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Kousnout do velkého jablka  V TV   st. 26.2. SAT1 Gold 16.55, pá. 28.2. SAT1 Gold 8.30
Tired of hotels, Jessica takes a Manhattan apartment bow she has accepted a New York teaching position. By the time Seth visits there, he can say 'I told you so' as he did at her Cabot Cove send-off party, although she'll spend weekends there. Her apartment's previous owner Mike Freelander has been murdered, her now home ransacked, so he moves in as temporary guardian angels and questions the neighbors. She doesn't leave snooping to the NYPD detectives but investigates Friedlander's family life and their involvement in theft and contraband smuggling. After another murder, she comes up with surprising suspects and a risky trap. více
Noční děsy  V TV   st. 26.2. SAT1 Gold 17.45
Jessica agrees to teach in NYU's Manhattan campus criminology program for both students and crime fight professionals, whose skepticism she soon overcomes. Her course predecessor, ex-cop Wallace Evans, challenges her to solve the campus' muggings as a workshop on a competitive base. When she refuses, he discloses that she was only asked to take his class as a recruiting stunt. Despite being stalked by mystery man, Luke Phillips, after throwing him out of her class, Jessica starts snooping and becomes a shooting target herself as part of an elaborate display of crazy clues, followed by another shot. více
Neautorizovaná vražda  V TV   čt. 27.2. SAT1 Gold 16.05, so. 29.2. SAT1 Gold 12.00
Shortly after reputed scandal 'biographer' Jane Dawson announces the release of her book on Jessica's friend, movie actress Ellen Lombard, her husband, Arthur Brent, is seen running out of her house, where they her electrocuted in the bath. Jessica believes he found her already dead and tries to prove his innocence by piecing together the book research, family history and forensics. více
Silnější než voda  V TV   čt. 27.2. SAT1 Gold 16.55, so. 29.2. SAT1 Gold 12.50
Jen Jessica si uvědomí, že její newyorský fanoušek na cestě domů Wayne 'Stern' je ve skutečnosti osiřelý mladý neukázněný bratr šerifa Morta Metzgera, který se snaží o nový začátek v Cabot Cove jako neúnavný pracovník rybáře Zacha Franklina, který ho navíc zbaví hrozby kapitána Neda Kellera, ale díky jeho vězeňskému tetování má zákaz dvořit se jeho dceři Elaine. Když zach zmizí, Mort najde zakrvácený nůž a podezřívá Waynea díky jeho prohnilé minulosti v New Yorku. Pak je nalezen Zachův tichý majoritní společník zavražděný. Jessica pomůže Mortovi s vyšetřováním lodního případu objektivně. více
Speciální linky  V TV   čt. 27.2. SAT1 Gold 17.45, so. 29.2. SAT1 Gold 13.45
Learning her brightest college writing class student, Michael Rossari, lacks the grades but was caught only after he changed them back after being admitted to her class, she tries to help him getting accepted. After upgrading her computer she joins a 101 class in the firm where he works. His superior Alan Miller is found murdered. Another superior tells the two NYPD stooges Michael must have supplied stolen computers, in fact his creditors forced him. Jessica works out the technological factor and comes up with another plot. více
Nesuď  V TV   pá. 28.2. SAT1 Gold 16.05, so. 29.2. SAT1 Gold 14.30
Even at his as dad's funeral, New Orleans PD detective John Coop Jr. remains bitter about the celebrated blues musician. Initially he's uncooperative, after Jessica discovers Jack Lee Johnson's strangled corpse and his family is targeted again. It all connects somehow to unsolved murder of singer Luna 'Noona' Santee (20 years ago) and the Henley mansion. více
Poslední hovor  V TV   pá. 28.2. SAT1 Gold 16.55, po. 2.3. SAT1 Gold 7.50
In California on a book tour, Jessica is invited to stay by her old friends, Clark and Ginny Blanchard who are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary at their home in Santa Barbara. Clark is a highly successful businessman but Jessica soon learns that when drunk, he's also violent and beats Ginny. When Clark is found dead - beaten with fireplace poker, suspicion immediately falls on Ginny but Jessica is certain her friend is innocent. There are several other suspects including a businessman who lost his company to the dead Blanchard and an employee whose wife was having an affair with him. Jessica puts it all together. více
Vražda v Las Vegas  V TV   pá. 28.2. SAT1 Gold 17.45, po. 2.3. SAT1 Gold 8.40
