SERIÁL: The Saint

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The Queen's Ransom
Whilst in Monte Carlo the Saint saves the life of Fallouda, the ex-king of Fedyra. Fallouda tells him he aims to return to power by raising money by selling the jewellery of his wife, Queen Adana. The Saint and Adana set out to collect the jewels, the journey being initially icy as the queen is the daughter of a London bus driver and feels the Saint should give her more respect. Having warded off one attack the couple obtain the jewels but on the way back to meet Fallouda their car breaks down. They are offered a lift by a sweet old lady who invites them in for tea - tea which she has drugged because she too is after the queen's jewels. více
Interlude in Venice
In Venice the Saint comes to the aid of Cathy Allardyce when she is found next to the dead body of the lustful Prince Ubaldo. Cathy's father was responsible for the death of the brother of the disreputable nightclub owner 'Foots' Fortunati,who is now out for revenge and, his first plan having failed,he abducts Cathy.The Saint sets out to rescue her and is taken at gunpoint to see Fortunati. více
The Russian Prisoner
Whilst on holiday in Switzerland the Saint is approached by Irma Jorovitch who says she has come from Sweden, where she was raised by her mother, at the request of her father, a Russian professor who is in Geneva for a conference and anxious to defect to the West. However he is being held prisoner in a lakeside chateau by Soviet officers and she begs the Saint to free him. A plot is hatched but inevitably the Russian prisoner is not what he first appears to be. více
The Reluctant Revolution
The Saint is in the banana republic of San Pablo where a girl called Diane tries to shoot Victor Lawrence, principal advisor to President Alvarez. The Saint whisks her away from the police and she tells him that Lawrence is a fraudster, using an assumed name. He stole money from her father's business and her father was charged, dying in prison. The Saint and Diane join forces with the rebel cell trying to overthrow Alvarez, then the Saint goes to see the president and confronts him with Lawrence's real identity and the fact that he is an opportunist with no political loyalties. Alvarez challenges Lawrence and the two men talk, unaware that the Saint has used a hidden tape recorder to broadcast their conversation to the rebels. více
The Helpful Pirate
On behalf of British Intelligence the Saint journeys to Hamburg to locate Professor Roeding, who disappeared whilst shopping for antiques there and after ringing his daughter to say that he was on the verge of making a fortune. Re-tracing the professor's steps the Saint is approached by Eva, a young lady who takes him for a night on the town and then spots a goblet in the window of a pawn-shop. She claims it is an antique and buys it. Breaking it into pieces she finds a message, allegedly written by a fifteenth century pirate, revealing the location of his treasure. But the Saint is aware that it is quite plainly a scam, and, in all probability, the same one that caused Professor Roeding to fall into the wrong hands.Thanks to this information he is now in a position to rescue the gentleman. více
The Convenient Monster
A man and a dog are both killed by the shores of Loch Ness by what would appear to have been the monster. Local author Noel Bastion and his wife Eleanor, a former big game hunter, agree to help the Saint keep watch in case the monster appears but the Saint comes upon a castle ruin with a cellar containing gas tanks and a huge club, and then somebody tries to kill him. Has somebody purposely created a false monster? And if so why? více
The Angel's Eye
Lord Cranmore, an aristocrat on his financial uppers, is anxious to sell a family diamond called the Angel's Eye and the Saint rides shotgun when Cranmore's employee Tom Upwater and his daughter Mabel go to Amsterdam to have the diamond cut. Tom delivers it to a jeweller called Jonkheer whilst the Saint entertains Mabel to the tourist sights. Then disaster strikes. Tom tells the Saint that Jonmkheer has stolen the Angel's Eye, whilst the cutter himself denies ever seeing it. Tom prevails upon the Saint to break into Jonkheer's premises to retrieve the rock. více
The Man Who Liked Lions
In Rome the Saint is due to meet Tony, a journalist friend anxious to tell him about a man who 'liked lions' but Tony is found dead, stabbed with a knife carved with a lion's head. Claudia, Tony's girlfriend, tells the Saint that Tony's diary should contain a clue as to the reason for his murder but other addressees in the diary are also dying off. Eventually the Saint meets Tiberio, the self-confessed man who liked lions and clearly the head of an illegal organization. He invites the Saint to a Roman costume party where his aim is, literally, to feed the Saint to the lions. více
The Better Mousetrap
The Saint is in the South of France and is the chief suspect following a spate of jewel robberies from the rooms of hotel guests. The actual thieves hope to incriminate the Saint by planting some of the loot in his room but one of them falls from the balcony to his death. Not convinced of the Saint's innocence the local police chief has the Saint tailed by the inept Alphonse, whom he enjoys eluding. Natalie, whose employer was one of the robbery victims, teams up with the Saint to discover that the master-mind behind the thefts is not at all whom they expected. více
Little Girl Lost
In Ireland the Saint rescues a girl called Mildred from thugs. She tells him that she is Hitler's daughter and she is being used in a plot to revive Naziism. Sceptical of this yarn the Saint discovers that she is the daughter of the wealthy Eugene Drew and she is running away to elope with a young man of whom her father disapproves. The two thugs are, in fact, private detectives employed by Drew, but then they take Mildred hostage and demand a ransom from him. The Saint goes to meet them with the ransom money but is still uncertain as to who is telling the truth. He will soon find out. více
Paper Chase
The Saint goes to East Germany to bring back defector Eric Redman, who is planning to trade a list of secret agents in return for the life of his father. However, on arrival, Eric finds that his father is already dead. Hanya, his father's assistant, Eric and the Saint must now make it back to the West with the list, pursued by the East German secret police force. více
Locate and Destroy
