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Smrt v Hongkongu
Jessica Fletcher has finally accepted House of Dunbar tycoon Brian's wife Emma Soon Dunbar's invitation to visit Hong Kong; while she's admiring Burmese jade, her host gets kidnapped, asking a $200,000 cash ransom. Police Insp. McLaughlin suggests the ransom will probably be quickly paid and insure a release, it's almost routine in the last years before the PRC's takeover, and so it happens. Unlike Emma, Brian is inclined to believe it was just another move by his merger-candidate Kai Kuan, whose son David is actually dating Brian's daughter April Dunbar, a forbidden love. Dunbar-executive Mark Tower, who was found out selling goods supposedly destroyed in a warehouse fire to Shangai by womens apparel-division head Louise Walton, offers his services to the Kuans. Even though the merger talks look like a dead-end, the sumptuous 110th Dunbars anniversary banquet goes on with the Kuans for appearances sake, serving a century egg- which kills Brian by cyanide concentrate, some of which is found in firm heir Emma's ceramics studio... více
Dům, kde bydlel Hemingway
Jessica helps her friend Margaret Johnson and preservation committee president Carol Collins fight against a New York development project which would cause a historical building, where Ernest Hemingway, author of For Whom the Bell Tolls (hence the title), once had an apartment, to be torn down if the last adjoining building is sold to them, but Nolan Walsh holds out with his pubs lease, even throws developer Eugene Gillrich out after promises and threats quite violently in public. Eugene and his wife Lee are desperate to save the project, while his brother and partner Walter wants to consider an alternate site; Eugene secretly romances Carol Collins. Then Walter is found shot dead at Eugene's desk, presumably Eugene was the target. NYPD Lieutenant Artie Gelber and Detective Henderson examine, and arrest Margaret after finding her fingerprints in the office. Jessica gives her an alibi, though not foolproof, and finds evidence Walter's body was moved, so he was the intended victim, and indeed the bullet is in Eugene's office. Jessica notices Carol ordered her usual drink at Nolan's pub, so she probably knew Eugene in advance, unlike her claim. Improbable mail gives Jessica a clue the 87 year-old is deceased; her heiress, a nurse, wanted to keep the apartment and inspires Jessica about a parking matter, the key to the murder plot... více
Odkaz domu Borbeyů
Two teenagers making out in the cemetery get the scare of their lives when a man crawls out of a grave. Jessica's house needs electric and plumbing repairs, but her handyman Charles Wetherby is called away to her anger by grumpy rich client Lawrence Baker who recently moved into the mansion Borbey House, a huge contract. Dr. Howard Sorenson, the visiting grave riser, congratulates Jessica in the library on her book research on sepulchers, in his occult field of research. Jessica's assistant Molly Holt's boyfriend Dave Perrin keeps looking for his sister Laurel who's missing since 18 months. Another nightly teenage couple is scared to death when they find- in daylight, just an mannequin arm. Wetherby cancels Jessica's repairs after Baker agreed to structural work on a wall, doubling the restoration contract price. Molly's dad, a local shopkeeper, refuses to deal with Baker after finding out nobody knows about him and he only pays cash. Lauren's corps is found on a boat. Dr. Howard Sorenson is caught snooping in Baker's place, and reacts like a vampire killer; next Sheriff Mort Metzger and Jessica are called to Baker's body in Borbey House, murdered with a wooden stake, but not the ash-wood required according to vampire literature. Sorenson reports he found William Borbey's grave was empty; the name Borbey is the Hungarian equivalent of Baker; Sorenson points out Baker never left in daylight, kept no mirrors and may thus still be an undead vampire. Baker's butler Peter Jatich's fingerprints match an ex-Stasi. Jessica figures out how everything ties together. více
Vráždící fantom
