SERIÁL: Policie Hamburk

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Die Nervensäge
Called to a break-in where hardly anything was stolen, Tarik quickly takes to the owner's son Paul, who flatters him by suggesting he may become a cop too. That changes when it turns out Jan Mazinger, the man he recognizes from mug shots, has a valid alibi and an incorrigible stepson Dustin Neumann, who only posed as education professor Gernot Bahnsen's real son Paul, who feels neglected in favor of juvenile scum charges. Tarik reconsiders again, confronted with Paul's mischievous record and Dustin's family handicap. více
Fremder Vater
After Hans takes recently returned Africa NGO worker Malte Lampert to the precinct to instill the validity of a court order banning him to approach his wife Karen Jensen and now 17 year-old son Till, only Tariq shows pity, but must send him off for a clumsy bribery attempt. Desperate, Malte takes Tariq, who gets wounded at the head, his partner and captain Uwe Bachmann of a port tour boat hostages with a single demand: phone contact with Till. Hans finds the knave, who is a petty drug pusher and unwilling to cooperate, which changes only when he learns his mother lied Malte never showed interest in him while working in Africa, which his health disabled. více
Juvenile re-offender Tilo Busse escapes a conviction which would mean jail for beating up Benedikt LĂĽbecke on a technicality and due to glowing defense by his parole officer Asmus SchrĂ?ter but father Prof. Dr. LĂĽbecke threatens Tilo, in front of equally frustrated Hans. Shortly after Tilo is beaten up on the street but claims he didn't get a good look at his assailant, which proves improbable. So he must be covering for someone, such as his neglectful father, a lush veteran. Benedikt provides his father a false alibi although it's an impossible to please bully, is found a petty school drug dealer and is suspiciously concerned about Tilo. Then someone snaps. více
The bigger picture
Mattes is all but amused when national action movie star Tim Schneider, a womanizer even he can't compete with as if that would stop either macho, is assigned to accompany him and Melanie on a badly pre-picked patrol day. Hamburg is exceptionally hectic as the triathlon and Schlagermove music festival parade coincide with ecological activists attempting to block atomic fuel and waste shipping, where Tariq is all but amused finding his babysitting sister Kayra Coban dragged his three year-old son Lucas to a stand-off at the docks. Captain Haller has a hard time dismissing Schneider's terror and conspiracy theories after the star uses his fame to coax the activists without bad press, and a gun is found. více
Tarik and Claudia are assigned the new host patrol for action movie star Tim Schneider, who eagerly offers his expertise and research resources in the next case: preacher Beate Winter's husband's tomb was desecrated for a satanic ritual, which matches a macabre display found by Matte and may be the initiation prelude to worse. Beate points at unruly Goth former catechism charge Olaf Franzen, who has a gore past, yet denies, but whose gentle, doting brother Daniel is Beate's daughter Anne's classmate and boyfriend. Tim Schneider's analysis of the ritual symbols suggests a satanic wedding, to a virgin exactly like Anna, who goes missing. více
Generally liked shipping employee Tobias Blum assumes a prank went wrong when locked all night into a refrigeration container, in ER for frost treatment. Mattes realizes it was no accident, but Blum's jacket with cellphone being missing, he borrowed one from Karsten Kramm's 50 owner-manager Oskar Politz, who may be the real target and whose wife is known to Hans and obsessed Franzi as abuse victim, still refuses to file a complaint, but becomes the victim of an inefficient car bomb. Tobias has an affair with Kramm's wife, while the workaholic elder partner refused to accept a lucrative bid as Oskar wants most of all. Hans is tired of Franzi's immature emotional attitude, barely in time to prevent the next crime being deadly. více
Ein neuer Anfang
Mattes must alert Melanie, who bugs him about an alleged glass ceiling, she fails to watch the road, but the patrol car already hits into hospital even more careless passer-by asylum-granted Iraqi-Kurdish schoolgirl Amira Barzani. Hans brings to the same ER Birgit Kramer, who was knocked down at the home she shares with husband Christian, also teacher at Amira's school, where her protective big brother Sedat works in the mess. The couple hides its marital troubles, which have to do with the refugee charity she abandoned, suspecting like Sedat that Amira was involved with Christian. Amira disappears, the team disagrees who to suspect but Sedat has the key, a missing outdated computer, the only thing stolen from the Kramer home. více