In South America the Saint rescues a man named Coleman from two gunmen who attempt to abduct him and Coleman gratefully regales the Saint at his house. However the Saint is later approached by one of the would-be kidnappers, telling him that Coleman is actually a former Nazi war criminal and he himself is one of several Israeli agents come to bring him to justice. The agent is wounded and attended by the local doctor and his daughter Maria. Realizing that Saint has learnt his true identity Coleman takes Maria hostage, leading to a showdown in an underground mine. více
Flight Plan
The Osprey is a new experimental plane and was being test-flown by Flight Lieutenant Mike Gregory until his recent court-martial. Now Middle Eastern agents are using Mike to steal the plane, kidnapping his sister Diane. Having rescued Diane, the Saint goes after Mike, getting himself parachuted into unknown territory to fly the Osprey home. více
Escape Route
The Persistent Patriots
Having saved the life of married politician Jack Liskard, the Saint is called upon again to help Liskard when the man is the victim of blackmail, over some letters he once wrote to a girl called Mary. Whilst Mary is happy to return the letters when approached by the Saint, it seems that they have gone missing and the Saint receives a phone call telling him that if he wants them he must rendezvous at an old church. it is a trap, from which the Saint escapes but when he goes back to Liskard's house his client has shot himself, leaving a suicide note. The Saint, however, believes he has been murdered. více
The Fast Women
At Brands Hatch motor racing circuit the Saint meets Cynthia Quillen and Teresa Montesino, two racing drivers who are deadly rivals. Whilst the Saint is testing Cynthia's car he discovers that it has been sabotaged. He also intercepts an assassin out to murder Cynthia with a high-powered rifle but the killer is himself shot before he can tell the Saint who wants Cynthia out of the way. Teresa denies any involvement with either incident and the next day the two fast women prepare for the big race. více
The Death Game
One night the Saint gets himself involved with 'the Death Game'. It is a cult which has sprung up amongst students from different colleges who compete in war games with each other. However, the tutor of one group of students tells the Saint he thinks there is a far more sinister purpose to the game and then he is killed in an explosion. The Saint takes his place on a trip to Switzerland to play the game with his two students against opposing teams. Here he meets the inventor of the game who invites him to play it for real and gives him two minutes start on his deadly pursuers. více
The Art Collectors
In Paris the Saint meets Natasha, who tells him she wishes to sell some priceless paintings. They contact an art dealer but he is intercepted by phoney policemen who tell Natasha that the Saint has killed the dealer and then remove the paintings from her. The Saint retrieves the pictures but has to work hard to hold on to them. více
To Kill a Saint
In Paris somebody tricks shady night-club owner Paul Verrier into believing that the Saint is trying to kill him so he hires people to rub out the Saint. One of these is a young girl who fires blanks at the Saint, telling him that she wants to get close to Verrier as she believes he killed her father. Another is an Englishman whom Verrier telephones but when the Saint goes to see Verrier to sort things out the club owner assumes he is the murderer and unknowingly hires him to kill himself více
The Counterfeit Countess
The Saint goes to investigate a plane crash in an English field. The pilot has disappeared, leaving large amounts of forged bank notes. The Saint tracks down the pilot's home , only to find that the man has been killed but he locates the dead man's fiancee in Paris. Various other clues lead the Saint to the villa of a countess who is not only as counterfeiter but something of a counterfeit herself. více
Simon and Delilah
Temperamental film star Serena Harris is kidnapped at gunpoint from the set of a Biblical epic in which she is starring as Delilah in Rome. The Saint manages to locate where she is being held but, given her unpopularity, he has a wide number of suspects to choose from as the instigator of her abduction. více
Island of Chance
The Saint is in the Caribbean, at the request of a friend who is killed before he can explain why he needs to see him. The man worked for a Dr. Krayford, a research scientist looking for a cure for illnesses, and the Saint, along with journalist Marla, goes to the island home of Krayford, who denies involvement in the murder but offers to put the couple up for a few days. The Saint finds photos taken by the dead man which leads him and Marla to some ruins, where there are chests full of gold bullion, salvaged from a plane crash some years earlier. It is obvious the the doctor is using the gold to finance his research. The Saint needs to find out more before he can leave the island. více
The Gadget Lovers
Following the deaths of several Soviet agents the Saint is assigned to protect Russian colonel Smolenko, who is traveling by train from Berlin to Paris, and is surprised to find that the colonel is female. He saves her life in an assassination attempt on the train and they again cheat death when they arrive in Paris. A letter bomb to the Colonel has been posted in Switzerland, so the Saint and the colonel fly there to locate the bomb factory. více
A Double in Diamonds
A highly valuable necklace is stolen from Lord Gillingham by his secretary Kate, who kills the jeweller in the process. The necklace is discovered at a fashion parade... or is it? The model sporting it is actually a twin and it would seem that her sister has decamped to Paris to sell the real thing to a wealthy dealer. Or has she? A double switch seems to be on the cards when his Lordship gets a telephone call saying that he can have the necklace back if he pays ten thousand pounds. What would anybody do in such a predicament but call for the Saint? více
The Power Artists
The Saint is framed for the murder of a young sculptor named Loudon by Vogler, the villain who had previously attempted to kill the Saint in the Death Game. However, with assistance from the deceased's girl-friend, a bunch of hippies and Chief Inspector Teal, working with him in an unusual alliance, the Saint once more defeats Vogler. více
When Spring Is Sprung
The Gadic Collection
The Gadic collection forms the priceless centre-piece of an art exhibition at the Silbakin Museum in Turkey and several groups of people are out to steal it, most notably the wealthy local art collector Turin. Turin is sure that the Saint has taken the collection and, in an effort to obtain it for himself and discover its whereabouts,he imprisons the Saint in a dungeon with spikes on walls which begin to close in on him. více

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