an overdose which forces Haley and Peyton to give the 'drunk' a ride; despite car trouble, they'll have it relatively easy getting back home. Coach decides to punish Nathan and Lucas by making them walk some 30 miles, which turns out just the 'fraternal' male bonding they needed as they are not given a lift but abducted by local hicks who force them to go shopping in their undershorts marked 'Ravens suck' on their backs; even after doing so, their ordeal is far from over... On the home front, Dan and Keith seize the evening without the boys to take Nathan's mother Deb and Lucas's Karen out, but land in the same restaurant where they get into a fight of their own. více
Life in a Glass House
Tree Hill High is abuzz about the evening that Dan (Paul Johannson) and Nathan (James Lafferty) are holding at their household. All the Ravens have been invited, as well as all the cheerleaders. Everyone seems to be going, except Lucas (Chad Michael Murray). When he tells this to Peyton (Hilarie Burton), she begins to flirt with him, telling him about a book she read exactly like their lives. But in order to find out the ending, he has to go tonight. Meanwhile, Nathan is being tutored by Haley (Bethany Joy Lenz). Mentioning the event, he realizes he hasn't invited her and feeling guilty, apologizes but can't invite her as it is only for basketball. Haley isn't really bothered but wants him to do some studying and gives him a revision kit with everything in and tells him just to contact her if he needs any help. At the cafe, the event seems to be discussed all over Tree Hill with the adults too as Karen (Moira Kelly) and Keith (Craig Sheffer) are talking about it. After they both have received invites, the two wonder whether they should go or not. Keith is quite adamant that he is not going to his brother's do, but Karen is undecided. That is, until Deb (Barbara Alynn Woods) walks in. She asks and persuades the two adults to go, Karen gives in and changes her mind. Keith, however, thinks it will be too weird and tells Karen it's because of what he told her the night before. Karen then pretends she knows nothing about the whole situation, subtly telling Keith that she has forgotten all about and not to worry about it. In class, Brooke begins her normal routine- stirring up others' relationships. She tells Nathan that Peyton is still interested in him. At practice, Jake (Byran Greenburg) arrives late as he normally does and Whitey (Barry Corbin) just lets it go without any questions. Lucas asks him, why he is always late, but Jake remains silent. On the way home, Peyton offers Haley a lift home where they have yet another conversation about the Scott brothers. When Haley told Peyton that he cares about her, Peyton asks who, and Haley replies both of them. Also, like the previous two times the girls have spent together, Peyton tells Haley to be careful, a comment Haley is sick of hearing. At the night of the event, Lucas changes his mind and decides to go with Karen and Keith, who has also changed his mind. Just before they set off together and leave Haley in the cafe, she tells Lucas she likes Nathan and that it isn't her fault, like it isn't his fault he likes Peyton. Still unhappy, Lucas is forced to be okay with it but tells her to be careful, just like Peyton. At Peyton's house, Brooke tells her that Nathan is still interested in her. It could possibly just be working the situation so she can get Lucas. At Dan's house, Deb tells him that Karen and Keith are coming. Dan sees it as a nightmare and just a way for them to ruin his night. The doorbell goes and Karen, Keith and Lucas are waiting to be let in. They plan to make a signal 'coo' if they need to escape. Karen just tells them to stay away from Dan and they'll be fine, that is until Dan answers the door and the four are left to stare at each other. Once they have been invited in and Dan has given a speech about the Ravens, Whitey tells Karen that he is glad to see her, reminding him of previous years. He also tells her how well she has raised Lucas and that she should be proud. Meanwhile, Jake is encouraging Lucas to go and talk to Peyton, but Brooke soon interrupts their conversation in order to flirt with Lucas. As Brooke is talking to Lucas, Nathan goes to talk to Peyton, asking to go somewhere more privately to discuss them. Lucas views this as them two getting back together, making him storm off. As Peyton and Nathan begin talking, they find out that Brooke has set them up to get back together and are both furious that they have believed her. Both of them have a go at Brooke as she walks in and leave her alone in Nathan's room. Brooke then begins rummaging through the drawers to find some more alcohol but comes across the tutoring kit Haley gave to Nathan, which Brooke sees as flirting and takes the box to show to the others. Outside the house, Brooke sets up a game of truth or dare with the other students. She dares Peyton to show her true feelings to Lucas, and to upset Brooke, a furious Peyton passionately kisses Lucas before storming off herself and Lucas follows her. Everyone then insults Brooke at how pathetic she is acting and leaves her once again alone with a drink. In the kitchen, Deb and Karen begin sharing cooking tips together and getting along together. When the deserts are delivered to a different address, Karen steps in and offers to use some of hers from her cafe. Deb agrees and Karen rings Haley to deliver the cakes. Finding each other again, Lucas