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Tabitha has inherited her mother Samantha's magical gifts much to the irritation of her mortal brother Adam. They both work at Los Angeles television station KXLA and she is an administrative assistant to the producer for the Paul Thurston Show. The conceded Paul Thurston wants to interview a former beauty queen even after Tabitha lined up an author of a book about recycling and the energy crisis. After Tabitha stops by his apartment, he keeps losing his electricity and running out of gas enough that when he gets to the studio all he wants to talk about is energy so the author gets on his show. Tabitha also has a hard time keeping her dates with Roger, an old fraternity brother of Adam's, due to magical interference. více
Tabitha's Weighty Problem
Tabitha seems to have cold in her nose and just before she sneezes whatever she last said happens. Also her witchcraft is on the fritz. Her station is doing the on-site reporting for a weight lifting tournament for ABC Wide World of Sports and Tabitha gets to be escort for an amorous Russian weight lifter. When Tabitha says that she'll flatten him after another advance from him, she sneezes and he is flattened and winds up in a poster. Dr. Bombay shows up and diagnoses her with an allergy. Tabitha is cured and the Russuian returns and wins the contest. více
Halloween Show
Paul Thurston on his show insults a witch expert that the witch Cassandra loves. She sends a hit-witch after him in the form of a seven year old girl who is much older than she looks. She convinces Paul that she is his goddaughter and he takes her in for a few days as she makes his life miserable. At work she gives him the personality of a monkey and turns him into a werewolf for their Halloween trick-or-treating. Tabitha comes to the rescue and convinces the the old witch to grow up. více
A Star Is Born
When Minerva and Tabitha try to have dinner at an Italian restaurant, they wait as Paul Thurston and the new weather girl get star treatment and are seated immediately. Wanting the same thing for Tabitha she delays the weather girl and Tabitha fills in and then gets the job. In fact the people love her and now she can be the star. více
Minerva Goes Straight
Bored with her witchy life and the many warlocks she has recently been going out with, Tabitha suggests that Minerva try the mortal life. Minerva enthusiastically agrees, moves in with Tabitha and tries to get a job at her television station. Producver Marvin Decker's secretary suddenly wins a trip to Hawaii and Minerva volunteers to fill in. She can't stop using magic to get her job done. Paul Thuston and his fellow employees are going up to a ski lodge for the weekend and Minerva tags along. She falls for the womanizing French ski instructor and tries to learn to ski. As he goes onto another female conquest, Tabitha zaps him putting Minerva on his lips. He can't keep using the word 'Minerva' in his conversations and he keeps seeing her everywhere. Minerva decides it won't work out when she finds out that he wears a toupee and she goes back to the magic of warlocks. více
Mister Nice Guy
Tabitha admits to Minerva that she likes Paul Thurston, but he is so arrogant and conceited and that he can't pass a mirror without looking in it. Minerva zaps him so that every time he looks in a mirror he'll become a nice guy for one hour. Tabitha likes the new Paul and she starts to go out with him. When she invites him in he can't get the least bit romantic because he done't want to take advantage of her unlike the old Paul. On his show the formerly obnoxious and confrontational host is now being walked all over by his guest and his producer wants it to stop. Tabitha finally notices the mirror trick, but can't contact Minerva as Paul gives away all his furniture and then announces that he is going to China as a missionary. více
Arrival of Nancy
Tabitha's childhood friend Nancy Kravitz, the niece of Gladys Kravitz, shows up at KXLA to start a new life in California away from her interfering aunt. Nancy is a bit naive and when she follows Tabitha's advice to rent a car she ends up with a Rolls Royce. Tabitha helps her out and takes he back to her apartment where her Aunt Gladys and Uncle Abner show up to take Nancy home. Aunt Gladys gives her two days to get a job and she ends up working as a masseur in a disreputable establishment. Tabitha rescues her after the place is raided and gets everyone off. She also gets Mrs. Kravitz to give her a chance to stay so that she can grow up on her own. Nancy finally gets a job as a meter maid and starts to be more responsible. více
Tabitha's Triangle
Paul Thurston interviews a handsome guy running for the state senate who can really stand up to him on the air. Fireworks really fly between him and Tabitha and Paul is acting quite jealous. He takes Tabitha with him on his political stops and even asks her to marry him. Before another appearance on Paul's show, Tabitha has them both to dinner with Minerva interfering by infecting their watches with truth spells. Both guys get very truthful while on the air which seems refreshing for a politician. Afterwards he starts to tell Tabitha how to dress and that and wants her to quit her job. Minerva explains that he didn't have his watch with him and Tabitha is just as happy to find out what he was really like before they got too serious. více
That New Black Magic
Tabitha's high school friend Portia shows up and has a thing for producer Marvin Decker who is just celebrating his twentieth anniversary. After he resists her advances, she sends him a velvet coat that turns him into a swinger. Tabitha is determined to save him, so she heats him up and he removes his coat. Portia counters with another spell and begins remaking her "Papa Bear." Tabitha helps Marvin's wife by dressing her up like Portia and then using her sense of humor they laugh together about how ridiculous hey look. Portia gets angry when people laugh at her, so she leaves quickly and the Deckers are back together. více
What's Wrong with Mister Right?
The director that is making a commercial at KXLA starts to romance Tabitha who likes the guy and the attention. A warlock who wants to make Tabitha one of his conquests convinces her that the director is really the warlock that is after her. To get rid of him Tabitha who is in the commercial uses her witchcraft to mess up the shoot until she learns the truth. více
Paul Goes to New York
Paul Thurston announces on his show that he is going to New York to host a national game show. While the station scrambles for a replacement Tabitha finds a local gossip columnist to take over. His replacement attacks the guests and sets the members of the production staff against each other. Tabitha and Minerva go to New York and find that Paul is just a backstage announcer for a game show and they convince him to return. Since they can't fire the new host they both do the show while stepping all over each other. Tabitha gives the "catty" gossip columnist the personality of a cat and the station gets rids of her. více
Tabitha's Party
When the Witches Council declares that there must be a mixed marriage this year, they order Tabitha to marry Paul Thurston immediately. To help them along, Minerva and Cassandra unleashes a love potion at one of Tabitha's parties and everyone else finds themselves falling in love. více
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