SERIÁL: The Saint

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The Talented Husband
Madge, a friend of the Saint, has recently married John Clarron, an ex-actor and unsuccessful playwright and is now an invalid following an accident in which a heavy pot fell on her. Simon goes to visit her at her home in Cookham on the river Thames and meets Adrienne Halberd. She is an insurance investigator, very interested in Clarron since his first two wives, both heavily insured, died in suspicious circumstances. The Clarrons employ an old Irish house-keeper, Mrs. Jafferty, but when Clarron is away in London Simon and Adrienne search the house and the lady is nowhere to be found. více
The Latin Touch
Holidaying in Rome, the Saint befriends Sue Inverest, the daughter of American governor Hudson Inverest, who is later kidnapped by mobster Tony Unciello. Unciello is demanding Inverest order the reprieve of another gangster, his brother, on Death Row in an American jail. The Saint discovers where Sue is being held and purposely has himself caught by Unciello in a plot that will utilize a little Latin touch. více
The Careful Terrorist
Whilst in New York, the Saint watches his friend, reporter Lester Boyd, launch a television attack on corrupt union boss Nat Grindel. Shortly afterwards Boyd is killed when a bomb explodes in his apartment. The Saint takes up from where Boyd left off, threatening to expose Grindel. Grindel uses an eccentric inventor and killer, Herman Uberlasch, to dispose of the Saint by planting a double bomb in his apartment, the first of which he finds. Will he get to the second one in time? více
The Covetous Headsman
On a flight to Paris, the Saint meets Valerie North, who is on her way to meet her long-lost brother, only to find on arrival that he has been murdered, for a St. Christopher medal taken from around his neck. Valerie owns an identical medal, which she gives to the Saint. She is then kidnapped by Olivant, a Nazi collaborator in the Second World War, who recognizes that the two medals together are worth a fortune. The Saint has to discover why, as well as saving Valerie from Olivant's clutches. více
The Loaded Tourist
In Switzerland the Saint meets young Alfredo Ravenna, who is unhappy that his father and stepmother want to emigrate to America. Later Alfredo's father is killed and his brief-case stolen. Ravenna's wife offers the Saint a reward if he can retrieve the case. The Saint finds the case, which is full of diamonds . He discovers that Ravenna was going to sell them to a man called Galen and, posing as Ravenna, goes to meet him. více
The Pearls of Peace
The Saint is visited by Joss Hendry, whose fiancee, Brad, disappeared in Mexico, some years earlier, trying to search for the pearls of San Domingo. She has recently heard from Brad to say that he has the pearls and she wants the Saint to go and get them for her. When the Saint eventually meets Brad he finds he has been blinded after a fight and is dependent on the plain but adoring Consuelo, who feeds his delusion that he has actually located valuable pearls. The Saint decides he will help the couple at the expense of the greedy Joss. více
The Arrow of God
At a house party in the Bahamas, Floyd Vosper, an odious, muck-raking journalist, is murdered by an arrow, the arrow of God, according to Astron, a fake Indian mystic who is another guest. However, since Vosper had uncovered unpleasant secrets of almost everyone present his death seems to be anything but Divine intervention. více
The Element of Doubt
Crooked lawyer Carlton Rodd gets Joe Sholto off the hook for burning down his warehouse for the insurance money. A cop was killed and a cleaning lady blinded in the process but Rodd confuses her in court, winning his client's freedom. The Saint decides to exact his own form by justice by making Sholto believe that Rodd is about to rat on him for a reward, thus putting 'the element of doubt' into his mind. více
The Effete Angler
On a fishing trip in Bimini in the Caribbean the Saint meets the glamorous Gloria Uckrose and her much older husband Clinton. He suspects that they are smugglers, especially when Gloria tells him she wants to run away with him, which he sees as a ploy to get rid of him. When someone tries to kill him he realizes that his suspicions were right and that the Uckroses are interested in landing far more than fish. více
The Golden Journey
On the Costa Brava the Saint meets the fiancee of one of his friends, the spoilt, imperious heiress Belinda Deane. He decides that she needs to understand that money cannot buy everything and contrives to steal her creature comforts, forcing her to undertake a walking holiday with him. Initially resentful she - inevitably - comes to appreciate the finer points of nature. více
The Man Who Was Lucky
Marty O'Connell, a small-time book-maker, and his girl-friend Cora are in trouble. Marty is a witness to a murder committed by the gangster 'Lucky' Joe Luckner, so-called because nobody has ever successfully testified against him. Marty is in hiding and asks for the Saint's help. The Saint visits Luckner and, in exchange for money, offers to deliver Marty to him but this is of course a plan to make Luckner pay for his past misdeeds. více
The Charitable Countess
In Rome the Saint is about to attend a charity ball given by the Countess Rovagna - actually an American ex-stripper who married into money. The ball is in aid of Father Bellini's mission for the homeless, but the reality is that only a small proportion of the monies raised go the mission, the aim of the exercise being to make her look good and enhance her bank balance. The Saint decides that this charity ball will be an occasion she will not forget. více

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