and Peyton start talking on the front lawn. Peyton tells Lucas the kiss wasn't a game for her. Just as they are about to kiss, with Dan watching from inside in shock, Haley interrupts them with the cakes. The two then decide to leave together, once again being watched by Dan, as Haley is told to stay and enjoy the party after delivering the deserts. As Haley begins to go around the party, she bumps into Brooke who shows her the note. Brooke tells her that Nathan has been passing around and laughing at the note. Embarrassed, Haley storms off without giving Nathan a chance to explain. Finding a room in Nathan's house, Peyton and Lucas are about to have sex. As they get undressed, Lucas tells her he has been waiting so long for that moment. Peyton agrees but seems more interested in the sex than talking. Lucas then stops her and tells her he has been waiting for more than the sex but for them being together. Realizing this, Peyton tells him that is not what they are meant to be doing. She runs out leaving Lucas alone. Dan then goes in the room and begins offering advice to Lucas, he storms off without listening to his father. In the kitchen, Deb tells Karen that she didn't know about Lucas and her until she was married and pregnant with Nathan, only a month after he left Karen. Leaving the kitchen, Karen is confronted by Dan, to whom she tells to stop living in the past and get over it. Meanwhile, Deb advertises the cafe to her departing guests and thinks that eventually there is a chance her and Karen could be friends. Once everyone is gone, she thanks Dan for behaving, but Dan confides in her telling her he has never felt so off balance. Returning to the cafe from Nathan's, Lucas looks for Haley but can't seem to find her. Eventually, he comes across a silent Haley crying in the corner of the cafe, hidden under a counter. Haley tells him about what Nathan did and that Lucas and everyone else was right all along. Lucas comforts her and tells her about Peyton and him. Haley tells Lucas she wants to be alone and he leaves the cafe. Just as Haley is about to close up, Nathan knocks at the door of the cafe, apologizing about Brooke and explaining it wasn't his fault. Not believing him, Haley leaves him locked out and switches off the lights in the cafe. Jake is then seen playing guitar in his room next to a baby's crib, his baby's crib. Also, Peyton begins drawing what just happened between her and Lucas and begins staring at the webcam, as Lucas is doing the same from his house. She then stands up and covers the camera up so no one can see her. více
The Search for Something More
Brooke takes Peyton to a college party, but her own date turns out just a high school kid, and Peyton falls for the vinyl music taste of student Gabe, who spikes her drink to abuse her- Lucas, who was back with his street basketball friends, must come to the rescue. Karen gets a rare opportunity to take a six weeks cooking course in Italy; Keith and Lucas encourage her, but she fears it could be failing her maternal duty- so Keith will move in while she's away; Deb Scott offers to take care of the café, to Dan's frustration. Nathan gets surprising help in his quest to win Haley back as tutor and friend: Brooke, who hopes to redeem her karma, made a game 'follow the cards with romantic instructions' for them; it works till he tells Tim it's "definitely not a date"- then nature takes over. více
With Arms Outstretched
Tension mounts now the Ravens may get their first ever undefeated season if they win against Cove City, but instead of encouraging his son, Dan barks at Nathan he doesn't go deep enough while ordering him to convince his mother he's not unhappy, thus blaming the poor kid for her punishing him by running Karen's place. He decides to take amphetamines supplied by Tim's brother, which make him so aggressive coach throws him out at training; when he gently tries to take the next step while kissing Haley, she also shows him the door. Brooke gets Lucas to go out as 'reward' for recommending a book she lobes, then makes him drink and- get a real tattoo, to Keith's in loco parentis despair and fury. At the crucial game, Nathan's second pill dose lands him first on the bench and next in hospital. Dan doesn't believe the doctors correct substance diagnosis; he didn't even call Deb, who tells him to leave home for good. více
You Gotta Go There to Come Back
After Peyton walked in on Lucas kissing Brooke the night she got him drunk, they all feel uncomfortable but decide to stay friends; Haley and Peyton even team up to organize live entertainment in Karen's café. Because of Nathan's pills-disaster, coach cancels basketball practice till further notice, telling livid Dan -who fears for the Ravens' shot at a perfect season- 'the game is no fun any more' so he takes off pressure. Nathan feels happy again taking things easy with Haley, but Dan decrees they're 'going to have a good time' on the golf weekend he planned with Deb till she threw him out, leaving the boy no escape from worrying about his parents plausible divorce in between humiliating golf 'lessons' in his dad's arrogant style, till he walks off shouting nobody can be happy with a bully like Dan. Jake shows Lucas why coach cuts him slack: his 6 months old baby Jenny, abandoned by her mother, and gets the advice not to keep that secret any longer. Jake uses the 'open mike' at Karen's to out his baby; afterward Lucas invites Nathan to the Rivercourt where all the kids enjoy informal basketball, putting coach and Keith's worries to rest. více
