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The Greatest American Hero
The Pilot episode of the series. School teacher Ralph Hinkley meets FBI agent Bill Maxwell on a field trip to the desert, where they are met by a UFO that gives them a mission and a red costume with amazing powers. The new team must then use those powers to thwart a conspiracy. více
The Hit Car
While Ralph (William Katt) is preparing his class to perform Shakespeare, Bill (Robert Culp) shows up to ask for his help on a case: transporting a federal witness named Starlet Wild (Gwen Humble) to testify against her drug-dealing mobster boyfriend Johnny (Gianna Russo), who Bill has been trying to capture for a long time. An attempt has already been made on Starlet's life, and she has specifically asked for Bill to help. Ralph agrees begrudgingly, leaving his girlfriend Pam (Connie Sellecca) to take over the play preparations.Starlet refuses to fly, so she pressures Bill and Ralph to take her by car, and dictates some of the stopping points along the way. Everywhere they go, they are continually ambushed by armed hitmen, with Bill taking the brunt of the damage. Starlet also flirts with Ralph along the way, stirring up jealousy in Pam. When they finally arrive at the grand jury, Starlet refuses to testify, and Ralph comes to the realization that the entire trip was an plot by Johnny to kill Bill, and that Starlet was in on the whole thing. Bill then tracks down Johnny, goading him into a final confrontation at the school where Ralph teaches, forcing Ralph to stop the armored hit-car in his super-suit. více
Here's Looking at You, Kid
A military aircraft with a top-secret prototype targeting system is stolen, and Bill recruits Ralph to help him follow up on his hunch to locate the plane by using the suit to fly search patterns through the desert. Meanwhile, Ralph's students press a classmate to run for class president, and Pam's mother and judgmental father fly in from Minnesota to meet Ralph.Ralph finds the plane, but the gun-sight has been taken, so he and Bill find evidence that leads them to a group of mercenaries. Before facing off with the group, Bill tries to coach Ralph how to use the suit for telekinesis, but he accidentally triggers the power of invisibility, which Ralph is then unable to control, forcing him to skip out on his dinner date with Pam and her parents.Bill and Ralph track down the gun-sight to an auction at a foreign consulate, where Bill is captured and Ralph has to rely on his erratic new ability to rescue Bill, stop the auction, and reclaim the stolen technology. více
Saturday Night on Sunset Boulevard
FBI agents and Russian killers pursue Theresa and Serge, an Italian heiress with land holdings of military importance to the Russians and the Russian driver she loves. Meanwhile, Ralph's students are disillusioned and preparing to drop out of school, while Bill is given a lie detector test where he is caught covering for his extra-terrestrial and super-suit escapades, causing him to be suspended from the FBI until he takes a follow-up test.Bill comes up with a plan to resolve the high-profile FBI case in order to buy himself out of the failed test predicament, enlisting Ralph and Pam to help him, so Ralph breaks into the FBI building and steals the case file. To help build up their self-esteem and self-worth, Ralph gets his students to help canvass the city looking for Serge. Ralph and Tony track down Serge at his brother's home, with the Russian killers on Serge's trail.Serge meets up with Theresa and they are caught by the killers. Pam and Ralph try to stop them; Theresa gets away, but they take Pam as a hostage at gunpoint. The killers offer to trade Pam and Serge for Theresa, and Bill proposes a meeting on the bridge atop Hansen Dam. Ralph tries to stop the Russians and save Pam and Serge, but they are double-crossed and Pam is grabbed by helicopter, with Ralph in wobbly flying pursuit to save her. více
Reseda Rose
Ralph's ex-wife Alicia cancels weekend plans with their son, Kevin, leaving him with Ralph and Pam, but then Bill shows up with an assignment for Ralph to check up on people listed as FBI security risks, leaving Kevin doubly disappointed and Pam taking up the slack. Meanwhile, Rhonda -- one of Ralph's students -- shows up and reports that her mother Rose has disappeared.While making their rounds, Ralph and Bill investigate the disappearance of Rhonda's mother, and find that two goons had attacked her boss looking for a missing letter. He says that Rose has been doing part-time work as a file clerk at a laser technology company called Technitron, so Bill and Ralph go there and find the goons. Ralph "persuades" one of them to confess that they were hired by Technitron employee Eric Simpson, and he tells Ralph the address where Simpson is heading.Ralph flies to the house ahead of Simpson, capturing Simpson's henchman but unwittingly allowing him to turn on a signal light to warn off Simpson upon arrival. Bill shows up a short while later, and finds a Russian signal radio. Ralph frees Rose, who tells them that Simpson is a Russian spy named Semenenko who has been stealing top secret weaponry documents from Technitron.They track Semenenko to one of the houses on Bill's list of security risks, and tail him from there to a secret meeting by the beach, where he signals a Russian submarine with his headlights. They send some rafts ashore, where over a dozen Russian spies are waiting. Ralph disables the submarine and rounds up the spies, wrapping up the case. více