In Las Vegas to attend a major book convention, Jessica agrees to get in touch with Susan Hartley the daughter of a friend. She's working as a cocktail waitress at McSorley's Hotel and Casino where her boyfriend Eddie Wheaton works as a card dealer. When the casino's manager, Jerry Pappas, dies from a fall from his penthouse apartment Eddie, who's already been caught skimming chips at the blackjack table, is arrested. Working with the casino's security chief Larry Thorson and LVPD detective Lt. Walt Murphy, Jessica thinks there are a number of holes in the investigation and sets out to solve the crime. více
Tajný výbor  V TV   po. 2.3. SAT1 Gold 16.10
Jessica happily accepts her New York friend Winston Devermore's invitation to be the first female author/guest speaker at the previously exclusive male bastion Avernus club. Ruthless, rude businessman Lawrence Cayle is ostracized for 'un-brotherly' (adulterous) conduct, but Harcourt Fenton refuses to join the collective vendetta proclaimed. Lawrence gets wind and still agrees to meet the secretly selected 'enforcer' at midnight in Avernus, but is shot with a club sports gun. Winston asks Jessica to help him find the killer before NYPD lieutenant Howard Tartarus collectively charges the executive committee. Shortly after, Harcourt dies in a car accident, his passenger Winston is seriously hurt (the accident is a result of sabotage). více
Seznam Jurije Lermentova  V TV   po. 2.3. SAT1 Gold 17.00
US Congressman Arthur Prouty insists that Jessica attends a Washington trade reception where he can hand her a copy of his own fly-fishing book. Actually a short encrypted note is slipped into it by Soviet embassy trade representative Yuri Lermentov. At night he slips into her hotel suite to retrieve it, but is killed by someone escaping. Jessica and police Lt. Blaisdell get little out of her British intelligence friend Michael Hagarty, who was in rough negotiations for a crucial list with Lermontov. He's arrested, leaving Jessica to find and trap the killer. více
Ďábelský tanec  V TV   po. 2.3. SAT1 Gold 17.50
Geoffrey Presser's struggling San Francisco company has choreographer Edward Hale recreate the legendary Diabolical Dance, originally created for a czar's mistress. The dance has been performed exactly twice, each time abandoned after the lead ballerina died. (Jessica Fletcher correctly diagnoses a heart attack from a film made during an attempted 2nd production.) Jessica also discovers a curtain 'accident' is staged by Presser for publicity during the first rehearsal, viewed by prospective investors. Presser's wife, Claudia Cameron, is pushed from the lead role by a younger and craftier Lily Roland, to the exasperation of the lead male, Damien Bolo, prefers the mature dancer and barely tolerates the upstart's awkwardness. Lily dies during the premiere; she was poisoned, but not from the real rose that Bolo had substituted for a prop. Jessica examines the company and events with a critically sharper eye for ballet than SFPD detective lieutenant Martin Kinicki. více
Čarodějná kletba
Rachel Abbott was burned at the stake centuries ago, but when Cabot Cove holds an audition of the play telling of her doom from gossip and rumor, director Doc and the town find things getting a wee bit spooky. It all began with the new pretty, long black-haired resident Mariah Osborne whose impassioned reading of Rachel Abbott, ends with the ominous tolling of bells. Mariah's rental of the dusty old, neglected Walker place up on the hill (a la Adams family spooky older mansion) with cauldrons and black cats has the cops babbling and town people speculating on her agenda. Her sultry ways are heating up the men and setting the womens tongues wagging. Just who killed Judge Clinton? And why is Charles (Robert Vaughn), in a wheelchair because of his injured leg , acting so mysterious... více
Vražda ve filmovém studiu
undefined více
Vraždy v Monte Carlu
Jessica is in Monte Carlo visiting her good friend, hotelier Annie Floret. They haven't seen each other for 10 years and Jessica quickly realizes that her friend is under a great deal of pressure. She learns from police Inspector Morel that Annie owes a great deal of money to businessman Earp Harper and will lose everything if she doesn't come up with the payment within a few days. When Harper is found in his suite stabbed in the chest with a pair of scissors and a very expensive piece of jewelry goes missing, the police arrest Peter Templeton, a one-time jewel thief who worked in the hotel. Annie however fears that her son Richie, who had earlier threatened Harper, is behind the killing. A second murder points Jessica in the right direction. více