Gestohlenes Leben
Bernd LĂĽders is in ER after a crisis for an urgent kidney transplant after 8 years on the European waiting list. A fit organ is sent from Berlin, but the paramedic courier knocked down to steal it before Alex Escher can bring it to hospital. It can only be sued for Bernd in the next hours. Then a ransom is demanded anonymously, but Bernd refuses to compromise his family's financial future. The team checks out Bernd's drop-out son Felix, in debt and tries a fake ransom delivery. Finally they learn Alex's crippled son Karl is the key. více
Schweigen ist Gold
Near-cripple pensioner Lotte Uhland is hospitalized after a fall at home, but diagnosed abused and/or neglected by Martin Rohde's private nursing service. She refuses to speak out against anyone, while her helpful neighbor, fellow pensioner Elvira GrĂĽn, tried to hide having called the ambulance and turns on the police, whose fist suspect is landlord Gunnar Jacobs. Hans's resemblance to Lotte's late husband may win her confidence, while the hospital staff helps check on nursing fraud. více
Wealthy JĂ?rg Schwennicke reports only his shotgun stolen at a robbery, for which no further evidence is found by Mattes and . Melanie, who feels sabotaged in her promotion ambition and blindly blames captain Haller. Schwennicke's socially utterly misfit son Enno, aged 16, is missing and fits the profile of a trouble maker who may have seized the gun to slaughter people at his school, which is therefore evacuated. Enno is found without weapon, and tells nothing at interrogation. His equally uncooperative best friend Mika, who was brought into ER with a head wound, may be the key. více
Grey mouse Thomas Meyer freaks out when he finds his home robbed, even his two year-work model ship destroyed. *Dragon wife Miriam ignores his broken pride, even scolds his secrecy about savings for their dream trip trough Canada, now stolen. Mattes and Hans sift trough the clues flooding the precinct as Thomas offers a huge reward, finding everything but the cash with simpleton Ulf Oswaldt, whose publican girl Celina Berendson denounces him, all too easily, while bitter Thomas is out of control. Dropout son SĂ?nke was fired from that pub, one of the Meyer men must be guilty of beating Uwe unconscious into the river. Haller is not amused that Melanie's reporter friend prints her 'glass ceiling' theory, which he calmly disproves. více
Mörder meiner Tochter
Mattes somewhat reluctantly protects Werner Karger, who can't be tried again having been cleared 20 years ago for a girl's murder, against the blind mob raised by his tirelessly vindictive mother Heike Bundschuh, which shouts and vandalizes at the home of his host and youth buddy Peter Martinek, worse the ever since recent DNA evidence probably would have got a conviction. Car sabotage lands Werner in ER, under police protection. Impish bad loser Melanie further provokes precinct boss Haller, wearing out his patience. více
Innere Werte
Returning from a Mexican holiday, Alex Bischoff (25) collapses on the street, causing his cabby to crash, fails to crawl away. Mattes and Melanie take him to ER, where he checks out despite dangerous intestinal congestion, before the x-ray reveals he must have swallowed drugs in dozens of condoms . Alex' Freundin Jenny rushes him to her home, worried less for his health then what the dealers might do if they can't deliver the cocaine, she even receives her thug cahoot Bruno to force it out. Mattes searches smartly and finds them semi-accidentally. více
Zwischen Leben und Tod
Hans's colleagues are puzzled as he's brought into ER, shot in critical condition and delusional 'put of his body' with his late daughter, on an informal investigation. He was caught in a gunfight between Calabrian mob thugs and Torsten Kranz, brother and restaurant business partner of Hans's former GDR escape buddy Albert Kranz. Mattes must wonder about Hans's changed persona after loosing Nelly, having found 30 000 Euro cash hidden in his living room. Time is running out meanwhile for Torsten, who s caught by the thugs while recuperating his 'investment' in rare single malt bottle, while Albert and his wife Beate clearly hide key information which must be dragged out. více
Jasmins längste Schicht
In ER, Dr. Jasmin Jonas stays after her night shift when called by Nila, a locked-in foreign girl aged ten, who ignores the place, sounds like she may need an appendectomy but is suspicious of strangers. The police is asked to help locate the phone, but runs in ICT trouble, suspecting sabotage, while impatient captain Haller makes the scared kid hang up. Mattes checks up o the scares available information, which yields more then seems at first sight, even a link to her intimidated Afghan father Farid Rahimi. více
