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The Two-Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Fast Ball
Crooks needing cash to swing an arms deal bet heavily on a baseball game and beat up the star of the team they bet against. Ralph joins the underdogs to make sure they win and the gamblers lose their money. více
Operation Spoilsport
An ICBM starts to launch itself. The alert soldiers are able to stop the launch - but the computers automatically start the countdown for Operation Spoilsport - a 1950s military system that waits 48 hours from a nuclear war's start, then sets off the remaining unlaunched missles, up to two dozen if there are that many left, and sends them to deliver a final knockout to the soviets. The military can't figure out how to stop Spoilsport from executing - and Ralph may be able to help, but he only knows of the problem because "they" - the aliens behind the suit - send him a message through an oddly-malfunctioning car radio.Bill's assignment, to search for a missing rocket scientist, is suddenly declared off-limits by the military intelligence service. For Ralph to connect with the right military people, Bill figures on searching government databases on the rocket scientist, thinking the activity will draw the attention of security personnel - but Ralph is trapped in an elevator when they grab Bill. There's more going on here than meets the eye! více
Don't Mess Around with Jim
The story opens with funeranl coverage of James J. Beck, and Bill (Robert Culp) is watching from a diner. Two approach him as he exits and gas him. Ralph's (William Katt) class discusses Beck's missing will, and as Ralph goes to his car, men kidnap him (and the suit) as well.We discover J.J. Beck (Joseph Wiseman) is alive, and engineered the kidnapping. He seems to know all about Bill, Ralph, and the suit. He tells Bill/Ralph that unless they help him, he'll expose the secret. Beck says his doctor, Doctor Springfield, has been trying sell his will, but Beck wants the will to benefit charity. Bill is skeptical, but Beck says his mortality has changed him.Bill and Ralph fly to Las Vegas on Beck's jet. Beck's assistant (Byron MOrrow) tells Ralph how to use telekinesis, and Ralph wonders how he knew how to teach that.Ralph stops at Springfield's (Bernard Behrens) roulette table and begins to interfere with the fixed game being used to pay off Springfield. Casino security throws Ralph out in time for him to see Bill being kidnapped by hoods. Ralph saves Bill.Meanwhile, Jordan Heath (Stan Lachow) is paying off Springfield, and as he leaves, Springfield gives Heath the will. Heath blows up Springfield's car in the desert. Ralph and Bill confront Beck about the deal, and Beck says he had a suit like Ralph's, and Marshall (his assistant) was like Bill. Beck had used the suit for personal gain. Bill realizes that Beck is trying to get his will back so that when he dies, he'll be judged better (by the aliens, we presume). Beck warns Ralph about giving in to temptation.Beck calls Heath and sets up a meeting. He gives Ralph a new will. Ralph asks if Beck has an instruction book, and Beck tells Ralph he's probably better off without it, and besides, the aliens took his book when they reclaimed the suit. At the meet, Ralph disables Heath's sniper, and the aliens destroy Heath's helicopter. The aliens come and take Beck and Marshall.Back at school, we see newspaper headlines detailing Beck's will going to charity. Ralph is happy, but Bill is fretting over the possibility that the aliens will take him and Ralph when they die. více
Hog Wild
While returning from a communications seminar, Bill (Robert Culp) and Ralph (William Katt) run afoul of a motorcycle gang. They get beaten up, and Bill vows to go after them, this time with the suit. The gang sees Ralph flying, and realize he could be an asset to their plans. The gang grabs Bill, and the leader, Preacher (Dennis Burkley) tells Ralph to remove his suit.Bad B (Paul Koslo) tries the suit, but it doesn't work. Bill tries to explain that the suit is experimental, but Preacher doesn't buy it, especially when Bad B fails to fly. The gang forces Ralph to help them, and coerces deputy Kane (Dennis Fimpe) to reveal the town's defense strategy.Ralph stops a semi, and Stella (Marianne Muellerleile) is the driver. The contents are unloaded and the bikers drive in, and the semi blows through the town's checkpoint. Meanwhile, Bill incites his guard (Bad B), and disarms him, then goes after the bikers. The gang has taken control of the town and locked Ralph, Stella and the sheriff (Gregory Sierra) in the jail. Bill gets the suit and Ralph busts out of jail.Ralph rescues the hostages, Stella uses her semi to block the bikers' escape, and Ralph takes down the gang. The deputy is fired, and the gang is taken to jail.Ralph tosses his communications management book, and he and Bill hit the road. více
Classical Gas