In New York Jessica gets interviewed and followed by sweat young profile-writer Ben Forman; his agent Dean Richards is threatened in her presence by bully competing producer Harrison M. Kane, who tells his publisher Carter Drummond he'll buy the magazine and tries to recruit Ben directly. Dean bitches to photographer Hans Dietrich and star model Kathryn Scofield who is intimate with Hans. Ben follows Abby Peters who he heard being roughed up by Kane, who is found dead by electrocution in the hotel bath shortly after. NYPD Lt. Artie Gelber investigates and soon realizes the man made enemies constantly. Dean calls Jessica who is surprised Ben hasn't handed in a single page; she and the police catch him impersonating inexistent agent Gary Manion, he's charged with the murder and confesses, but she can't believe he would leave such obvious evidence against his alter-ego and guesses right he only protects Abby who reassures them she's innocent. Artie still intends to nail Ben, but Jessica finds out what really happened... více
Virtuální vražda
Cabot Cove's own youngster Alex Hooper, who got his first job with virtual reality-video game expert Michael Burke, has got Jessica to write a murder script 'A Killing at Hastings Rock' for their firm Marathon to design one about. The test version has grave program flaws, which may sink the firm by missing a nearby press presentation deadline- Jessica promises to rewrite the script so the failing character is no longer needed. Two partners secretly go to Redwood Concepts where James Lindstrom tells its CEO John/Charles Crowe he demands a bonus for dealing with him now he knows about his criminal past and name change, while his partner David Salt promises 'another solution'. It works, but programing out a confusing set of pointless doors would take too long. During the reception Michael gets called by his P.I., Dan Porter, and confronts James about his contacting Crowe, who is there too; shortly after James' corps is discovered, presumably found out stealing essential source codes. Michael openly suspects Crowe. Investigating police Sergeant Ignacio Delcanto suspects a professional murder and arrests Michael because his finger prints where found on the murder weapon, Lindstrom's own gun. Jessica contacts Porter, having heard his name, and suggests he extorted a small fortune for withholding from Michael David Salt's involvement. Alex and Jessica hack James' computer, which inspires Jessica to set up the real murderer... více
Příbuzenské vztahy
Jessica visits horse trainer Matt Cleveland on Wally Hampton's stud ranch in Virginia's Blue Mountains, where everybody is elated about the prospects for their promising racehorse Swift Prince. Matt is clobbered down and Jessica finds a mysterious syringe, but it's a stimulant injected in Prince, three days before a major race, so unlikely still to be detected even if it makes him win. Meanwhile Catherine Noble's neighboring ranch is financially troubled, so daughter Tracey Noble can't get a grand wedding, and their partner, Lloyd Mentone, schemes with the Hamptons assistant trainer -who is fired by Matt- while insisting Prince shouldn't race with a not perfectly healed injury as his leg could be permanently hurt. Matt tells Jessica a video cassette he just received could help take 3 seconds off Prince's time, and shortly after has a fatal car accident, or is it murder? Now rancher son Paul Hampton, a banker, pulls the plug at his deal with Loyd, and calls off the wedding with Tracy 'which was only a match between stud ranches'. Jessica now solves the horse mystery and Matt's murder. více
Vražda v Corku
Jessica visits Fiona Delaney Griffith, the widow of Richard, a friend of her late husband in Cork Ireland, where the family runs a traditional factory of Woollens, blankets. Cousin Ambrose Griffith was about to take over management from Fionas son Sean and move the site too far for many villagers to keep the only jobs in the region. Elder son Patrick Griffith, who was away over ten years fleeing his unfair father, is furious, and has an affair. Ambrose is found murdered in Father Timothy's church. Jessica also believes the old cripple local poet William Mahaffy that Richards fall from the belfry was no accident and the crazy Una O'Reilly who puts flowers on his grave witnessed something. Sgt. Terence Boyle is clearly not up to examining murder cases, but Jessica does figure out how both murders fit together. více
Láska a nenávist v Cabotcove