Případ zmizelého muže
In London, Jessica meets an old friend, U.S. Embassy Vice Consul John Thurston, who introduces her in passing to Nigel Atkins from the Home Office. When Jessica later finds Atkins dead she immediately contacts the police but by the time they arrive, the body is nowhere to be found. Police inspector Stillwell later assures her that he's spoken to Atkins who is still quite alive and now on his way out of the country. It doesn't take her very long to figure out that she's in the of some type of intelligence operation. více
Až navěky
Shortly after his high-profile second marriage with Jessica's neighbor, soap star Marci, Walter Bowman fires his personal trainer Bo Wilder and is shot dead at home. Unlike sheriff Beals's department, Jessica soon suspects a set-up. Suspects include her jealous ex, acting colleague Devon 'Sonny' Lane, who tried to object at the wedding and agent Teddy Cardozo. více
Do posledního dechu
Jessica's friend, retired Ulster cop Sean Cullane, started with her help teaching crime classes. Michael O'Connor, a serial Ulster criminal, who just migrated to New York, provokes him, promising 'revenge', and manages to get threatened in Patrick MacNair's Irish pub, so Sean is warned by the NYPD. Michael's even shadier nephew Ian O'Connor, who desires Sean's daughter Kathleen, is dangerously in debt with loan shark Finn Dawley, yet Michael refuses further financial help. Next Michael is found shot in the head, Sean the sole suspect. Jessica is determined to 'help' NYPD Lt. Jacoby dig deeper, examining the very accusing 'testament' tape Michael left. více
Naprogramovaná vražda
Jessica applauds the arrival in Cabot Cove of young MD Jonas Beckwith, but Seth claims a 'technology-obsessed' doc lacks heart and experience. Harriet Wooster's computer programs are about to get her family company sold for a fortune, having obtained seed money from her brother Doug Simmons. 'Harry' dies from an ulcer, which Seth didn't test for, treating her instead for allergy as a result of Beckwith's diagnosis. It turns out a transfusion with her own blood was fatal, but part of an elaborate murder. Jessica finds out how and why, bringing her 'medical advisers' together in the process. více
Den mrtvých
Jesscia is on a working holiday with her friend Cyrus Ramsey, archaeologist at the Mexico City museum, whose exposition's prize piece (the Aztec emperor Montezuma's golden death mask) was just stolen. It's found with the reputed illegal collector Enrico Montejano, a self-made tycoon whose young lover's (Rosa) father, Juan Garcia, just resigned after a row over that affair. US DEA Agent Ramirez warns her not to hinder their drug investigation. She inquires about Rosa's dead fiancée Jason Powel. více
Anděl smrti
Jessica travels to Carmel to read the new play of her friend Martin Tremaine, but his real reason is the strange events haunting him after the suicide of his wife, and his fear that he is losing his mind. Someone may be pushing him towards madness, but why? více
Odznak cti
Seth is thrilled that Ben Oliver, an old Army buddy long thought dead, is alive and coming to Cabot Cove. Then PI Lawrence Jarvis turns up, claiming that Ben robbed a jewelry store. Ben does so well at the mechanic job Seth got for him that owner Mason Porter promotes him to boat salesman, to which his nephew objects. Jarvis tells Jessica he will catch Ben, no matter what it takes. When Mason Porter is found dead with $60,000 missing from his company safe, and $10,000 is found in Ben's room, it is up to Jessica to clear him by finding the real killer. více
Vražda na Madisonské třídě
In New York City, Jessica is helping to develop a mystery board game for Marathon Toys, run by legendary eccentric Edgar Greenstreet, although Meredith Delaney tells Jessica she is really running the company. Meredith fires a long-time Marathon employee. Meredith's husband Devery McFarlane tells her he knows about the affair and asks when he'll be fired. Two ad agencies are competing for the Marathon account; Meredith is having an affair with the president of one, Boris Steloff, until she sees him kiss an agent of the other he is trying to hire on her orders. Only Meredith's longtime secretary seems unqualifiedly loyal. When Meredith is found dead in Greenstreet's high-security lab, Brian Singer's fingerprints are on the murder weapon. více

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