Two men meet in a van and discuss using nerve gas on American teens, while Ralph's class is rehearsing their audition for a benefit protesting nerve gas transport. Ralph (William Katt) and Pam (Connie Sellecca) meet with Charlie Wilde (Ed Winter), who is a music promoter. Pam is enamored with Charlie, but Ralph is jealous.The band plays well, and Charlie offers to have them at a bigger ticket venue tomorrow. Charlie takes a call in his car that seemingly links him to terrorists. Bill (Robert Culp) checks him out, and he may be dirty. Ralph scrys on her using the suit and sees her having drinks at her house. He 'drops in' on Pam's place, and they argue over Ralph, his jealousy, and the suit.Ralph follows Charlie to his meeting with Hydra (George Loros) and finds out from Bill that Hydra is very dangerous. Bill's boss shows him footage of Hydra currently in prison, and tells him he's in trouble for digging into it. Meanwhile Hydra (?) meets with a bomb maker (Christopher Thomas), and gets a rocket launcher to detonate the nerve gas during the concert!Bill and Ralph meet Charlie, who's taking Pam to the concert. Bill/Ralph head to the hotel where Ralph saw Hydra last. Ralph does a scry and sees Hydra dressed as a soldier, entering a military base. They figure out the plan to bomb the concert, and Ralph flies off to disarm the bomb, but the bomb goes off and Ralph is injured. When he awakes, he finds out the bomb didn't affect the gas, and tanker trucks have already left.At the concert, the kids warn Pam about Charlie. Ralph is too drugged to fly, so he starts running towards the concert venue. He sees Hydra getting ready to blow up the gas tanker as it passes the concert. Ralph gets in front of the rocket and Bill fights Hydra.Afterwards, Ralph and Pam make up, and Bill informs them that Charlie has confessed, but is not guilty. Hydra had paid for an imposter to replace him. The kids' band plays at a restaurant. více
The Beast in the Black
Ralph (William Katt) meets Betty (Jane Merrow) to look over an abandoned house for salvage materials. Several objects move of their own accord, and we learn about Sheila Redman, the former realtor of the property who died trying to steal stuff from the house before it was sold. Ralph discovers a hidden safe, but a wheelchair comes down the stairs and almost hits him.Ralph asks his class to help him salvage the house over the weekend to raise money for the school. Bill (Robert Culp) and Ralph come by the house later to try and open the safe. Inside the safe are old oil deed certificates. Ralph looks at the fireplace, and sees a fire, but Bill does not. Ralph can also see a room hidden behind a brick wall, which contains a woman and a fireplace. Ralph walks through the wall and is assaulted by unseen forces. At the hospital, Ralph realizes the kids are at the house alone.At the house, the kids' flashlight batteries all fail simultaneously, and Bill/Ralph arrive and try to get the kids to leave. A chandelier falls on Bill, and Cyler (Jesse Goins) says he's dead. Bill mysteriously comes back to life, but his eye color has changed, and he seems confused at times. At the hospital, Bill's voice sounds like a woman, and his eye color keeps changing. Bill points his gun at Ralph, then leaves the hospital.When Ralph gets home, he talks to Rhonda (Faye Grant) and gets an appointment with her mother's phychic (Rae Allen), who tells Ralph he needs to get Bill past the beast in black (behind the wall) to confront the ghost and free his spirit.Ralph tries to find Bill, but Bill calls him and tries tells him where he is, but the ghost overrides him and hangs up. Ralph scrys Bill and goes to Sheila's old townhouse, where he captures Bill and takes him to the house. Ralph fights his way past the beast, and the woman is released. She tells him the suit doesn't work in her dimension, then attacks him with telekinesis. Ralph puts Bill in Sheila's old wheelchair and gets him out. The wrecking ball levels the house.Back in class, the kids show Ralph the projector they bought with the money raised from the sale of the mahogony fireplace from the house. Bill sdhows up and gives Ralph the oil deeds, but they're worthless. více
The Lost Diablo
Bill (Robert Culp) and Ralph (William Katt) take the school kids on a camping trip to find gold. Bill has a map, given to him by Harland Blakford (Bill Quinn) on his deathbed, of the Lost Diablo Mine. Bill convinces Ralph to scry the map and search for the mine. Ralph finds the mine and guides the campers to it.They find a booby trap, and a mine cart with gold. As they celebrate, Doyle (John Miranda) and Fletcher (Gary Grubbs) Doyle are hunting for them. The next morning, the kids sneak off to the mine for more gold and trigger a cave-in. While searching for an alternate entrance, Ralph falls down a shaft. He manages to get the kids out, and they head back, dropping their gear along the way to save weight, since they stored ore in their canteens instead of water.They get back to the bus, and the engine is missing! Doyle and Fletcher show up with guns, and take them to their camp to rob them. They take the gold and the suit. We discover Harlan Blackford is still alive, too. The group is forced to lead the Grubbs to the mine, and Ralph managtes to get his suit back. Fletcher triggers another cave-in, and the kids get out.The bus is repaired. After a trip to the assessor's office, the group finds out the mine is owned by the government. Bill gives his share to Harlan, having learned a lesson about greed. The others follow suit. více