Der doppelte Victor
A local prep school's rowing team is worried about the atypical non-show at training of their straight AAs-champion *Als der EliteschĂĽler Viktor, who is brought to ER, collapsed after a bloody beating, luckily without lasting damage. Finding a fake gun and robbery mask in his sports bag, Tarik suspects he entered the drug trade -perhaps like Mirko who was recently beaten up the same way by drug lord Drazan Kostic- to keep up with his wealthy schoolmates' lifestyle. Viktor's overqualified, hard-working ex-GDR father Eugen Bossmann couldn't afford to grant Viktor a decent allowance but can't believe his pride and joy entered crime. The knave's room suggests a far more lucrative income then his waiter job, which nobody knows anything about. His teammates Fabian Frenz, Sinje and coach Uwe Kästner , her father, a tight clique, clearly hide something, and Viktor's computer contains the key: a porn website. více
Tarik learns hat his partner co-coaches a program to rehabilitate former prostitutes when she recognizes former charge Marina Petrowa, who was beaten into hospital wearing a fake cop uniform, actually dumped with the trash to die. *She worked in the illegal escort-service run by Russian Galina Sorokina, an emigrated survivor of the Siberian clan Urki, eradicated in Russia under Putin, known for its pathological Ortodox piety mixed with sadistic cruelty. With Wolle researching the Urki and Mates joining the field research, they concentrate on escort Tatjana Nikiforowa and her ambitious 'driver-protector' and lover Boris Memedow, who has his own dangerous plans. více
Die Tirana-Connection
Checking up on a shot heard in an apartment block in St. Pauli, Tarik and Claudia stop family father Thomas Schenk, rushing off with a suitcase, to track a blood trail on him back into his home, where no one is found. Thomas Schenk's uncooperative attitude and constant lies nearly drive the precinct crazy, he even eats his cellphone SIM card. Unemployed would be-mystery author Schenk's working wife Astrid only explain they just came from the notary for her jeweler father's inheritance, including three rare diamonds paid for by the insurance after the robbery that made him retire. Only when it becomes clear their missing teen son Dominik, whose inseparable dog returns home alone, was kidnapped, Thomas starts admitting the whole story, involving local Albanian mob boss Afrim Krasniqi's violent henchman. více
Fremdes Land
In a pension lucratively remodeled as refugee lodgings, Syrian family father Bassam Khouzma is hospitalized after a bad fall form the stairs, with a bloody head wound, but he nor his wife Zada and teen son Khalil admit knowing what happened. *Mattes establishes that pension owner Max Gericke stacks his 'guests' for more profit, but isn't linked to the crime. Bassam's family suspiciously hides adolescent daughter Ayasha. Tarik makes best use of his newly acquired Arabic-notions and oriental intuition to work out what happened after learning Aysha is Bassam's second wife, who wed him for safety as fellow refugee but fell in love with a notable other. více
While Benedikt Metzner prepares his wedding with brother and best man Theo, the police is anonymously asked to arrest him as 'criminal'. Hans and Claudia -coupled in a partner switch, Tariq getting suspended temp Kim Dobers- find it was bride Jessica's mother Regine Schulz, who claims to have overheard a phone-call suggesting 'some' kidnapping further wrecks her credibility by planting a jackknife as false evidence in Benedikt's car. Shortly after the team finds Metzner has a criminal record and major debts, notably with uncle Clemens Becker, who is missing, and both link to a failed nightclub, plausibly an abduction scene, but Benedikt gets an alibi. více
Du gehörst mir
Master carpenter Gerd Reimann called an ambulance, beaten up and his safe robbed, probably the last straw for his ailing business. He accuses son in law Jan Keller, who firmly denies and never got over his separation from Reimann's daughter Nadine, let alone accepting she has a new boyfriend, art gallery holder Christoph Chrom, who bids on Gerd's workshop. Tarik, also a separated father, champions the plight of Jan's pre-teen son Tim, who even breaks his arm trying to cover up for his father, whose plans to flee and reconstitute their family looks like heading for another tragedy. více
