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In Hamburg essen sie Hunde
Hans responds startled when pharmacy stock watchman Krause is knocked down by two masked men and his friendly terrier Rifi stolen with some free of prescription medicine, containing an ingredient for meth. Mattes investigates after simpleton giant Hauke seizes the ax in the Cheung family's Chinese restaurant, searching for Dalmatian Mahler he bought for his daughter, which his ex took. Poor quality security video suggests Cheung was among the drug thieves, but it was a goon serving the restaurant's Vietnamese landlord. více
Chemistry student Florian Beck, a crystal meth lab operator, is arrested in the Chinese restaurant case. Hans failed to apprehend the lab cahoot, his own estranged daughter Nelly, attempts to cover her by advising Florian to keep silent, but Mattes soon finds her involved and state drug investigator Werner Preiss is on the case. and she comes forward about her Czech dealer Tomas. více
3 Stunden bis zum Ende
Hans's daughter Nelly is kidnapped by the Czech crystal meth gang after badly stabbing drub baron Marek Urban's brother Tomas, whose hospital treatment is complicated by a power cut, leaving the surgical stuck between floors. Marek threatens to kill Nelly unless he hears from Tomas within the hour. Hans shoud be suspended but it informally allowed to help find and arrest the fiend in his drug lab. více
Die Sennerin vom Waseberg
Gym employee Dennis Klemm dutifully informs the police he overheard Polish-born 'Bavaraian' Schlager-singer Andi Rodczek ask half-Turkish jock Tayfun Beller what sounded like kill her ex and sneaky manager StevieTĂ?nz. Everyone keeps lying systematically, Andi even nearly runs over Tariq, who finds Beller is part of a trio of ex-cons, Later Stevie is shot at, his new girl Silke's pooch Bijou fatally hit. Hans duly mistrusts the whole affair. více
Schatten der Vergangenheit
Carpenter Niklas Benda was badly slate-stabbed in his workshop, apparently by a robber. He was found by sole apprentice Jeremy Woytke, who lives in Guido Pfarr's juvenile halfway house. Jeremy and his roommate accuse each-other of stealing Benda's laptop, leading to fighting. Mattes's team finds that Jeremy is gay and probably had unrequited hopes for Niklas, but also malversations in Pfarr's finances. Bendas sister is doctor David Lindbergs ex-fiancĂ(C)e. více
Plan B
When Tarik decides to check a speeding truck, the fleeing driver runs to his death as a speeding van runs him over Claudia. Tarik finds neither is easy to identify. Mattes finds in the abandoned truck a small crate of hand- and antitank weapons, too small for arms trade. State prosecutor Renner claims exclusive jurisdiction in the case, confiding informally in Claudia, who once saves his skin, its' a terrorist case. Tarik, who isn't amused his snooty sister Kayra Coban was asked to babysit his baby-son Lukas by the stepdad and now passes him on, proves crucially observant to trace the terrorist cell through the wounded truck driver's wife, whom he gets to trust and confide in him unlike previous interrogators. více
Olivia Sanchez witnesses the street mugging of an old man she knows as informal housekeeper, rushes to see he'll be alright as an ambulance is called and rushes off, being an illegal immigrant. Tarik rushes after her, just in time to chase away the mugger, whom she can identify, or rather to see that was already done by friendly passer-by Adrian Halt, who wins her trust, apparently shyly after a mere coffee date. Tarik realizes Olivia pretending the culprit isn't in a line-up, guessing like Adrian she's not from Spain as she claims but South American, Wolle's holiday Spanish course suffices to help Mattes to track down a trace to her Ecuadorian home, where her Hamburg address is known, near the mugging site. Olivia ignores the danger she's in, and not just from the mugger. více
Franzis Albtraum
Franzi freaks out abysmally when her kid daughter Emma, walking her first day alone to school, goes missing, like her cellphone. Companion classmate Jule claims she saw Emma step into a strange car, but father Dr. Philipp Jung gets her to confide that was just a guilty lie for parting after a fight. Emma's phone is found, with the fingerprints of ex-con child abuser Jan Koopmann, whose claim to be fully reformed is proven by a solid alibi. Emma's school stuff is found, not the bag, but she was also seen stealing a rabbit from a pet shop's snake food cage. více
Die zweite Chance
Shortly after his harbor bar is badly vandalized by goons, Tarik has to fish the lease holder, recently paroled Horst Ruhland, from the Elbe which he was thrown in from a yacht trailing to the owner, who wants him out, but Horst refuses to testify before or in hospital. Ruhland had been jailed for shooting former crime mate Alex Konz but still maintains being framed by the same, yet can't remember what actually happened that evening. Wolle researches their theory Konz and his slick lawyer Christian Teuber want the bar back as part of a development project. Constable Claudia's son Max Fischer was Ruhland's cellmate, now works as his barman and is committed to help prove his innocence and build a future together, to Claudia's pointless frustration, helped by Tauber's daughter Anna, and he gets arrested in the process. Franzi's husband files for custody after she failed to mind Emma, so she plans to fight that and resign her job. více
