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Sixteen Candles
Realtor Madeline Strong cares about her young family clients. This care masks the pain she feels in her own family life. She continually dismisses her sixteen year old son, Joshua. Unknown to him, it's because she gave up her first son, Paul, for adoption, Paul who was born on the exact same day as Joshua fourteen years earlier when Madeline herself was only sixteen. Madeline's relationship with her mother, Mary, became estranged over what Madeline saw as callousness in her mother over her teen-aged pregnancy. Othniel sends Madeline back as the adoption agent to thirty years prior just before she is about to give birth to Paul. Beyond trying to convince Mary to let Madeline keep the baby, she gets a chance to see how her mother really felt about the pregnancy. Madeline also learns there are longer term consequences to changing history. více
Death and Taxes
Roger Stovall is an uncompromising and unfeeling man. On the most part, this attitude places him in good stead as an IRS auditor, however he is disliked by his colleagues and cannot see the human side of those he audits. One such of these audited is Robby Turner, a man who ran a dog rescue shelter out of his home. Roger denied Robby many of his deductions, not seeing the shelter as a legitimate business. As a result, Robby lost his home and his animals. Roger's attitude extends to his personal life, to his wife Elaine and his twelve year old son Steven. Roger's one regret in life is Steven's death, he who wandered off during a camping trip a month earlier but whose body was never found. Roger would trade his life for that of Steven's. Roger died in an accident when he thought he saw Steven across a busy street. Othniel sends Roger back eight years earlier to the time that he conducted Robby Turner's audit. Roger is not sure why he's there since he only wants to save Steven's life. Regardless, Roger calls himself Bill Water, masquerading as the supervising auditor from the Washington DC head office. Bill Water has as an uncompromising attitude as Roger Stovall, until he sees the way Roger acts toward a four year old Steven. But he is still uncertain if he can change Roger's attitude and if he does how that will save Steven. více
Healing Touch
Ambitious to a fault, obstetrician Dr. Grace Grant-Heistings is about to be appointed Chief of Medicine of Detroit General Hospital, a position she's wanted her entire professional life. But her personal life is in shambles. She believes her husband Sam Heistings, a former doctor himself, blames her for them not having a family since she had two stress related miscarriages. She is also unhappy with his unhappiness with his professional life, he never having found the right career following his dismissal as a doctor. But little does he know that she knowingly risked his medical career for her own. The direct outcome of her actions on their engagement night in 1979 did lead to her career advancement, but what she thought would be a minor reprimand for him ended up being his dismissal and the end of his career as a doctor. Othniel sends her back to a couple of days before that fateful night as Nurse Daisy Bradford. As Nurse Bradford, she is unsure how she as a lowly RN will be able to convince her younger arrogant self to change. But she has decided one thing: to save Sam at all cost, even if it jeopardizes the career of her younger self. více
Ashes to Ashes
A heavy smoker for thirty years, television news anchor Dana Hancock was dying of lung cancer. She continued to smoke even after her original diagnosis, the cancer from which went into remission before returning. She started smoking at age 15 to attract Bruce Bennett, the high school heartthrob. Even before Othniel, she admits that she enjoyed smoking, the reason she didn't quit even after her diagnosis and despite the known health risks. She also admits that she would do anything to not have started smoking in the first place. Othniel sends her back as Ann Rutherford, Dana's high school guidance counselor. Convincing a teenager who has a sense of invincibility not to smoke will be a tall order for Miss Rutherford. But as Miss Rutherford, Dana learns of some previously unknown-to-her family history that could stop her younger self from continuing to smoke. více
Double Exposure
Married into wealth, Julie Smith has been chronically depressed since she was a teenager. Her depression has made her virtually non-functioning to her husband, her two children or herself. She is borderline suicidal. She blames her depression on her mother, who would not allow her to pursue her dream of becoming a photographic artist, this work which was her identity. Julie's mother just wanted her to marry a wealthy man and be a woman of leisure. The verdict of Julie's case is made all the more difficult for her since Jael, from the Book of Judges, is acting as prosecutor. But Jones and Julie herself provide a strong enough case to get her a second chance sentence. Judge Jepthah sends her back as Mildred, a waitress at a diner where a teen-aged Julie hangs out. As Mildred, Julie is forced to work hard, something foreign to her adult self. She is also uncertain how she can change her mother's mind to allow her to go to art school to become a photographer. Spending time with Mildred's fellow waitress and single mother Annie and her adolescent son Axel provides Mildred/Julie with the knowledge of what she has to do to change her life path. více
The Blame Game