Sheriff Mort Metzger is shot at by an unknown in his office, but not hurt. Jessica came home for the annual rummage sale she's in charge of this time, but her New York accountant warned her financial situation requires an audit and local accountant Sam Bennett didn't even answer- he's gambling at Lou Keramides' clandestine casino; the sheriff gets the judge to sign a search-warrant for his restaurant, where Jessica and Dr. Seth Hazlitt insist to talk to him but a tip-off allowed him to clean it in time, again. Deputy Ethan Loomis has an affair with Sam's in-living daughter Candace Bennett and is surprised by Sam in his patrol car. Mort shows Jessica anonymous threatening letters telling him to return to New York. Dr. Seth Hazlitt found his quarterly mutual fund purchases were neglected by Sam, whose wife Laura also learns about the complaints. Ethan gets paid for tipping off Keramides. College drop-out Chad Macinoy, the son of local gazette editor Irene Macinoy, is back in town from Philadelphia, and still in love with Candance, who doesn't want him back; her parents throw him out, under gun-threat from Sam and Ethan, who gladly arrests his rival. The next morning Ethan is shot while driving the sheriff's car and dies. Jessica realizes the killer must have been able to recognize the driver, so Mort probably wasn't the target. Jessica now checks out the 'private game room' to tell Kermaides she suspects him and gets a covert threat not to insist. Deputy Andy Broom confirms he suspected Ethan tipped the casino. The sheriff arrests Sam Bennett, having found in his house a recently fired hunting gun of the killer's caliber; Jessica believes he's only guilty of gambling with clients' money and suddenly realizes an inconspicuous clue... více
Vražda se slevou
Dave Novaro claims Jessica's book "The Uncaught" is a thinly disguised version of the murder of his wife Janet (whose mother died of grief six months later), except that he was acquitted in court -albeit merely for lack of evidence- five years ago, not 'his character' in 'her version', so he demands millions as compensation for damages to business, health and marriage. His wife Iris Novaro complains to him this makes him absent, while she tells her lover Rick Konig she couldn't bring herself to tell him about them at such a time of stress. To Jessica's surprise, NYPD Lt. Artie Gelber Artie confirms the murders really are surprisingly similar, even in some details, and there was enough publicity so she could have known. Dave's daughter Rachel Novaro, a lawyer, also wants the book redrawn, while her grandpa Norman Trent believes Dave did murder her mother. When Iris publicly accuses Jessica of ruining her marriage to Dave, who married her, his former secretary, Jessica's publisher Ted Hartley asks her to consider a settlement to avoid the costs of a high-profile trial. When Novaro's assistant Neil Fraser warns Dave his business is about to falter under the publicity costs, he reads the book and calls Jessica, suggesting he may redraw his lawsuit as it inspired him who really would have murdered his wife; shortly after he is clobbered to death with a walking cane. Rachel persists with the lawsuit; Jessica asks her about the last passage Dave read, according to his fingerprints, and notices she has a past copy of her mother's diamond necklace which Dave used to cover up pawning the real one. Iris tells Rick off 'because he was only after the money' when he sounds disappointed Rachel is the sole heir. Artie arrests Norman Trent who was seen by a bag lady at the shop where his fingerprints where abundant, even admits he wanted Dave dead for murdering his daughter; Jessica doesn't' buy it as it would alienate Rachel and investigates her own theory... více
Vražda v bílém
Jessica comes to the rescue of her friend, actress Glenda Highsmith, who is mounting a play in Martin Kramer's London theater based on a Fletcher-mystery in a defective adaptation by the in principle uncooperative dramatist Mae Shaughnessy with her younger house-mate Brett Dillon. Jessica and others get strange calls from Empire magazine reporter Malcolm Brooker about an affair between Glenda and John Camden, the 17th earl Glenhaven. The actors have their own bothers- waning glory Lawson Childress is drinking a bit much, worrying about Glenda; rising start Franklin Smith fears he is to be replaced and his girlfriend Sally Briggs is told it would take her pleasing Kramer more intimately the she's prepared to do. Director Peter Drew tells Jessica Glenda can't concentrate because of Kramer who is called by phone to the props basement and stabbed to death. Stage manager Oliver Hopkins finds him; Scotland Yard's Detective Chief Inspector Ellen Jarvis investigates. Her friend tells Jessica and Glenda confirms her the earl Glenhaven is actual her former youth love, then a grenadier, now dying and the unknowing father of Brett, who she gave up for adoption. Jarvis says Brooker is no reporter but just a 'grifter' (petty crook) and paid by Kramer; he tells Jessica he saw a blond woman go in after Martin, wearing a white raincoat like Glenda in the play, but ran from the police. Glenda is arrested and admits she was there, only in another raincoat. The disappearance of the white raincoat from props inspires Jessica to solve the murder ... více