Shortly after just released petty ex-con Mustafa Erbil is denounced as Syria jihad volunteer without evidence by his sister Emine, he's wounded in a street fight and refuse sto talk, only Tariq wins some confidence by proving hiself a better Muslim. * \Suspects include a former cellmate and a dealer, after an episode.with flushed drugs, but mainly German convert-recruiter Gerd "Jassir" Molsen, who paid Mustafe for weapons. Tarik Molsenstarts questioning everything and comes up with an unsettling plot and culprit. více
Retired scientist Erwin Trautmann fell for the 'grandkid in trouble' trick, realizing only after paying she cant be abroad during exams, but was knocked down by the motorbike courier, which he fails to identify when the police, whom he initially tries to wave in ER out of embarrassment, lines up the suspect. While a social worker restores his confidence, the police realizes there's a well-organized gang at work. Tariq convinces Haller to allow setting a trap, assisted by Hans, but the bad luck seems to continue. Wolle wonders what a rich aunt left him in her will. více
Stumme Angst
Claudia's eldest, model-behaved son Ole Fischer, is brought to ER having collapsed from brain injury during the presentation of his novel Internet firm project. Ole tries to hide he was beaten up, refusing to talk to her, ever-close ex-con brother Max or Ole's elder boyfriend Tim Seidel, who turns out his still caring ex. Tarik finds Claudia emotional and unwilling to investigate Tim, focusing on the plausible theory it was "gay bashing" which explains his shame and denial, which prevents a formal investigation. Video recording at max's pub shows a fight with fresh knave Marvin Schaller, whose dragon mother maintains he was 'indecently groped' even before Tim is charged with mildly beating up the rowdy and Max convinces Ole to file a formal charge. Tarik is deeply hurt his partner keeps implying he would have a prejudice against gay couples. více
Jasmin is suddenly knocked down by a wounded patient Gero Broog, who runs away and escapes, apparently having stolen medication, but not a drug addict's pick, chief Dr. Lindberg discovers he actually stole an archived file. Gero never got over is daughter's death from measles, incurred in hospital, which also wrecked his marriage. Gero is armed and goes after the Baumann family of the non-inoculated boy who contaminated Anna. Broog's wife Susanna must come clean about her part. více
Der Clan
After Mattes' hot night with student Alina Jessen she is brutally abducted before his eyes by masked men. Her father, shipping firm CEO Philipp Jessen, initially denies any contact with kidnappers, then admits and lets the police assist with a ransom delivery, but nobody turns up to collect. The team researches his firm is near bankruptcy, forcing him to admit he made a deal with a Lebanese drug Clan, the Chihabs, to ship drugs from West Africa for them, refused to repeat this, so they took Alina. Focussing on his lover, Mattes takes crazy risk, the results may be for later. více
Letzte Worte
Motorbike-deliverer Thies Amman is fatally injured in an accident, after calling himself a looser. Hans und Franzi mĂĽssen der Ehefrau die Todesnachricht ĂĽberbringen. Fresh widow Christa Amman, who never cared how he paid the bills, ignored his 'double life' as member of a robber gang, the latest loot being missing. Estranged adult son only returns home to collect the collection of watches Thies promised him, next tries to reconcile with his flippant mother. When the police identifies crime mate Volker Uhlmann, he realizes the imminent danger. Haller and Franzi must bring Hans crushing private news. více
Mattes im Fadenkreuz
On his way to the precinct, Mattes is surprised and beaten up by three masked men. He and Melanie realize its must be revenge from heir Nadim Chihab's Lebanese crime clan for arresting their patriarch. Mattes keeps this 'private business' from captain Haller and taunts the goons, but soon after a young boy is hurt when a hidden sniper misses Mattes, who confronts the clan alone. Nadim is questioned by Haller, officially as abuse witness against Mattes, but ends up leaving holding Franzi at gun point, single Mattes volunteers as childless alternative hostage. Nadim's brother Djamir ignores their cardiac father's dying wish to be succeeded by smart Nadim as clan head, and surprises everyone in a dangerous finale. více
Mattes and Melanie must escort Nigerianer Ifemelu Okoye and pre-teen son David to airport for repatriation as her marriage went on the rocks shortly before the required three year term for German nationality. They find Ifemelu breaking int ex-husband Udo Muskau's home, she manages to lock in Melanie and escape after hitting Mattes in the nuts. Muskau demands their arrest for immediate expulsion, catches her breaking in again -to pay for a false passport- and is found injured with his own knife. Hans insists to resume work after his daughter's funeral, and grimly sides with Franzi's blind maternal solidarity against Udo, who is well-connected and subtly leans on captain Haller. více