Charlie Winters has begrudged his mother, ever since he returned from the Vietnam War, because he feels he was forced to take over running the family business, a hardware store, instead of going to college and having a family of his own. Solely because of his service in the war, Judge Deborah grants him his wish and sends him back to the time just after returning from Vietnam. Calling himself Summers, Charlie is sent back as a wholesale skateboard salesman. As Summers, he tries to persuade his mother to allow his younger self to go to college. But he also learns that he needs to teach both his mother and his younger self the truth behind their own thoughts and their feelings for each other. Charlie's memories of Vietnam and thoughts by his mother as a woman may place obstacles in this task. více
Blood Brothers
Brothers Flash and Ray Jericho had a tough upbringing, Flash having lived in a foster home since age fifteen when their mother, their sole remaining parent, died. Then eighteen year old Ray decided to live on his own, earning a living selling drugs. But Flash was an aspiring baseball pitcher, had loving foster parents and a devoted girlfriend named Katie (his foster sister), and as such a promising life. Flash's life changed when he was pressured by Ray two years later into helping him hold up a convenience store. In the robbery, Ray killed a man which, with Flash's testimony, sent him to prison for life. From that moment on, Flash, feeling guilty about betraying his brother, fell out of society and into the adult world as an alcoholic, just barely eking out a living. Katie loved Flash for his entire adult life, but he shut her out. Judge Deborah sends Flash back to two days before the robbery in 1973 as David Lazarus, Flash's substitute baseball coach. As David, Ray has to convince his younger self not to go through with the robbery, but also to figure out a way to help his troubled older brother meaningfully, Ray his one and only remaining blood family member. více
School's Out
Spinster Eloise Hawke taught History at Charlottesville High School for over twenty years. She was uncompromising in her attitude - she admits that she may have been cruel but fair - and universally despised by her students and colleagues. For her entire life, she lived with her critical father, Dr. Eldridge Hawke - himself a History professor - who didn't allow her to see Gary Ray, her one true love when she was younger. She had no idea that Gary had tried to contact her as her father tore up his letters before she could see them. She credits this lack of love on her hard nature. Othniel sends her back to the beginning of her teaching career at Charlottesville High, when Eric Lee was her student, Eric who in this current lifetime grew up to become a homeless man due in part to the harshness of her teaching methods. He begged for assistance in her class so that he could continue with his true passion of playing on the football team, which she denied. She is sent back as Eileen Kotter, the Board of Education's Accreditation Supervisor - a teacher's evaluator - her first person to evaluate is Eloise Hawke. But all Eileen Kotter has on her mind is getting back at her father for denying her younger self the one love of her life. In her plan, she learns something about why he acted the way he did toward her. But in enacting her plan, Miss Kotter will have to help Eric without the assistance of Miss Hawke. více
O'er the Ramparts We Watched
Both Jael and Mr. Jones recommend that recently appointed State Supreme Court Justice Brooke Canby, who has led an exemplary life, proceed to ascendancy, to which Judge Jepthah agrees. However, Brooke herself pleads for a second chance at life. She recently met up with Ken Stryker, her first and only love, who she had not seen in thirty years. They knew each other in the late 1960's when they were both anti-Vietnam War activists. Having grown up in a life of privilege under the watchful eye of her lawyer father, Brooke was forced by her father to provide testimony, albeit what she knew to be truthful, against Ken which sent him to jail and saved herself from a life of prison. Following, Brooke focused her life on the pursuit of a law career - one that she knew she wanted since a child - to the detriment of love, and now wants to have a second chance at love with Ken. Jepthah agrees to Brooke's wishes, however he does warn her that all may not turn out the way she wants and in turn may affect the good in her life that she has known. Jepthah sends her back to that era as Janet Bryant, Brooke's lawyer in her, Ken and two other accused's trial on criminal trespass and arson, with Jones as Danny Ryan, her co-counsel. As Janet, she may be able to save both herself and Ken from prison, but other forces may make her reexamine other aspects of her life in 1969. více
A Match Made in Heaven
Peter Hogan, a mall developer, sold out his architectural career and copped out on the true love of his life for a shot at some real money. When he runs himself to death, he gets a second chance, thanks to Judge Othniel and is sent back to earth as a priest on a mission! více
Quality of Mercy
Meg McCleary is a public defender whose racist attitudes taint the way she operates in court and in life. Meg forbids Heather, her teen-aged daughter, to date Derrick solely because he is black. But worse in Othniel's mind is that Meg, in her younger years while a police detective, accused Hector Soto, a Hispanic man, of killing Meg's professional and personal partner, Det. David Hayes. Soto was tried, convicted and executed due to Meg's testimony. Soto was however not David's killer. Othniel gives Meg a second chance of saving Soto from the death penalty. She is sent back to that case as a police detective, but a Hispanic one named Christine Esposito. As Christine, Meg has to find that part of her younger self that has compassion for her fellow man, regardless of their skin color. více
What She Did for Love
