SERIÁL: The Awesomes

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Pilot, Part 1
After Mr. Awesome decides to retire and disband The Awesomes, his son Prock steps in to keep the team going. When the government threatens to pull their funding, however, Prock and his best friend Muscleman must find new members before time runs out. Meanwhile, Dr. Malocchio decides it's time to come out of super-villain retirement. více
Pilot, Part 2
As Prock goes on "Superhero Now" to announce the new team, he is surprised by an appearance from super-villain Dr. Malocchio, who manages to convince the crowd that he is reformed. Meanwhile, a terrifying (yet adorable) group of demented pets called the Animal Kingdom plots an attack on Awesome Mountain. více
Baby Got Backstory
No Mo' Sumo
Tim's parents worry that he's not safe with The Awesomes and come to take him home. While leaving, Tim's parents are attacked, and we learn that they have superpowers as well. As former mercenaries "Dine and Dash," they are on the run and need The Awesomes help to obtain new identities and escape their past. více
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Parallel World
The Awesomes are transported to a parallel world where they meet their evil doppelgängers, "The Astoundings." Since everything is backwards on this world, they seek an unlikely ally in a kind Italian man named Dr. Benicchio - the only one who can help them find a way back home. více
The Awesomes face disbandment unless they submit to psychological testing from government-issued therapists, who just so happen to be robots. Since Prock doesn't trust the robots, Joyce Mandrake forces him out of the group, leaving The Awesomes to be ruled by something nobody wants - a committee. více
From Here to Paternity
Muscleman faces an intergalactic paternity suit, and Impresario and Frantic must defend him on an alien daytime talk show. Back on Awesomes Mountain, Prock learns the meaning of delegation when he allows Tim and Gadget Gal to go on their first solo mission. více
The Pageant
Frantic is chosen to judge a third-tier beauty pageant, but Gadget Gal suspects that it might be a trap. Having been voted the least fun member of the team, Prock tries to loosen up. Muscleman questions Hotwire's motives as Dr. Malocchio's master plan starts to come together. více

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