After a pregnant woman's fatal accident during an illegal motor race, Tarik and Claudia witness one racer escape, a second sneaks out of ER after treatment. The crash was executed with the motorbike register by Timo RĂ?der, who maintains it was stolen, but Mattes helps prove it was driven by his hothead brother Jannik RĂ?der, an irresponsible dropout who was little left to loose. As Timo feared, Jannik is ready to end his life with a bang, if he can get his hands on a dream machine, which Tariq and Wolle guess with some help from Tim, whom Jannik knocked down as alleged traitor when found on the family boat. více
Der Kaffeekönig
The local coffee roasting firm's administrative head is knocked down, having many enemies. Hans and Franzi concentrate on the staff, Mattes and Melanie on former employee Harald Borsdorf, who can no longer support his wife and young son Kilian financially or emotionally and claims she wrecked his life by a false testimony in court after the fire accident that left him in a wheelchair and jailed for arson. The team finally discovers she had a secret that could wreck the firm and two families. více
Du liebst mich
Hans and Franzi investigate single Verena Riwa's claim that 'stalker since weeks' Roman Goldt broke in but sole nothing. His mailbox proves she's the never-steady ex who stalks him, demanding he stops 'denying heir love'. Shortly after Verena admits most of Roman's complaints, she's treated in ER for knife injuries, which are found self-inflicted, after which she confesses a false break-in report, which finally shatters he confidence of her overprotective brother Jakob Riwa, who rushed to her rescue from Bremen and physically intimidates Roman. Hansuor captain Haller are amused by Franzi's pigheaded 'maternal solidarity' to keep insisting Verena might be at least partially right. více
Sprache der Stärke
The hospitalized apparent driver of a crashed car sneaks out, having used a false name. The police soon suspects its' Bernd Kowalski, who just robbed a jeweler, the loot being missing. A mysterious note makes them search and find teen Leon Badura, whose ex-con father Peter seems reformed but may be the accomplice. Leon lets Bernd in as fake pest controller and bonds with the studly thug, whom he begs for a loan to pay off school bully Hendrik. Bernd sends Peter a selfie holding a gun behind Leon, who soon finds that and takes it to his extortionist. více
Der Heiler
Leukemia patient Jennifer Mikesch refuses medical treatment, having joint the 'reconductive therapy' invented by Dr. Arndt Becker at his private clinic. Her father Ulf Mikesch is arrested for entering and disturbing the peace, his complaint is rejected as Jen is of age. *Hans must question him as prime suspect when Dr. Arndt Becker is beaten to death shortly after. Cancer-recovered Melanie goes undercover to expose the sect as quackery and convince Jennifer to seek proper medical help. Mattes discovers Becker suffers Parkinson and covers it up with pills, which won't help long. What about his staff? více
Hans and Franzi respond to a routine alert from the Miniature-city where person unknown sneaked in at night for subtle changes to one scene, showing Mattes and Melanie executing an intervention taking place the next morning, rescuing from assault a businessman who sneaks off and actually paid his assailant, an ex-con who can't identify him. A further miniature counterfeit shows Melanie and Mattes, even the car vandalism by painted red heart which they incur soon after. Hans and Mattes come to realize very late it's all part of the fake c-victim's obsession with Melanie, who dumped him within minutes on their first actual date despite a perfect online dating profile. více
Ein guter Junge
Cage fighter RenĂ(C) Sievers drags himself to ER and collapses from his wound, unwilling to admit a fight. Tarik, whose ex lures his kid son away from grandma's sixtieth birthday with a camping holiday, and Claudia focus on mixed martial arts championship organizer Kevin Poller and RenĂ(C)'s scheduled opponent Jens Rasch, who was expected to lose the title. RenĂ(C) Sievers's girlfriend Bianca Friesen testifies against her ex: Jens Rasch. Kevin Poller allegedly staged an illegal fight. RenĂ(C) Sievers's rise made more enemies. Mattes is injured worst then he admits during the final arrest. více
Although hasty hospitalization by husband Freddy LĂĽrsen saves her life after another suicide attempt, now by pills, Juliane LĂĽrsen screams accusations suggesting him a murderer and sneaks out of ER before doc Jasmin, who has doubts about the medication, can transfer her to the psych ward. Sympathizing, Claudia insists, against Tarik and Matte, to check out the theory the tea heiress's low-born husband, who has an affair with a neighbor, wanted to escape the stringent prenuptial as her guardian. He furiously denies and point at Juliane's obsessively leaned-on psychiatrist Dr. Mertin, whose record arouses more questions. více
Female Hamburg police officer Nicole Wittich, whom captain Haller mentored twenty years ago, makes a bad fall from her home widow. yet she refuses to testify about being pushed, claiming improbable amnesia. She was in charge of a community project to improve police contacts in a troubled neighborhood. The team also looks into her husband AndrĂ(C) and their son Jonas. více
Die Abrechnung

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