For her entire life, singer Linda MacCullen strove solely for fame. However she blames her former accompanist and love, Tom Miller, for losing the role that she considers would have been her big break, that of Miss Melody on the hit game show "Name that Song". Tom's supposed wrongdoing?: telling Linda's rival, Vicki Sue, about the audition, she who eventually got the part and resulting fame. Linda ended up dumping Tom over this incident. Professionally, Linda was relegated to her existing job singing jingles, specifically as the Fizz Fairy. But she is even eventually dropped from that contract as she hits middle age. Despite Linda's self-centeredness and vanity, Mr. Jones uses one of his three "freebies" - giving an undeserving person a second chance. Judge Othniel, who agrees to Jones' plea, sends Linda back to twenty years prior, two days before the fateful audition as Lana Kasalas, Linda's make-up artist for the Fizz Fairy commercials. Lana's sole focus is to thwart Vicki's "Name that Song" audition and get the Miss Melody role for her younger self. Mr. Jones or someone else supposedly more important in her life at that time, such as the "Name that Song" casting director, will have to convince Lana that there are better things to do with her short three days. více
Second Service
Wheelchair-bound Tory Van Dyke is a bitter woman. She was once a famous tennis player and was engaged to be married to fellow tennis player, Randy Jackness. The car accident which caused her physical disability she feels not only ended her tennis career but also her engagement to Randy as she shut him out of her life thinking he would leave her anyway. Since, she has treated everyone with disdain and that anyone's personal happiness was an insult to her own emotional pain. To find love again, Othniel sends her back as Markie James, a physical therapist tasked with treating Tory immediately following the accident. To find love in her life, she has to convince her younger self to allow Randy into her life, and that her physical disability is not the end of the world. více
The Gift of Life
Jenny Parnell has not seen her father in twenty five years, he who deserted the family when she was a child. She feels abandoned by him, which includes him not being available as a possible bone marrow donor for her fraternal twin sister, Wendy, who died at Christmas 1979 from her anemia. Even as a child, Jenny refused gifts that came through the mail from him. About to get married, Jenny does not want her father at her wedding, despite her mother having recently found his whereabouts. Jenny would rather masquerade at wanting to cancel the wedding than have him there. To be able to confront her father, Othniel sends her back to the time just prior to Wendy's death as Dr. Karen Lantz, Wendy's consulting physician. As a doctor, she may have access to information on her father's whereabouts, knowing which during this second time around may save Wendy's life. In the process, Jenny, as Dr. Lantz, may be able to find out the real reason behind her father's actions. více
Birds of Paradise
Fifty year old high school music teacher Barry Kirkbride was once a promising songwriter, with his band, led by its vocalist, Charlotte McKnight, showcasing his music. Barry was in love with her, and stopped writing when she died of a drug overdose. However, Othniel believes that Barry only loved what Charlotte could do for his songwriting career. Othniel sends him back as George Doorwood, a replacement bass player for the band, to the time just before Charlotte's death. As George, he has convince his younger self that Charlotte does indeed have a drug problem. But he also has to confront his true feelings for both Charlotte and the other female member of the band, Louise. více
Take Two
Tyrranical television commercial director Rex Stanford treats his cast and crew like garbage. He treats people this way to show his superiority. This treatment of his cast is despite he being a former promising and struggling stage actor himself in a theater company in the early 1970s. His one true love, Sarah Carlyle, was a struggling actress in the same theater company, they parting ways when Rex started his directing career. She felt he was forgoing his passion for acting and selling out to the soulless but potentially lucrative career of directing television commercials. To reclaim Rex's true passion in life and regain his sense of humanity, Judge Othniel sends him back to 1973 during his time in that theater company just before he made the change to directing. He is sent back as Charles, the gay dresser of the company. As Charles, Rex admits he still wants the lucrative directing career but also wants Sarah in his life, this preferred life path due to some information he learns from Othniel before being sent back. It isn't until he admits his real reasons for giving up acting that he can progress with his true mission of convincing his younger self to change. více
For Love and Money
Single mother Sophie Price has made a fortune on a cookie recipe and the resulting business. However she was only able to make this fortune because of the fortune she stole. In 1991, her adolescent son, Sean, witnessed a drug take-down and took the briefcase carrying the $200,000 drug money to his mother to turn in. Sophie instead decided to keep the money. Although that decision resulted in her being able to launch her cookie business, she started emotionally neglecting Sean as she was focused on the business and quest for more money. It made Sean depressed and sullen as a child and rebellious as a teenager. Further, Sgt. Selden Nichols, the police officer in charge of the drug take-down, was accused of stealing the money, that accusation which was a cloud over his pristine record. Othniel sends her back as Barbara Nash, Sean's new nanny. However, Othniel doesn't send her back to the time when Sean found the money, but six months afterward. This way, Othniel can see if Barbara/Sophie truly regrets stealing the money as she will now have to convince her younger self to return it after the fact. více