The Living Years
After Deb drags Dan and him to a family therapist, where they only fight and each expect him to take their side, Nathan looses faith in everything except Haley. Brooke begins to feel jealous about Lucas, but insecure as they have almost no common interests; Lucas and Peyton both reassure her. Lucas finds Peyton's dad home for once; he tells her another, even better paid job will drag him for months to New Zealand... Nathan talks to Keith and coach, who both tell him to do what's best for him, even if that means dropping basketball; he cuts practice and classes, even takes Haley with him playing hooky, to Dan's disgust in more then one way... více
Crash Course in Polite Conversations
On Dan's birthday, his parents turn up unannounced; Dan tries to make everybody keep Nathan's quitting from them, and Haley offers to come for moral support. Just when she was counting off her dad's return home, Peyton gets a call a storm knocked four men off his ship, and she must identify if a corps is his, so Lucas drives her, but the roads are blocked too so they must spend the night in a motel, but Lucas doesn't forget Brooke. At the Scott diner, the mothers tell the truth, how grandpa Royal Scott also pushed Dan too hard till he took his mother's advice to use a knee injury to quit basketball altogether; like coach Nathan walks out disgusted, losing all respect for the man he always tried desperately to please, and decides how to deal with it. více
Hanging by a Moment
In therapy with Deb, who by now wants a divorce, Dan tells he cut Lucas out of his life like a trapped man amputates his arm to survive. Haley gets basketball lessons (to pass PE) from patient Nathan, who to everyone's relief is back with the Ravens. Coach tells Keith he promised his wife 35 years ago they would 'start living' after 20 years of coaching; he just won 500 matches, but what about his most important intention: to make a difference? Strolling on the beach Dan meets Carrie, who fails to seduce him when invited to eat his spare steak as Nathan declined, but just then Deb walks in. Now Brooke believes Lucas is her first true love, he and Peyton don't come clean about the motel; but Haley overhears them and has a row with him. Nathan convinces coach he does matter for boys like him who still need guidance. Dan accidentally crashes Keiths car on the way to Karen who returns from Italy at the airport, rushes unconscious Lucas to hospital. více
I Shall Believe
When the doctor tells Keith it's too soon to tell how bad Lucas's injuries are, he informs Haley, who throws Nathan out immediately and calls Peyton, who is with Brooke at the time. Mother Karen learns to her surprise Dan saved her boy by bringing him in and giving permission for surgery as his father, while Keith caused the accident under nearly illegal influence of alcohol. Karen and Deb comfort each-other at Lucas's sickbed, where Peyton briefly and Brooke more elaborately meet Karen. After Haley gives him the silent treatment, Nathan sadly admits to Deb he barely minds she's separating from Dan. Karen hears her insurance probably won't cover all the hospital bills, and finds out later that Keith paid the bill. Coach assures Karen not to doubt Keith's love for Lucas. Jake and the park court basketball gang make a get-better-video for Lucas; even Tim joins in making a chalk drawing on the court. Dan cancels marriage mediation, and isn't impressed by Deb's lawyer either, but gets a hug from Karen. Peyton tells Haley Lucas reads her soul. Nathan says at Lucas's sickbed he envies him some time off, suggests him to make up with his loved ones, and Lucas wakes up with Nathan on his bedside. Nathan goes to get Haley, telling her he doesn't regret having courted her for the wrong reasons as she changed him for the better, then gives her a ride to hospital. více
Suddenly Everything Has Changed
Now Lucas is out of the coma and released home, where his ma tries to make him take it easy on doctors orders, Jake brings him a games console as a get-better-and-return gift from the Ravens and uses the opportunity to get a job in Karen's café. Nathan tells his ma he understands his parents' divorce is the only option by now, and turns all his attention to Haley, who makes him realize he's not a baby who must go where he's told but can legally choose; both parents seem confident and determined to win him over, but Dan convinces him Deb doesn't stand a chance because of her secret past. Lucas has decided to break up with Brooke -but didn't tell her- sneaks out to Peyton and collapses there; he is rushed to the emergency room, Brooke finds out and faces Peyton bitterly. Although Karen is determined to repay Keith Lucas' medical bills, since Keith 'can't repay' having endangered his life, he cashes in all his savings and plans a mortgage on his garage. více
The First Cut Is the Deepest
Dan experiences he has abused both his boys so often neither will thank him for anything- Nathan not for a brand new sports car, Lucas not even for having saved his life. Now neither Brooke nor Peyton is going with him, and coach forbids him to work out as it over-strains his hurt arm, Lucas goes out with a loose girl in a bar, Nikki, ignorant of her relevant past. Dan makes Keith an offer he cannot refuse to pay Lucas' hospital bills: a sale of his garage at market value, keeping him on as manager with an option to buy it back. Deb finally tells Nathan the truth Dan holds over her: when their son was on basketball summer camp years ago, she walked out with another man- he now feels betrayed by both parents and wants completely out of the family... více