Retired ship captain Klaus Wied is hospitalized, poisoned with rare heavy metal thallium. Daughter Sabrina Wied points at law student Lea Storm, whom he spent her inheritance on as sugar daddy. Tarik and Franzi's ICT-smarter holiday interim Kim find that she offers her services over a specialized online-platform, which yielded her more than Klaus, yet her private tutor Lukas KĂ?nig also has the hots for her. The team must work out if Klaus was even the actual target, and the only clue is sushi, now in the bin. Besides diving in after it, Tariq loses his patience with cocky new partner Kim's refusal to explain why she's apparently stalked and victim of bicycle vandalism after an incident at her own precinct, and finds a way to bring the case trough captain Halle before the whole team. více
Wölfe und Giraffen
Following an accidentally spotted leaking food delivery tuck, Hans and Claudia stop it, fail to stop or identify the young adult driver but confiscate its load of stinking offal. When Tariq, disloyally accompanied by pouting Kim, goes to the public Herman Hesse school to make a presentation on civility as crime prevention, the teen pupils laugh away a childish use of hand puppets. Attending the school mess dinner, panic strikes when a notice board posting warns for poison in the meals. In hospital, the diagnosis is relatively harmless, aggravated by collective hysteria which contaminated even Tariq. Nothing comes from questioning the principal-suggested 'usual suspect' school rascals, like Yussuf, but his gang's mild bullying victim, underprivileged penniless outcast Betty Ramsdorf, is accidentally linked to the truck and the public schools central catering. více
Colin FĂ?hr, the worst ruffian in the crime prevention class Tarik gives with ex-con Marlon Hoffer in his school, sits daily by the bed of his comatose kid sister Nele (15), who was beaten to pulp, and seems to get embroiled with local 'cool' junior dealer Rocco Dosic. After Nele awakes and shows fear for Colin's pols tattoo, identical to Rocco's street gang's, .Colin is totally out of control, and on the wrong vindictive trail. Tarik does a brilliant job controlling the risks, and finally gets some rapport with Kim, who is preoccupied with the disciplinary case of her 'overprotective' ex-partner. více
Verbotene Liebe
Mattes responds to an entering alarm call and catches the apparent robber, housekeeper Maren Heinemann who ran into the garden, while his cop partner Melanie finds shivering under his bed the charming young owner, orphan Fabian Westphal, an engineering student until a diving accident left him mentally reduced to childhood. Both deny she stole the missing Celtic gold he inherited from his father's collection, she spent the night as Fabian's lover. Fabian's court-appointed guardian Karin Berger and especially uncle Burkhard Breiholdt, who was diving with him, fear Maren is simply after gullible Fabian's fortune. Frustrated that nobody takes his feelings seriously, Fabian takes an excessive risk landing him in hospital, but as ever more fussy young father Tarik helps with theories, everyone's part is cleared up. více
Vom verlorenen Glück
Hans and Franzi soon find that shopkeeper Stadler, who was knocked down in his business, lied about the escaping 'thief', who used mace on Hans and a wooden board in Franzi's face. As their was no loot, they suspect insurance fraud, but observe him hand an envelop to the young woman, whom he calls his 15 years estranged first marriage daughter Jessika, who now asks further financial aid to leave prostitution. Mattes and Melanie find the real Jessika never contacted Stadler, her identity was stolen, but Stadler's present wife Susan and their daughter Leonie aren't as ignorant and passive as he assumed, and the alleged Turkish pimp isn't involved. více
Der Superheld
Teenager Denny Kovacz is beaten up by a street gang, until a masked man in 'Superhero' costume comes to his rescue, gets knife-stabbed by chases the scum and flees, technically a wanted assailant himself. The unsavory scene is posted on Internet. *Hospitalized teen thug Boris 'Bärchen' ('bear cub') nor Denny are prepared to identify anyone else, obeying to the derelict neighborhood's code of silence, which in Denny's case is soon recalled in cruel and demeaning ways . Mates, Tariq, Hans and their partners get little cooperation of the field, even worse, except from disheartened street worker Harald Ihlenburg, and valuable research from Wolle,, also pointing them to local journalist Sebastian Reckziegel, who runs the super-hero's 'fan site' but maintains it's impartial and necessary in the authorities-neglected context. He's the next to get beaten up, at home, but macho gang-leader Sven Ehring isn't done. více

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