A very sick truck driver swerves off the road and crashes. During a FBI briefing, we learn he is part of a weapons-running cartel. Since no one wants to mess with disease, Bill (Robert Culp) volunteers to take the case. Everyone thinks Bill is going to die, and they all come by his office to say goodbye.Bill convinces Ralph (William Katt) to investigate, but Ralph isn't sure the suit will progtect him. They start asking questions at a local gun range, and Reo Crocker (Jeff Cooper) is alerted. Reo grabs Bill, and Ralph pursues. Bill is taken to a military-style base, where 3 helicopters land in unison and troops conduct a firing drill. Ralph's clumsy flying/landing triggers the base defenses, and the troop evacuates in the helicopters (with Bill). Since Bill won't answer questions, the commander drops him from the helicopter, but Ralph saves him.Ralph is convinced he has smallpox, since the troops were inoculated, but Bill thinks he's exaggerating. Once Bill finds out he doesn't have smallpox vaccine, he think he has symptoms. Meanwhile, Bunker (Edward Grover) briefs the troops. Bill, Pam (Connie Sellecca) and Ralph visit the doctor, and he tells them that the driver who died, died of the smallpox vaccine (not the virus), and that there are 5 locations where the virus is kept for research. He says the smallpox symptoms take 2 weeks to appear, and Bill and Ralph both seem better.The phone lines are down, and Bill suspects its the military troops. Ralph goes to the nearest virus lab, and Pam (somehow?) phones the FBI. Bill and Dr. Kelly (Arthur Rosenberg) take a helicopter to the lab, but get captured. Bill knocks the virus vial into the air, and Ralph arrives to save the day. Bill takes the credit, and asks for a vacation, but his boss (William Bogert) quarantines everyone for the 2 weeks. více
Train of Thought
The story opens at a trainyard, where Bill (Robert Culp) is being interrogated. A group of villains are planning to hijack a train. Ralph (William Katt) saves Bill, and they race to stop the hijacking. The hijackers release part of the train, and it rolls backwards. Ralph stops the runaway train by colliding with it, and can't remember what happened!He knows Pam (Connie Sellecca), but not Bill, other than things that happened 8 months ago. Pam thinks the UFO sighting was traumatic to Ralph, and he has blanked out his memory since. Bill keeps trying to jog Ralph's memory, but Pam wants to take it easy. Ralph doesnt' believe anything Bill says, and throws the suit in the trash.The hijackers have a train with toxic waste, and are planning to drive it into a populated area. They coerce McGivers (Jimmy Lydon), an engineer, to drive the train. Bill breaks the news to Pam, and she agrees to help Ralph remember. They go the trash dump to recover the suit. Ralph dons the suit, and begins to believe in his powers.They track the hijackers, and Ralph incapitates them. He "sees" the train being driven to Bakersfield, and they pursue. Ralph gets to the train and stops it safely, but bangs his head again, restoring his memory. více
Now You See It
A Russian submarine travels off the coast of Malibu, surfaces, and drops off a boat with armed men, who rendevous with a truck. The men use the truck to stage a hijack of a van.Pam (Connie Sellecca) shows up at class with a cat, and tells Ralph (William Katt) he needs to take care of it. Bill (Robert Culp) and Ralph go to the desert and practice with the suit, Bill sneezing all the way. Bill shows Ralph a set of vertical stabilizers to help him fly. They don't work, but Ralph sees a plane crash into some trees. At first Bill doesn't see it, but after Ralph touches him, he does. Ralph rescues the flight recorder and listens to it. The flight hasn't taken off yet, and Ralph realizes its precognition.Pam meets with Richard Beller (Jon Cypher), his client, and Senator Henderson (Chris Lofton), and they travel to Washington DC on short notice. They plan to take the same flight Ralph saw! The armed men from the truck hold the pilots at gunpoint, then board the plane. On the way to the airfield, Ralph touches the cat and gets a vision of Pam. They get to the airfield, and Ralph takes off after the plane. Bill finds out that the plane has been hijacked, and has a radar cloaking device. Ralph has to divert to save another plane, and loses track of the hijacked plane. The air force scrambles jets to try and shoot down the plane. Bill and Ralph track down the ranch Ralph saw with the plane crash. Meanwhile, Pam tries to disarm the hijackers, and a shot goes off, damaging the controls. Ralph flies off to save the plane, and has to dodge the air force jets. He climbs aboard the jet in mid-air and rescues, Pam, Beller, and the Senator. The plane crashes with the hijackers aboard.Later, Ralph and Pam relax by the fire, but are interrupted by Bill, returning the cat. Pam toasts to the cat, and Bill is allergic! více
The Hand-Painted Thai