Spirit in the Night
Nathan has moved into his own apartment, away from both parents. To prepare for a match away, Coach orders Lucas to coach Nathan's weakest points, and makes them uneasy roommates; in the evening the boys sneak out but the strip joint Tim 'could get them in' turns out to be queer. Peyton and Sparkle Classic cheer-leading coach Brooke also find themselves bunking together; when Theresa falls sick, Haley is recruited and gets a crash course. Mouth spies the other teams -he demonstrates with more talent then most girls!- so they rework both choreography (Brooke) and music (Peyton); after training Brooke gets the hot pool opened, the boys jump in and coach grills chaperons Karen and Peyton's dad Larry Sawyer, but nobody minds. The new routine rocks, so Brooke wins the choreography prize. In the game Nathan uses the fade-away Lucas proposed and scores the winning point. At the home front manager Keith feels smothered by Dan and his men, and makes a drastic choice. více
To Wish Impossible Things
By annual tradition the Raven boys are -willingly- auctioned for charity till midnight. Overeager go-go-dancer Tim fails to please the shallow girls, but $8 say he can do chores for Deb, whose warning to bring a clothes change as it will be sweaty is totally, Tim-optimistically-hornily misunderstood, in a way that almost shocks even Dan... Jake in cuddly mascot-costume fetches $100, but is furious to find from whom: his ex Nicki, who walked out on him and their baby daughter Jenny... Lucas fetched $115 from Haley, class act 'boy toy' Nathan $119,53 from Peyton (at Haley's anxious urging). Last available male Mouth absurdly $200 from Brooke, who didn't get in earlier as she brought no cash; she even takes him in the limousine she ordered for a hunkier catch, they become better friends the either hoped but she realizes how shallow her party life is when a hunk she dated that week already forgot her name. While Nathan and Peyton just played and had one innocent kiss after agreeing Haley is right for him, Lucas -who also had silly fun with Haley- thinks Nate cheated on her... Meanwhile Karen dates her former classmate Larry Sawyer, Peyton's dad, and Keith ends up following Whitey's advice to declare his love for Karen... více
How Can You Be Sure?
Lucas believed he saw more then an auction slave's duty when Nathan kissed Peyton, but confronted Nathan is convincingly indignant. Brooke and a test kit tell Lucas they're expecting a baby. Jake still refuses Nikki any part in Jenny's life. Nathan tells Haley he doesn't understand she won't share his bed but tattooed his jersey number on her backside. After 15 years Keith proposes to Karen, who 'isn't ready', and decides to leave. Dan tells Lucas not to let Brooke ruin his life as Karen did by having him; and bursts in at Nathan's to tell him the beach-house will be waiting 'when' he hits rock bottom. více
What Is and What Should Never Be
Keith has a solicitation as auto-shop teacher in a Charleston school; Lucas is heartbroken his surrogate father may move that far away. Haley and Nathan finally feel cozy living together, but when Dan finds out he sold the car he gave his poor son, he demands the money it fetched unless he moves in with him again- so the kid chooses to stay poor and takes a lousy job serving food in the mall, where a kid he never even noticed in his history class is now the sports heroes' vindictive boss- one visit by Dan convinces even him to go easy on the long-envied golden boy whose silver spoon came at such a price, so he won't miss his own housewarming party. When he gets there, Mouths music and Nikki literally fighting with Peyton have alerted the police, so Dan -who just got in bed with Deb- gets a call from the sheriff to bail him out. více
The Leaving Song
The knowledge that Dan actually requested joint custody over Lucas but was turned away by Karen makes Keith doubt her and the Scott boys, who now train together as friends, how their lives would have been growing up as brothers. Peyton and Brooke loose Jake's baby daughter Jenny in the mall, and find Nikki picked her up. Haley is furious when she finds porn sites on Nathans computer, even though everybody else considers cyber-sex innocent fun, no competition for her. Since coach Whitey must have an operation, Dan manages -to his fury- to be made Ravens coach for one match, and works the boys like a penal company. Jake thinks he'll lose a custody battle against Nikki, so he considers moving to family in Savannah and gets Peytons support. Lucas comes to a decision which worries both Karen and Keith. více
The Games That Play Us
The game against Masonboro, coached by Dan, can mean a perfect season for the Ravens. Nathan finally gets Haley over the computer images- and in bed. Brooke swears Peyton she's two-timing Nikki who wants to take Jenny from Jake. Karen is not prepared to see Lucas leave to Charleston with Keith, which makes nearly everybody sad. At the game bully Dan ignores the medical advice to have Lucas' arm X-rayed and keeps it from him so he'll play; Nathan overhears him but passes him the decisive last minute shot, and thus shatters the unbeaten season dream. Just before he leaves, Lucas gets surprising news from Nathan and Haley... více

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