Old Flames
Married to Barry Lewis, Edwina Lewis was a philanthropist and faithful to her husband. But she always wondered if their friend, Dr. Hugh Janyk - a man she worked with in Doctors Without Borders - was the one she should have been with. Hugh had always felt the same, ever since the opportunity arose twenty years earlier at a dinner party, when Barry was not present, for the two to begin a romantic liaison. Although Mr. Jones cannot believe that Othniel would sanction adultery, Othniel does send Edwina back to that dinner party as the maid working the party to see if Hugh was indeed the one she should have been with. Othniel believes that Edwina needs to find her true love. více
Pride and Prejudice
Straight-laced Ron Taylor is feeling under-appreciated at work, despite his dedication and commitment. He hates his job in part because of the treatment he receives. But his hard work, and that of his wife Tammy, resulted in their daughter, Caitlin, being neglected as she was growing up. Seventeen year old Caitlin, who developed late as a child, is now pregnant, dating a loser named Meat and speaks with a stutter. Ron in part blames Tammy for Caitlin's poor upbringing, as Ron wanted Tammy to be a stay at home mom. But in death, Ron solely wishes that he could have given Caitlin a happier life. Judge Othniel gives Ron a second chance to at least try and carry out his wish. To when Caitlin was five and still not yet speaking, Othniel sends Ron back as Handy Randy, a grungy handyman. As Randy, Ron believes he can achieve his wish by convincing Tammy and his younger self to spend less resulting in Tammy not needing to work. As Randy spends time with Caitlin and sees Tammy at work, he comes to a different conclusion about what is best for Caitlin and the entire family. více
Party Girls
Blair Wilson is an unwed mother whose daughter Chloe has been taken away from her since she is seen as an unfit mother due to her partying ways and alcohol abuse. Maureen Wilson, Blair's mother, is also an alcoholic. Chloe's biological father, Kevin Pappas, was killed in a car accident ten years earlier, Blair's mother who was driving. Kevin's mother blames Blair for his death. Blair blames her mother as she is certain she was drunk at the time. As Blair decides to fight for her daughter despite not taking any responsibility for the way her life turned out, Othniel sends Blair back as a friend that Blair needed: as Polly Murtaugh, a social worker. However the year is 1990 - eight hours before Kevin's death - and the case Polly is working on is that of her mother as social services took Blair away when she was a teenager. As Polly does whatever she can for Maureen from making that fateful drive, Polly inadvertently causes another tragedy. It isn't until Blair as Polly admits that her alcohol abuse was the cause of many of her own problems that Blair can move to saving her own life. více
The Trouble with Harry
Moments before he accidentally dies, songwriter Tom Lasky comes home and as usual dismisses his crazy next door neighbor, Harry. Tom's mother Bess wants Tom to look after Harry as a brother outside of the institutional world. Tom instead calls the authorities to have Harry taken away to the psychiatric hospital, a move Harry begs him not to do as he knows he cannot survive in such places. Bess had always been a mother to "lost souls" which Tom resents. Tom also thinks his mother is unappreciated by those she helped. In part because of Bess' prayers for her son and the need to keep Harry out of the institutional system, Othniel decides to give Tom a second chance to save both his own life and that of Harry. Othniel sends Tom back as a homeless man who lives outside of Tom's apartment building just prior to Tom's telephone call to the authorities. As a homeless man, Tom is sent to the psychiatric institution with Harry. Tom is initially only concerned with saving his own life, but time, and getting to know Bess' motivations and Harry as a person may help Tom to change his attitude toward those around him. více
The Sins of Our Fathers
Seventeen year old Sam Ryder lives with his fourteen year old sister, Angel, and father. Sam's mother died twelve years earlier, or so his father told him. However, Sam sees a missing child photograph of himself and Angel, the names associated with the photographs being Jordan Curtis and Christina Curtis. Sam knows that his real name was Jordan Curtis and wonders if his mother is the one looking for him and his sister. Once he finds out about the missing child photographs, Sam's father wants the family to move again and change their names. This action makes Sam think that perhaps their father has not been truthful to them all these years, saying that their mother was a drug addict who had criminals after her and them. Sam makes an uncompleted call to the authorities to find out about the missing children. The call is uncompleted as Sam seems content with his father's stories that their mother was an unloving woman who abandoned them. Sam shields Angel from his own thoughts on what is reality, but he knows that Angel has not been happy her entire life. Othniel sends Sam back to a time following the uncompleted call to see if he will indeed make the decision to find out for sure the truth behind his mother. Sam, a clean cut teenager, is sent back as Kirk Ivers, a punk rocker transfer student. As Kirk, Sam learns the truth of his mother and that his father had indeed lied their entire lives about her, but regaining a relationship with her is not going to be as easy as convincing Sam that she is who she is. více

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