Soldiers in Cambodia are accused of treason, then the story flashes forward 12 years, where their accuser, Mr. Liang (James Shigeta) is conducting business. He meets with General Vin Chow (John Fujioka), who tells him to to stop working his "cover" and activate the crimson rosebud and arranges a meet. Liang is upset.Cut to Marty Boxx (Terrence O'Hara), a successful businessman. A call from Liang with the words platinum rosebud activate him, as well as others, who repeat the phrase and leave in a daze.Meanwhile, Ralph (William Katt) and Bill (Robert Culp) are at Bill's office when an activation calll comes for one of Bill's peers, Tim (Kurt Grayson). Ralph takes it by mistake, then the agent comes to the phone and leaves. Riding in the elevator, Bill and Ralph notice Tim's odd behavior, and he shoots at them, then gets on Ralph's bus. He tells Tony to drive, and Bill/Ralph pursue. The kids manage to kick Tim off the bus, and Ralph grabs the suit as Tim goes into a building. Tim is having flashbacks as he rides to the roof in an elevator. He jumps off the building, and Ralph saves him, but Tim is comotose.The other agents of platinum rosebud meet with Liang and Vin Chow, and note Tim is missing. Vin Chow continues to berate Liang for succombing to capitalist ways. The rosebud agents review the mission.Bill visits Tim in the hospital, but Tim doesn't remember much, other than the words platinum rosebud. Ralph, Bill and Pam (Connie Sellecca) theorize that Tim might have been hypontized. They visit a hypnotist (Hilary Labow) and learn about post-hypnotic suggestion. Bill accidentally gets a trance word ("scenario") that toggles sleep.Tim gets a phone call in the hospital that triggers a suicide. Ralph gets the phone receiver and sees Liang, so he flies off in pursuit. Liang loses Ralph, but Ralph gets his license plate. Bill and Ralph do some investigation, and the word "scenario" continues to trigger Bill's sleep. Using the phone records, they trace the meeting location from the code words. Ralph realizes Bill is going into a trance, but can't figure out the word.Liang and his agents go to Hansen Dam and rig bombs. Ralph gets to the meeting spot and scrys the agents. He drives Bill (who's still asleep) to the Dam. Pam figure out Bill's code word and Ralph wakes him up. Ralph stops the agents and disarms the bombs.Ralph and Pam have fun with Bill's code word, and he finally agrees to get de-programmed. více
Just Another Three Ring Circus
A pair of ninjas beat up a clown named Yuri under the big top and drag him away. Bill (Robert Culp) meets with his boss (William Bogert), who assigns him the case. His new car is a red Volkswagon beetle!Ralph (William Katt) is passing out class papers, and is disgusted with their efforts. He and Bill meet at the circus, and Ralph changes into his suit to scry Yuri's possessions. He sees a man named Biff Anderson, and Bill goes to visit him. Ralph meets Alicia (Lisa Bowman), who thinks he is the new human cannonball.Bill visits Biff Anderson (Richard Doyle), and the ninjas abduct Biff. Ralph has to save Bill from falling off the roof and loses the ninjas. After recovering, Bill takes his boss to Biff Anderson's apartment, but the apartment is different, and Biff is not the same, either. His boss doesn't believe Bill.The team meets and discusses strategy; Pam (Connie Sellecca) will research a dating service matchbook found by Bill, Bill goes undercover (as a cage cleaner), and Ralph auditions as the human cannonball. Meanwhile a circus hand locks Bill in a cage with a tiger. Ralph rescues Bill and calms the tiger. The circus hand witnesses it and runs off to tell a co-worker, both of whom are the ninjas. Ralph gets the cannonball job, and he and Bill tries to get information from the circus workers. A dwarf (Tony Cox) warns Ralph not to ask questions.Ralph's class shows up at the circus and the kids feel bad because they realize Ralph is giving up on the class. They promise to start studying. Meanwhile, one of the ninjas tampers with Ralph's camel. The circus starts, and Pam sees Ralph with a performer who was also at dating service on the matchbook. They are suspicious of the dating service, and Bill finds out Pam's date Kenny/Chuck (Patrick Stack) is an imposter. Ralph is shot out (too far) and the ninjas take off. Bill borrows Tony's (Michael Pare) car and they pursue to the dating service. The circus performers/ninjas kidnap Biff and Ralph spots them from the roof. Bill and Ralph corral them, and Biff explains. The dating service is actually a front for a CIA de-briefing center, and the ninjas were trying to steal CIA secrets.Ralph gets his student's scores, and is happy that they have done well. Bill is the agent of the month for his work. Pam gets a call from Kenny, who turns out to be a CIA agent, and other CIA agents start turning up, asking Pam for a date! více
The Shock Will Kill You
