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akční / krimi / drama, seriál Kanada, , 113 dílů

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Played follows the Covert Investigations Unit (CIU), an elite undercover police unit set up to infiltrate criminal worlds. The cops perform high-wire acts, nerve-wracking confidence games or plays. In covert sting operations, they buy drugs, pose as lawyers, flirt with killers, befriend gangbangers, arrange gun shipments all to collect evidence, coax confessions, and make arrests.The CIU cops are full of charm and humour. They think quickly, talk smoothly, rely on their instincts and charisma to inspire trust. But, undercover "plays" are unpredictable -- they can turn on a dime -- and the cops must be ready for anything, at any moment. If they arent convincing, if they arent real, it only takes one missed cue and their lives could be over in an instant.The cops work fast -- plunging into the deep end -- into high-stakes scenarios with short, intense timeframes. Then, after posing as high-rolling millionaires, cocaine dealers, stockbrokers and hit men, they return home and try to prevent the job from corroding their own lives.The bonds among these cops are close, and the conflicts are intense. The safety and security of agents in the field is dependent on their colleagues who have their backs, who have eyes and ears on them constantly, who are always aware of the heightened danger and prepared for action The work and the relationships are unique. Only another undercover cop can understand the life. The longer they do it, the harder it is to stay connected to anyone else.The team is everything.
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