Noční výbuch
Jessica flies to Indian territory in British Columbia (Canada) and gets stuck because of plane trouble in Dominion, a town near Hobart Creek, where the Aurora Hills Mining Company is denied passage by armed natives, despite a contract signed by the territorial government, till old Joe Quill convinces them to wait a few days for legal action, which comes in the person of Jessica's locally born co-passenger Peter Henderson, a cynical realist, who warns Joe's grandson, nature-drawing artist George Quill, to stop using arms. Mine executive Rick Shipley and another miner rough up George till they notice Jessica approaching; he tells her to forget about it as the police never believes an Indian; meanwhile Henderson goes out with police Sgt. Hilda Dupont. Shipley warns Joey to call off George before it gets really dangerous, but is blackmailed himself by retired RCMP cop Hamish McPherson, also flown in with Jessica, who recognized him as escaped Mountie-killing bank robber Nicholas Jensen Davis; he is killed by dynamite, according to Shipley the sticks stolen from the mine by George, under the bridge where he would have been paid and drove to in the mining company truck Shipley lend him. George is arrested, but Jessica doesn't believe Shipley was the target, even after the stolen dynamite case with three sticks missing is found hidden in George's home. Next Shipley is found dead by bullet, apparently suicide, but only two hours after he booked a flight. Jessica comes up with a surprising theory and proves it. více
Vražda podle receptu
Chcete recept, jak psát nejlepší detektivky? No přece připlést se ke skutečné vraždě! To ví i slavná spisovatelka Angela Lansburyová. více
Portrét smrti
Chcete recept, jak psát nejlepší detektivky? No přece připlést se ke skutečné vraždě! To ví i slavná spisovatelka Angela Lansburyová. více
Smrtelné peníze
Chcete recept, jak psát nejlepší detektivky? No přece připlést se ke skutečné vraždě! To ví i slavná spisovatelka Angela Lansburyová. více
Vražda v 30. poschodí
Jessica's New York publisher Edward Graham suffers from nightmares about his late wife beckoning him to the afterlife, for which he takes pills prescribed by his shrink, Dr. Jerry Santana. Awake he has excessive mood-swings, completely changing his mind on Jessica's manuscript and firing people for trifling matters. Jessica concludes he's a manic-depressive. After a romantic evening he falls to his death from the 13th floor, actually pushed, after writing an apology note for Jessica. Lieutenant Nick Acosta asks her to stay out of the investigation, but she's executor of his recently updated last will. From that, his life insurance policy, his manipulated apartment and pills she concludes it was murder. There's also a robbery and another murder. více
Čas zemřít
Chcete recept, jak psát nejlepší detektivky? No přece připlést se ke skutečné vraždě! To ví i slavná spisovatelka Angela Lansburyová. více
Hra na smrt
Chcete recept, jak psát nejlepší detektivky? No přece připlést se ke skutečné vraždě! To ví i slavná spisovatelka Angela Lansburyová. více
Trampoty s doktorem
Chcete recept, jak psát nejlepší detektivky? No přece připlést se ke skutečné vraždě! To ví i slavná spisovatelka Angela Lansburyová. více
Vražda na dálnici
Chcete recept, jak psát nejlepší detektivky? No přece připlést se ke skutečné vraždě! To ví i slavná spisovatelka Angela Lansburyová. více
Vražedná múza
Chcete recept, jak psát nejlepší detektivky? No přece připlést se ke skutečné vraždě! To ví i slavná spisovatelka Angela Lansburyová. více
Kolo smrti
Chcete recept, jak psát nejlepší detektivky? No přece připlést se ke skutečné vraždě! To ví i slavná spisovatelka Angela Lansburyová. více
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