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Forenzní technik Barry Allen má za sebou komplikované dětství, a ještě složitější budoucnost. Náhoda, nebo snad osud, způsobí, že je zasažen bleskem a po devíti měsících v kómatu se probírá jako Flash. Než si ale stačí užít své nové dovednosti, zjistí, že zřejmě není jediný a jsou tu i meta-lidé se špatnými úmysly, které je třeba včas zastavit. více
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WENTWORTH MILLER AND DOMINIC PURCELL (PRISON BREAK) TEAM UP AGAIN AS CAPTAIN COLD AND HEAT WAVE CHALLENGE THE FLASH TO AN EPIC BATTLE Leonard Snart AKA Captain Cold (guest star Wentworth Miller) returns to Central City with a new hotheaded partner in tow Mick Rory AKA Heat Wave (guest star Dominic Purcell). The duo plan to steal a multi-million dollar painting, but Cold has another agenda while in town to set a trap for The Flash. Snart and Mick kidnap someone close to The Flash and threaten to kill them unless The Flash shows up for a battle of fire and ice. Barry tells Joe (Jesse L. Martin) he isnt sure he should take on Snart again after the casualties that happened the last time they fought. Meanwhile, Barry asks Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh), Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) to help him double his training efforts so hes ready for the Reverse Flash when he returns to Central City. Iris (Candice Patton) deals with the aftermath of Barrys confession, and Cisco makes the CCPD a new shield. Nick Copus directed the episode written by Geoff Johns & Kai Yu Wu (#110). Original airdate 1/20/2015. více
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The episode starts off with Barry wanting to have a conversation with his greatest enemy, Reverse Flash/ Eobard Thawne.Thawne says that he was born 136 years from now. Barry asks "Why did you kill my mother?" and Thawne replies "Because I hate you." Thawne explains how he hates The Flash (Barry) in the future and that they were opposites and reverses of one another and then The Reverse Flash learnt The Flash's name, Barry Allen. Thawne doesn't explain why they hated each other but says that the only way for him to defeat The Flash was travel back in time and kill him as a child. So Thawne explained how he travelled back in time to when Barry was a kid and attempted to wipe him off the face of existence but the future Flash followed him back and took his younger self (Young Barry) to safety 20 blocks away from the house. Thawne failed and wanted Barry to suffer a tragedy so he killed his mum (stabbed her in the heart). Thawne left the house but to realise that in travelling back, he had lost his connection to the speed force and couldn't travel back home to the future. So Thawne was stuck here and he needed the Flash but the Flash was gone and he had to become Harrison Wells and create the Flash with a particle accelerator. Thawne wants Barry to run fast enough to "rupture the space time barrier and create a stable wormhole in which he could travel back in time." Barry thinks about the offer because Thawne says if Barry runs fast enough and makes the wormhole, then he can save his mother 15 years ago. Barry walks outBarry goes to the lab where Cisco, Caitlin, Joe and Firestorm are. Martin Stein explains that if Barry travels back in time then it would change choices and relationships. Joe thinks Barry should go.Barry goes to his father but his father says "No dont travel." Barry is sad and confused to why his father won't let him travel.Barry asks Iris and Iris says "Yes, travel.and then they hug"Barry accepts the offer and so the STAR LABS team (Cisco and Firestorm) start building a time machine. They realise something is wrong and Cisco goes to Eobard to get help. Eobard solves his problem and asks Cisco for anything else. Thawne says that out of all people Cisco would understand because Thawne is from the future and living around everyone is like living amongst the dead. Cisco explains that Thawne killed Cisco in an Alternate Universe meaning Cisco was affected by the particle accelerator being able to see through the vibrations of the universe. Cisco walks outMartin Stein sees Eddie doing nothing at a station and asks if he could use it. As he is explaining why Eddie stops him and says "Its OK. Dr Wells ( Eobard Thawne) made it very clear that I don;t matter. " Martin Stein disagrees and says that Eddie is a wild card and is the only person that can pick his own fate. That means Eddie is something that no scientist can hope for , Coincedence (being with his future great-great-great-great son in the same building, same profession)Eddie gets motivated and then goes to Iris at a restraunt and says "Screw the future" and asks her out ( the future showed iris marrying Barry.Caitlin and Ronnie get married and Stein is the rabbiBarry says his goodbyes and then runs in the particle accleerator, reaching the required speed and then they release a hydrogen particle in the other direction causing a wormhole. Barry is in the speed force and then after seeing many things from his past, present and future, he focuses on the night and then travels back in time to the night to save his mum.Barry ends up in his old bedroom and goes downstairs and sees his future self fighting the Reverse Flash (he is peeking through the door). Some point in their fight the future Flash stops and sees The Flash. He signals "No, don't save her." So Barry is forced to not save her and waits for his future version to get his younger version out of there. Then he hears his mum being stabbed and then goes into the room when it is safe. He is very sad when he sees his mother but also happy. He explains that he is Barry and they hug and it is very emotional. Barry says that him and Dad are fine.Meanwhile, in the present, Thawne goes into his time machine to travel home. The Flash comes out of the wormhole out of nowhere and breaks the time machine. The Reverse Flash is very angry so he starts bashing Barry. Barry is so bashed and then The Reverse Flash nearly kills him but Eddie (Reverse Flash ancestor) shoots himself in the heart. This means that The Reverse Flash would never be alive if Eddie dies. Eddie dies and then that creates a massive wormhole so Barry runs into the wormhole trying to stop it. THATS HOW IT ENDS1ST SEASON DONE více

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