The space shuttle is in trouble after retriving an orbiting scoop. Bill (Robert Culp) tells Ralph (William Katt) he needs to rescue the shuttle. He does so, but get electrified in the process. Pam (Connie Sellecca) tells Ralphs to ground himself on train tracks, but he's still magnetic. Pam and Bill worry that removing the suit might kill Ralph, as it's probably protecting him.The shuttle is taken to an air force base for analysis. One of the men checking the inside finds a mysterious liquid, and is attacked electrically. The lights around the base, including Ralph's hotel, go out. The air force thinks the liquid is an alien protein that holds an electrical charge. Ralph goes invisible and listens to the briefing, where the air force is discussing the tunnel structure the alien can travel in.A tunnel guard is killed. Bill, Ralph and Pam follow electrical outages, and Ralph keeps interfering with devices around him. Ralph goes into a darkened tunnel and finds the dead guard. Back in a hotel, Ralph almost zaps himself washing his hands. Bill realizes they can get the alien wet and short it out. As they pursue the blackouts, a tentacle is see shorting out another electrical circuit.Ralph goes into the tunnels and sees the alien via scry. He wanders around and finds another dead workman, then walks right into the alien! Bill and Pam head to the water station while Ralph tries to lead the alien towards it. The sluice gates are opened, and Ralph fights the alien in the tunnel, then pushes it in to the resevoir. Ralph survives, and is no longer magnetized. více
A Chicken in Every Plot
St. Pierre, Virgin Islands: a man (Todd Armstrong) is being threatened by voodoo cultists. A cult leader scares him out of his house, and he is chased and killed by cultists.Bill (Robert Culp), Ralph (William Katt), and Pam (Connie Sellecca) take Ralph's class to the Carribbean to visit Bill's friend (the one who was murdered). They are met at the airport by the constable (Lincoln Kilpatrick), who takes them to Bill's friend's place, where they found it burned, and a voodoo doll. He warns Pam and Bill, then leaves. Pam takes the kids to the aiport.Inside, the house is covered in voodoo symbols and French phrases "death to the fishermen". Pam finds a voodoo doll in her purse that looks like Rhonda (Faye Grant). Bill tells Ralph that his friend (Teddy) was trying to salvage a boat. Bill goes to Teddy's boat and is attacked by a native. Ralph pursues and rescues Bill. The constable lets the native go, as he turns out to be General Louis Davout (John Hancock), the assistant to the President. He puts them in jail.Pam visits the constable and serves a writ for the release of Bill and Ralph, but is turned away. The President visits Ralp and Bill in jail. He questions Bill and Ralph, and the constable stops him from further violence and release Bill and Ralph. They learn the islands are under martial law.Ralph goes back to Teddy's to pick up vibes and is met at the door by a man with a shotgun. He turns out to be a friend of Teddy's, Victor Soucha (Thalmus Rasulala). Ralph pokes around Teddy's house and finds a map. The cultists arrive and paint Pam with blood, and Ralph comes to the rescue, but Victor is taken. The constable arrives, and Bill/Ralph explain what happened. Ralph shows him a voodoo doll, and he leaves nervously.The kids show up, wanting to help. Ralph tells Pam to take the kids home this time. Voodoo dancers are seen dancing, and Pam reacts while driving to the airport. The dancers come out of the woods, bearing dolls representing the kids, which they burn.Bill and Ralph search for the submerged wreck, from which Ralph finds and recovers the log book. The wreck turns out to be the president's yacht, and was sunk, possibly by the president's son. The constable informs Ralph and Bill that Pam and the kids are missing, and Victor Soucha was a voodoo leader that died many years ago. He takes Bill/Ralph to Victor's old campsite, where the new president comments that Le Masters is on their payroll. Ralph shows up and saves the day. Victor kicks the constable and tries to drive off, but Ralph catches him. The constable tells the cultists that the president was killed by the cult leader, and they leave.The kids enjoy the rest of the vacation, and Bill has to report to the FBI office. více
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Off the coat of St. Croix, pirates attack a boat, but the pirate boat is attacked. An aide reports to Devereaux (Jeremy Kemp) that the pirate boat was sunk, who says to report it to Le Clerc.Ralph (William Katt) and Pam (Connie Sellecca) watch the kids play at an island resort, and Tony (Michael Pare) spills drinks while waiting on tables. We learn the kids are touring as a band, but Tony didn't book a room for himself, so he has to wait tables. Ralph and Pam walk on the beach, and a woman cries for help. Ralph dives in and saves her - she turns out to be a survivor of the boat that was attacked.Ralph calls Bill and convinces him to bring the suit to St. Croix. Ralph is researching lost shipwrecks in the Devil's Triangle, and thinks there's a dinosaur that is the cause. This theory is based on the survivor's story, who says she saw a plesiosaur. When Ralph tries to get a vibe off Linda (Anne Bloom) about the dinosaur, he sees the pirates, but not the dinosaur. Bill is more interested in pursuing pirates than dinosaurs. Le Clerc (Glynn Turman) overhears their conversation and calls