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Saerbehandling / Special Treatment         Přehrát díl
Anna and Erik are a couple but are struggling to balance work, study and love, while Erik's good heart gets him into trouble again and Bjorn shows a journalist around Fredenslund více
Afsked / Parting         Přehrát díl
Anna bonds with an actress who's suffering from cancer and makes a promise that may be difficult to keep, while Nina returns from her stint on the hospital ship and Margarethe is left holding the baby. více
Synd og skam / Parting         Přehrát díl
Defying Miss Madsen's orders, Anna does all she can to help a desperate new mother. Bent cannot accept Nina's decision so he takes to the bottle, while Bjorn is enmeshed in secrets. více
M?rke minder / Dark Memories         Přehrát díl
Lis resorts to extreme measures to help an orphaned child. Meanwhile, Anna runs for President of the Students' Union, in the face of stiff competition. And Bent returns to Fredenslund. více
Et uventet gensyn / An Unexpected Reunion         Přehrát díl
A young man with learning difficulties has been misdiagnosed so Bjorn takes matters into his own hands. Christian considers asking Lis a very big question, while an old friend of Anna's is admitted. více
Store beslutninger / Big Decisions         Přehrát díl
Bjorn is forced to break one of the fundamental rules in order to assist Anna when she needs help with a patient. And Anna has an unexpected encounter in a jazz club. více

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