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
Ralph retires the suit after his super-heroics result in a near-tragedy. Bill desperately needs Ralph to help him crack a corrupt cop caper masterminded by a war buddy. Can the Lone Ranger remind Ralph of a hero's great responsibility? více
Fire Man
The episode opens with a man in a fire-suit torching a warehouse. The criminal races off, almost killing a night guard, who takes the tag number down.Tony (Michael Pare) later breaks into a rental car lot and steals (?) a car. He drives by a pair of vice cops, who note the tag number and pursue. When they pull him over, Tony claims he was repossessing the car. He drives off, and the vice cops pursue. Ralph (William Katt) sees the chase and changes into his suit, then stops the vice cops.The next day, Tony is absent from school. Bill (Robert Culp) tells Ralph that Tony is wanted for arson (including a federal records building) and other crimes. Ralph is shocked to hear it, but goes to his class and offers to help. Ralph goes home, and Tony is hiding out there. Tony asks Pam (Connie Sellecca) to help him as a lawyer. Tony's repo employer, Cameron (Timothy Carey) claims not to employ Tony, and escorts Ralph off his property. Ralph views the inside of the garage and sees Cameron talking about stolen cars. He turns invisible and gets copies of repossession orders with Tony's name on it, then calls the police.Meanwhile, Bill is under pressure from Treasury and IA, and police are following Pam. Tony sneaks out from Ralph's house. Ralph tries to get a "vibe" from the arson-suit helmet, and sees arson in progress at La Reina cinema, where a woman is in danger. He flies off and rescues the woman.The next day, Bill and Ralph visit the torched federal records building, and find out the federal clerk (Woody Eney) gave a grant to the movie theater that was torched. The police are still harassing Bill and Ralph, and also finally capture Tony. Bill finds evidence that the clerk has lots of illicit property, so he and Ralph investigate. The clerk was using federal grant money to buy property and torched the federal builing to cover it. Bill confronts him, and he dons the fire-suit and give chase. Ralph, still working on flying and landing, stops the clerk and rescues Bill from his wrecked car.Tony is cleared of all charges, and appears in school the next day. více
The Best Desk Scenario
Bill (Robert Culp) and Ralph (William Katt) meet in the desert to practice with the suit. Ralph practices pyrokinesis, but sets Bill's car on fire inadvertently. Bill appears preoccupied with the obituaries and his own health. Meanwhile, Pam (Connie Sellecca) meets with Clarence Carter (Eugene Peterson), who offers her a junior partner position with her law firm. She accepts.Back at school, Ralph is elected vice-principal (temporary) and is overwhelmed. Bill meets inspector Palmer Bradshaw (Duncan Regehr), who teases him about trashing his third car this year.Clarence and Pam are stopped by armed masked men, who deliver a message to not buy off a commission investigating a mess in Tuscon. They assume Pam is Clarence's daughter, and Clarence passes the incident off. The hitmen later find out Pam was not Clarence's daughter, and is a witness.We discover that Ace Aarons, Bill's old boss, died recently - Bill is upset by Ralph/Pam's success, and by his own mortality. Bill wants to quit, and Ralph has to convice him to stay in the partnership. Pam arrives, and they realize Pam may be in danger. Ralph volunteers to try and get vibes from Pam's office, and the hitmen follow. Pam and Bill discover that Springsond Records in Tuscon appears to be the key to the case, and then the hitmen kidnap Pam. Ralphs rescues them, and Bill gets in trouble with Palmer Bradshaw over federal jurisdiction.The next day, Clarence comes to see Pam at her house and picks her up. What starts as a friendly discussion becomes a kidnapping, and Ralph arrives late. Bill finds out that the record company may have been a front for the mob, and Clarence is the attorney for the record company's president. When Bill and Ralph at the president's house, they find him deal in his pool, and Bill has to explain to Palmer Bradshaw how this fits within federal jurisdiction.Bill is pulled from the case, and continues to feel sorry for himself, worrying about mistakes he's making. Ralph motivates him. Clarence calls Ralph and arranges a meet at a junkyard. During the shootout that follows, Ralph changes and captures the bad guys.As the season episode closes, Bill is trying to convince Ralph and Pam to move to Washington, so he can advance his career.... více

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