Devereauex. Bill, Raplh and Pam are trying to find the spot, when the hijacked boat tries to run them down (with no crew). Ralph saves Bill and Pam and brings them onboard.When they get back, Le Clerc makes excuses for the missing ships and lack of survivors. Ralph asks Le Clerc about Devereaux, and finds out he is a warden of a nearby penal colony. Le Clerc immediately leaves to warn Devereaux, who calls him spineless and ends their partnership. His aide, Collins (Michael Halsey) takes Le Clerc out to kill him. Collins shows up at Bill's room and takes him to Devereaux. Ralph scrys and sees Bill being abducted and stops them. He has to stop a drunk from hurting himself and the bad guys get away.Tony is captured by Devereaux, and Bill, Pam and Ralph go after him. On the way, pirates show up and make them follow to an island, where stolen boats are being refurbished. They are taken to a cell and made to wait. After a while, Bill and Ralph are taken to see Devereaux, and they piece together the partnership with Le Clerc. Devereaux wants to know what happened to his pirates that sunk. Ralph tries to explain that a plesiosaur is to blame, but Devereaux doesn't buy it.Ralph (wearing the suit under his clothes) is keel-hauled, but winds up pulling the boat into the air and dumping it. He grabs Devereaux and saves the day.The kids play songs aboard the boat, and Ralph looks for the dinosaur. As the boat moves off into the distance, a sea monster briefly appears. více
It's All Downhill from Here
During the semi-finals for World Cup skiing, a man (Michael Billington as Talenikov) steals a snow-cat and calls in to his leader Zhilov (Curt Lowens) that he is in position. His target is Scotty Templeton (Daniel Sherwin), and he is seen swapping ski poles with another racer. Yuri Petchernec (Norbert Weisser), a favorite for the gold, finishes for the best time, and Scotty starts his run. The sniper shoots Scotty with a dart, causing a heart attack.Meanwhile, Ralph (William Katt) and Pam (Connie Sellecca) are also skiing, Ralph using his suit. He sees Samantha (Sandra Kerns) on the list line and rides with her, much to Pam's annoyance. Ralph sees the Russian sniper and pursues. The sniper sets the snow-cat to chase some skiiers, and Ralph diverts to save them. The local police (Red West) doesn't believe Ralph, and he asks Bill (Robert Culp) to join him.When Bill arrives, it turns out he knows the local police, Blandin. Blandin doesn't want Bill's help, and he's a CIA operative. Later, Ralph sees Blandin being interrogated, and they go to rescue him, but are too late - he's dead. The CIA catches them while they are looking at the body, and Agent Kline (William Lucking) arrives to interrogate them, hinting that there's an operation going on. Ralph goes invisible and eavesdrops on Kline, who thinks there's a Czech defector passing secrets to Templeton, and thet's why he was killed. He also wants to investigate the dead skier's stuff and arrest Ralph and his friends. Samantha offers to hide them in her lodge. Ralph gets to Templeton's effects and finds a paper hidden in a ski pole.Back at Samantha's lodge, Ralph scrys the paper (which has Czech writing on it), and sees the guy who was passing data to Scotty Templeton - Yuri Petchernec. Ralph wants to help, but Yuri says if he defects, they will his fiance Anna (Sarah Torgov). The Czechoslovakians, led by Karpov (Stefan Gierasch), are also investigating the contact, but don't suspect Yuri.Bill develops a plan for Ralph to switch places with Yuri during the race. He wins, and Pam gets Anna out. Karpov comes to congratulate Yuri and sees Ralph instead. He advises Talenikov to find Yuri. There's a shootout, and Ralph arrives to stop the killers.Yuri and Anna are free, and the CIA man apologies to Bill. více
Johnny Sanova (Michael Baseleon) discusses his insanity plea with the parole board (indirect refence to Ralph). Meanwhile, Ralph (William Katt) lands on the roof of the play-right toy company and looks around. He takes a board game from a closet and puts it on the desk of the director of development, asking for a closer look. On his way back, he foils a bank robbery and calls Bill (Robert Culp) in. Across town, Ralph meets Pam (Connie Sellecca) late at a luncheon, and learns he has to deliver a speech.Back at school, Duffy (James Costy), the janitor breaks the news that his game was approved and Ralph cheers. Duffy's success motivates the rest of the school staff, and they begin to makes aggressive moves. Ralph is flustered. Johnny gets his release and vows vengeance on Ralph. He watches Ralph, and his flunkies think he's crazy. Bill wants Ralph to protect him, but Ralph is trying to help his friends.Ralph sees his friend getting cheated on at cards, and takes off to help him, skipping his speech. Bill covers the speech for Ralph, while Ralph busts up the fake card game. Johnny arrives and kidnaps Bill and Pam, and Ralph sees them and goes after them. He grabs the kidnapper van and then goes back to save his card-playing friend.Afterwards, Ralph consoles his teacher friends, and Johnny is back in the nut-house. více
There's Just No Accounting...
Bill (Robert Culp) is helping with a kidnapping case, and Ralph (William Katt) is doing his taxes in the car. They make the ransom drop, and Ralph flies after the the kidnappers. They threaten the kidnapped girl (Emile Moultrie), and Ralph diverts from the chase to save her. Meanwhile, Bill chases the kidnappers in his car, and Ralph's tax paperwork flies out the window.The tax auditor, Byron Bigsby (James Whitmore), arrives at Ralph's house, and Ralph changes clothes and hides the ransom money. Bigsby finds the case of money and Ralph is in trouble!Bills gets chewed out by Carlisle, his boss (William Bogert), who threatens him with an IA audit. The IRS conficates the ransom money and Bill tries to get the money back. While they are arguing, a car drives by and someone shoots at Ralph. In Bill's office, Bigsby and Carlisle accuse Ralph and Bill of collusion. Carlisle suspends Bill, and Bill and Ralph try to scry the suitcase, while Bigsby is auditing Mr. Sherman (Eugene Peterson). Ralph yells at Bigsby and talks to Debbie, where he gets an image of the kidnappers. Bill and Ralph stop another kidnapping, and Bill is reinstated.Pam (Connie Sellecca) is also being audited by Bigsby, and as they try to talk to him, someone tries to kill them again. They track the license plate to TechnoTron, and Ralph/Bill enter the building via the roof. They get into the CEO's safe and check his office - he's also being audited by Bigsby, and Bill realizes TechnoTron is trying to kill Bigsby and not Ralph.Bigsby is being interrogated by the CEO (Jerry Douglas) at his house, and Ralph arrives to stop him. Bigsby is relieved, and the audits are all finished, except for Carlisle! více
Good Samaritan
Firefighters respond to a fire caused by escaped felons. Bill (Robert Culp) tells Ralph (William Katt) to intervene. He rescues a falling woman and passes her to Dave Tanner (Dennis Lipscomb), who takes credit for the rescue. The felons get away.Later, Bill finds out Ralph has laryngitis from the smoke. Ralph is contemplating good samaritins, and is wondering whether he should spend more time helping everyday citizens. He blackmails Bill into helping him.Ralph tries to help out a man, Ira (Keenan Wynn) from losing his house, and ingests a tear gas grenade. The police take the man into custody, and Ralph has to disappear. Later, Ralph learns that the man who took credit for the rescue is an arsonist. Bill takes Ralph to Tanner's place, and Tanner says he's reformed as a result of being a hero. He wants to join a monastary, but Bill doesn't but it.The story cuts to a lost boy in the national park, but Ralph is focused on Bill's case. Meanwhile, Pam (Connie Sellecca) tries to help Ira, but Ira thinks he's losing his mind. Ralph sneaks into the police station and helps convice Ira he's real. Bill gives Ralph a shirt from Ira to scry, and Ralph sees a bank robbery in progress. Ralph pursues, but gets hit by a truck and loses the robbers. He realizes the shirt was not Ira's, but finally hears about the lost boy.Ralph flies into the forest and is able to rescue the boy, Johnny (Joshua John Miller). The boy makes Bill realize that good samaritans aren't so bad, after all. Ralph does another scry on the felons, and they chase after them at the airport.Bill gets his men, and Ira moves in with Harlan. They hear about a fire in a monastary!! více
Captain Bellybuster and the Speed Factory
A man breaks into an office, triggering an alert. Herb Teil (Colin Hamilton) sees him and identifies the man as Mickey (Chuck McCann), also known as Captain Bellybuster. Mickey calls the FBI and tells Bill (Robert Culp) about an illegal drug shipment travelling by truck. He also calls a newspaper reporter, Bruce Warful (Denny Wells). Herb and Cal report to their boss, Donato, who threatens them.Bill and Ralph (William Katt) follow the truck across state lines. Ralph stops the truck, and the reporter watches, taking pictures of Ralph flying. The photos are published, and the reporter promises to reveal Ralph's identity. Bill and Pam (Connie Sellecca) realize it's blackmail.The drug boss sends goons to kill Mickey, and Bill, Pam and Ralph convince Bruce not to report the story. However, he doesn't kill the story, and Bill's boss Carlisle (William Bogert) threatens to put Bill in the funny-bin. Bill and Ralph go back to Bruce, who's been shot and reveals his source - Captain Bellybuster. Pam bumps her head during the process.Bill and Ralph stake out Captain Bellybuster, and the drug goons grab him. Ralph slows the car, and Bellybuster jumps out. They take the Captain back to Pam's place, and he explains about the drug running process. He also explains why he likes wearing his red costume, and it resonates with Ralph. They go to Donoto's office and Ralph scrys Donoto in a warehouse.They take a cab to the hamburger warehouse and take down the bad guys, with the help of Captain Bellybuster. The next day, Bill uses commercial footage of Captain Bellybuster as evidence of the "flying man", explaining that he was Bill's informer. Ralph wants to be the next Captain Bellybuster! více
Who's Woo in America
Hawaii: a man is run off the road by a dark car. We cut to Mr. Woo's office, where C.C. Smith (Hugh Gillin) gets a report from the dark car driver that Mr. Woo is dead, per Prentice. Two Arab men in suits eavesdrop from the phone banks. C.C. tells the man to have Prentice go to LA, chasing a microchip mailed by Mr. Woo.Ralph (William Katt) and Pam (Connie Sellecca) are at home when Ralph's mother (Barbara Hale) calls. She's in town with her fiancee, Phillip (Tom Hallick), and wants to have dinner. She tells Ralph to find Phillip at the hotel bar, and he tries to introduce himself to a stranger. They finally meet, and Ralph is stunned at how young Phillip is, but covers well. His mother asks him to write their wedding vows; they are getting married in less than a week! Ralph calls Bill (Robert Culp) to check on Phillip.Bill's query triggers an alert to Jack Heller (Jon Cedar), the regional director of the Department of the Interior. They fake the results and get Bill in trouble.Ralph is at home, and two men burst into his house, asking him about Mr. Woo. The questioner is Prentice Hall (Michael Prince), who Ralph mistook as Phillip earlier. Since Ralph doesn't know, they start asking about Phillip. Bill bursts in during the questioning, and Ralph breaks away to change into the suit. He goes invisible and stops Prentice's car, then knocks him out. Bill says he's a SVP of an oil company and Phillip checks out clean. Prentice later gets the oil company to post his bail.Ralph goes to meet Phillip for racquetball, and the 2 Arab men who were eavesdropping question him about Mr. Woo. As he's trying to clear himself, Phillip arrives, see the men, and takes off. Ralph calls Bill and as he leaves, the Arab men follow him. Phillip calls Heller and tells him he has a microchip to deliver, and will do so at a wedding (his).Bill and Ralph visit Heller at home, but he's dead in his pool when they arrive. A sniper shoots at Ralph, and a helicopter takes off. Ralph changes and pursues, but the bad guys (C.C. Smith) throw a hostage out, and Ralph has to divert.Pam and Ralph's mom are being followed by the Arab men, and C.C. runs Phillip through a lie detector. Phillip tells C.C. that the microchip is with Ralph's mom, Paula. Meanwhile, Bill and Ralph investigate Phillip's office and find a secretary, tied up in the closet. Ralph is able to scry Phillip and sees C.C. He goes after them, then questions Phillip. He learns that the microchip is in his mom's wedding ring.Heller's men show up at the wedding and hide. C.C.'s men show up later and hide, too. Pam and Paula arrive, followed by the Arab men. Bill, Ralph and Phillip arrive, and the shooting starts. Ralph goes after the bad guys, then changes clothes and explains the scam. However, the microchip is missing.Bill is taken with Paula, and asks Ralph if he minds Bill taking his mom out for dinner! více
Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell
Bill (Robert Culp) and Ralph (William Katt) sneak into the FBI archives. They find Samantha O'Neill (Dixie Carter) in a basement office, and she makes eyes at Bill. Ralph does a scry on some evidence and sees a murder. Unfortunately, the murder was on TV. Ralph tries another scry and sees a dog in the road, and is able to command it to help Bill, who wrecked his car trying to avoid it.The next day, Bill is a minor celebrity, even with his boss, Carlisle (William Bogert). Bill thinks its because of his car wrecks, but Samantha slips him a newspaper that shows an article about Bill capturing Russian agents. Carlisle introduces him to men from Washington, and Mr. Williams thinks Bill is fishy. Samantha keeps making suggestive remarks to Bill.Bill gets an interview on TV, and while watching, Ralph sees assassins waiting to kill Bill. He stops the assassins, and Samantha drives Bill home. Samantha makes a pass at Bill, and Ralph watches gleefully. Later Bill and Samantha meet Ralph and Pam (Connie Sellecca) for lunch, and Bill says he wants to train Samantha, but Ralph thinks he's in love.Bill and Samantha go looking for more evidence from Ralph's vision. Bill finds more guns, and 2 men attack him. Sam fires into the air to drive them off, but Bill realizes it was setup. Ralph scrys Pam's apartment, but Sam and Bill arrive and he has to hide. He sees Sam pick up a silenced pistol and realizes she's an assassin too. Sam leaves to get medicine for Bill and Ralph scry Sam getting orders to kill him. Bill doesn't think she can do it, and tells Ralph he knows she's KGB.Bill confronts Samantha, and she says she wants to defect. The KGB arrive and Bill tries to get them to believe she's genuine. They don't buy it, and take Bill/Sam away, followed by an invisible Ralph. The KGB leader takes them to the beach, where agents are smuggling guns. Ralph manages to stay invisible and stop the smugglers, and Bill gets the credit.Bill bails Samantha out of jail and refuses to testify against her. He wants to build a life with her. více

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